• Published 3rd Apr 2014
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The Wedding is Off! (Rewrite) - xd77

After Chrysalis gets defeated Twilight shows true anger towards everypony.

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Princess Celestia was in her throne room angrily signing papers with her magic her guards were so scared of her now that they fled the castle in fear of how she would react if they even talked to her, as she signed the last paper, the throne room doors opened and revealed Cadance with a look of disappointment, apparently Celestia was not in the mood to even see her.

"What do you want Cadance, can't you see I'm busy?!" she blustered, Cadance flinched.

"I just came in here to tell you that Twilight will be staying in Canterlot for a while, she's still upset with you and the others for what happened earlier, she won't be returning to Ponyville anytime soon." she said, Celestia gave a frustrated sigh.

"Fine by me Cadance, just leave me." she ordered, Cadance did so and left, leaving Celestia alone to sulk, she wasn't mad because Twilight quit on her, but because Luna had somehow disappeared during the attack, when she should've been helping with it.

Meanwhile outside....

Princess Luna had landed in Canterlot, "Hello everypony, did I miss anything?" she asked, but she was soon greeted by a bunch of royal guards who were not happy too see her.

"Where in tartarus have you been?! one guard asked demanding an explanation, Luna gulped, she was in big trouble.

"You're going to be losing more than ever when Celestia gets through with you, you'd better have a good excuse for ditching the changeling attack!"

"Changeling?" she asked.

"Don't play dumb with us Luna, your sister is going to beat your butt once we get inside!" one guard said, once again Luna gulped.

The throne room doors opened up again, to reveal a still angry Celestia, when Luna saw this, she quivered in fear.

"Thank you guards, leave us." she said.

"Yes, your majesty." they said exiting the throne room, once they did, Celestia used her magic to close and lock the doors, making sure her sister didn't go anywhere, when Luna saw this a big shadow hovered over her, it was Celestia with an angered expression.

"Luna, where..have..you..been?!" she asked in a serious tone.

"Tia, I..."

"Speak up Luna!" she said.

"I know that there was a threat, but I didn't know who or what caused it, I figured it was no big deal if we didn't know what the cause of it was, so I just said to myself, 'heck with it', so when nopony was looking I left."

"Luna, as a princess, we always take a threat seriously, we don't ditch it, besides we did find out what the cause of it was, a group of creatures known as changelings, and their leader was disguised as Cadance, but that sure doesn't matter, because Twilight has quit on me!"

"Why sister?"

"Because she told us that Cadance, the fake Cadance, was evil, so she cried and left the room, Shining Armor told Twilight reasons for her strange behavior and told her not to come to the wedding, then I walked by and told her that she had a lot to think about and left the room, but then we suddenly discovered that she was right, now she won't even talk to me anymore, the elements of harmony could be disbanded too because Twilight has ended her friendship, because her friends left her too."

"I'm sorry." Luna said, "And I'm sorry that I ditched the threat, I promise to take things more seriously from now on, can you forgive me Tia?"

Celestia showed a compassionate smile and hugged Luna.

"You're my sister, I'll always forgive you, but you're going to have to be punished for this, you are to not to leave Canterlot for two weeks, agreed?"

"Yes, sister." she said with disappointment, she knew she deserved this, now all that was left was to see if Twilight would ever buck up and forgive her friends for what they did to her, or if she would keep on with her grudge against them.

"But you know sister, you haven't really been taking threats seriously yourself." Luna said.

"What are you saying?"

"What I'm saying is that every single time a threat comes to Equestria, you always make Twilight stop it, such as when Discord got set free, Twilight had to defeat him, while you just sat on your big fat butt and did nothing, she has every right to quit, which is what the big point is, you call her your student, but in reality, you've just been using her as a tool to get attention and glory, when it all should've gone to her, plus the fact that you're always relying on those filthy elements of harmony to solve everything, so it's partially your fault too."

Celestia lowered her head in shame.

Author's Note:

Will Twilight forgive her friends, or keep holding her grudge?

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