• Published 10th Mar 2014
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Hopes and Follies - Phaoray

Things haven’t exactly gone well for Trixie. Now Twilight is an Alicorn and Trixie feels left behind. But Trixie has a plan; one Discord is all too willing to aid her in. For a price.

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The Shy Stage Hand


It had felt like hours to Twilight, but she finally found her way to where she last encountered Trixie. Looking around, she breathed a sigh of relief and levitated the saddlebags onto her back.

Wait … where is the compass?

Carefully, she repacked anything that had dropped during her scuffle, but there was no grey glowing compass in sight. Twilight sighed in annoyance.

Great, of course she’d take it this time …

After she finished packing, Twilight gave one last look around the clearing, she was certain something else was missing, but was having a hard time placing what it was. Her mouth quirked and she gave a groan as she realized what Trixie had done.

“She took all of them …”

Discord looked around, a touch confused. “All of what?”

“All of my feathers …”

Twilight was exaggerating a little, but a great deal of the feathers that had dropped during their brief battle had disappeared. She glanced over at Discord as he began laughing from behind her.

“Heh, well, obsessions will do that to a pony I suppose … quite glad you didn’t blow her up if I can look forward to random surprises like this in the future.”

Twilight glared at Discord. “I was NEVER going to blow her up! And at least one problem is over anyways. You aren’t turning her into an Alicorn.”

Discord answered in a questioning tone. “Now … why would I not do that?”

Twilight’s ear twitched a few times in confusion, turning her head to face him. “Y-you already admitted that Trixie being an Alicorn will cause all sorts of problems for you, so instead of blowing her up, you just don’t turn her into an Alicorn. It’s simple, and nopony has to explode.”

Discord shook his head, following along as Twilight started tracing Trixie’s frantic hoofsteps. “I can’t really do that; I am a Draconequus of my word, after all. If Trixie gets the last of the agreed upon parts for the ritual, and meets up with me, then it would be very rude to go back on our deal, don’t you think? It’s why I needed that little red button, If she can’t make it to the meeting spot in the next day or two now, then the deal is off.”

“So, instead of just restraining her, or getting her lost in a swamp or something, you chose to blow her up?”

“Pfft, Twilight? If you’ve seen half the things she went through to get what I requested, you’d understand. She’s refreshingly resourceful, and anything short of you catching her, or me blowing her up, will stop her from reaching that meeting point in time.”

“And where is this meeting point?”

“Not telling! You’ll need to follow that little compass of mine to the end, it’s already giving you two chances to stop her after all, you bumbling them isn’t my fault.”

Sighing, Twilight continued on, using her horn to light the way as she tried to follow Trixie’s hoofsteps despite how weary her body was feeling. “Well I can’t follow your compass anymore, now can I? Trixie took it with her.”

Discord shook his head, and indicated with a paw for Twilight to stop walking. “Here, let me help you with that, my dear.”

He then began running his paws along his body, checking under his armpits, wings, and even the little fur at the end of his tail to no avail. Finally, Discord looked over to Twilight and shrugged. Just as Twilight was about to continue walking, Discord’s eyes widened and he began to cough loudly. After hitting his chest with his paw a few times, and letting out several loud coughs, Discord hacked out the compass from between his lips. The compass fell right in front of Twilight, covered in Discord’s saliva and glowing merrily.

“Oh, excuse me, how embarrassing.”

Discord neatly wiped his mouth with a handkerchief while Twilight levitated the compass over to a small body of water and tried to remove Discord’s drool before having to actually touch it. Once finished, she slowly placed it over her neck again, trying not to think of where it had been.

“Umm … thanks, I guess?”

“Oh, no problem at all, Twilight. After all, the deal I made with you is to provide you with the compass to find Trixie with. Trixie running off with it and me not helping wouldn’t be very friend-like, now would it?”

Ugh, I can’t really tell if he’s just pulling my tail again or if his view of friendship is still that badly skewed. Still, he promised Trixie he would help her become an Alicorn, and he promised to help me find Trixie. I guess a conflict of interest and friendship was bound to happen and he wasn’t really aware of it.

Twilight doubted this theory, but she was trying to stay positive.

As Twilight continued on, her eyelids slowly drooped lower and lower. After two stumbles, several near collisions with tree’s, and a decent amount of chuckling from Discord, she finally stopped.

“Okay, I can’t keep going, that fight with Trixie took more out of me then I thought.”

Discord shook his head disappointedly at her, watching Twilight take out and start to set up a small tent. “If you’re sleeping, just how are you going to catch up with Trixie?”

Twilight didn’t answer right away, focused more on getting the tent finished. Yawning, Twilight entered the tent and laid down, staring out of it at Discord as she got comfortable. “Well, I’ll be in a better state of mind tomorrow, so I’ll just do some quick teleports. That should help me catch up to her.”

Shrugging, Discord boredly watched Twilight lightly preen one of her wings. “Fine, solves my need to keep distracting you for tonight anyways.”

Sighing, Twilight looked over to Discord. “Keep distracting? I assume that means you have been distracting me somehow this whole time?”

Nodding, Discord gave a slight grin. “If we walked another, oh … five minutes, we’d have crossed the spot you and Trixie fought for … I’d say … the third time tonight? I was honestly surprised you didn’t notice anything by our second walk through.”

“You know what? I’m actually too tired to be angry at you right now.”

Twilight pressed her head underneath one of her wings, appreciating the warmth and softness they exuded. Thinking about them brought Twilight back to wondering on Discord’s earlier words. “I never would have thought Trixie to have an obsession with feathers, how does that even happen to a unicorn?”

How much longer is Trixie going to need to keep running like this?

She was getting tired of running. Twice now, she had met Twilight and both times she was forced to flee.

Even as an Alicorn, Trixie will need to avoid some places. Canterlot will be suicide if what Discord says about the princesses is right.

It was a laughable situation for Trixie, really. As she was now, Trixie was an unknown in Canterlot, ignored due to a lack of prestige, power, or fame. As an Alicorn, she would at least have the power and fame, but the city would be closed off to her, most likely on pain of death, or stoning, or something equally bad.
Well … Trixie supposes power can’t get her through every situation. Besides, it’s not like Canterlot is Trixie’s only venue, or even the greatest one for her shows and new power. In the end though … Trixie briefly brushed the feather across her cheek as she galloped on. This was never really about Trixie’s shows to begin with …

Trixie ran on throughout the night, rejuvenated from the ether she had drunk earlier and the need to finish the ritual before anything else went wrong for her. It was a slow gallop admittedly, but she somehow was able to maintain it throughout the night despite how badly her body cried for rest. As dawn finally arrived, Trixie had made it to a small hill overlooking Ponyville, the town she would trap the pony Discord needed for the ritual. Trixie still wasn’t sure what her part in it would be, but it wasn’t like Discord was around to question about it.

She briefly looked over her shoulder at the now distant White Tail Woods. Right, Trixie needs to lure her in with a trap of some kind. Once caught, Trixie will just have to drag her to Discord, or something. It should be easy enough. Trixie’s a genius at this sort of thing after all.

“She doesn’t, you know.”

Twilight raised an eyebrow at Discord, having just packed her tent after a small breakfast of dried fruits. A large amount of wires and broken metal bits were splayed across the ground by her, along with a large red button, propped up on its side. Twilight looked to where the compass was pointing, and started a quick trot before answering.

“She doesn’t what?”

“She doesn’t have an obsession with feathers.”

“Ah, you didn’t mean it literally then.”

Discord shook his head, smiling as he slowly ice skated alongside Twilight. “Oh, I did mean it literally, she has an obsession, but it’s not with feathers.”
Is … he trying to give me a clue to trap Trixie with?

Twilight slowed her trot and waved a hoof at Discord, her curiosity piqued. “So, if it’s not feathers, then what is it?”

A large purple feather appeared in front of Twilight, floating along as she continued her slow walk. The forest around her was finally beginning to clear, giving her hope that she would arrive at the edge of it soon.

“What, Twilight, might this little feather mean to somepony with an obsession?”


“Well, what obsessions could come from this feather?”

“ … A purple one?”

Discord sighed, face-palming. “Does Trixie, the Azure unicorn, who hasn’t as of yet painted herself purple, look like she has a purple fetish?”

“… Well no, but what else could it be?” Twilight looked the feather over from every angle, trying to figure out what else somepony could see in it.

An image of Trixie looking at Twilight through a portal came to mind, the first time Twilight had seen Trixie with the feather in her mane.

“Get better Twilight, and then try to catch Trixie, if you can.”
Obsession: the state of being obsessed with somepony or something.

Twilight then thought back to her recent meet up with Trixie.

Chuckling softly, Trixie slowly relented, causing one last spark of electricity to shoot through Twilight as she gently kissed Twilight’s neck before letting go.
T-there was no feather involved in her actions until right before the fight, right? She only started paying attention to them when … when she wasn’t touching me. She then only bothered to collect them when she was alone. So, the feather represents something else … or somepony else. My feathers represent somepony else to her … my feathers …

Somepony …

Discord stopped after a few feet, realizing Twilight wasn’t next to him anymore. Looking over, it took every ounce of willpower he had not to laugh at the poor mare. Twilight’s eyes were the size of dinner plates, and if she was Pinkie, he was sure her jaw would have dropped to the ground by now. Still, it was trying its best. Her wings kept furling and unfurling, almost as if they were unsure if their owner wanted to take flight, or have them curl up and hide against her sides. She was still up on all fours, but her left forehoof was up in the air, paused in mid step as it teetered between stepping forward or back.

“Well …” Discord said as casually as possible, though he was not capable of keeping a large grin off of his face as Twilight slowly looked over to him. “I’ll give you this, Twilight. You actually managed to figure it out before the wedding day.”

W-what am I supposed to do with this?

Fluttershy gave out a quiet, upset sigh and continued to look around, her body was low to the ground and ears pressed to her skull in anxiety. It was clear to her a pony was trying to get her attention, but for what, and why, she did not know.

Fluttershy had almost finished her morning walk when she noticed a sign pointing towards a far off tree with something beneath it. The sign had caused Fluttershy to gallop over, as it had read “Injured bunnies!” but, it was clear to her that the bunnies were in fact not injured, or even alive. A box, with a small twig holding up one side of it, and a few fake rabbits under it was all she had seen upon her arrival.
I just don’t understand. Why would somepony lie about something so serious? This must be for me, but I don’t think I could even fit in that box if it fell on me.

She figured she might be able to get most of her head in the box before causing it to fall, but that was it. She had been standing underneath the tree for several minutes now, trying to figure out what to do. She didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the pony that made the trap, but if she went through with falling into it, it’d be clear that the trapper’s trap wasn’t a very good one. And if she walked away it would be rude of her, somepony clearly wanted her attention. Fluttershy supposed that she could pretend to be trapped, but she wasn’t a very good actor.
T-this is exactly why I’m no good with other ponies. she thought glumly. Animal’s intentions are just so much easier to understand, they don’t hide their feelings or what they want. I-I just don’t know what this pony wants from me!

Fluttershy took a few short breaths, trying to calm down. She looked the trap over again while keeping her distance, trying to figure out anything she could about the pony behind it.
W-well, it’s kind of a … foalish trap. T-there’s nothing wrong with it, but no adult pony would think it would work on anypony else. It’s not Discord, there’d be more … flair.

Nodding to herself, Fluttershy slowly came to the conclusion that it must be the Cutie Mark Crusader’s. She had not seen them in a few days and from what she’d heard, this seemed like something they would do.
Still, a trapping cutie mark? I’m going to have to talk with them again. What if a poor animal was caught in something like this for hours?

Fluttershy decided that she might be able to pretend to be trapped until the Crusader’s took the box off of her head, letting them feel good about their trap. Taking one more deep breath, Fluttershy approached the box and dropped her head down, preparing to stick it under the trap’s opening.

A loud rustling and the cracking of branches suddenly assaulted Fluttershy’s ears, causing her to look up. A large, square green object was hurtling towards her from above.


“It’s a tarp!”
I know that voice.

A second after this thought, Fluttershy’s world went dark.

“Well, that went as well as Trixie could have hoped for.”

As Trixie levitated the bag-shaped tarp a few inch above the ground, she slowly made her way down the tree, happy at how the thick foliage and silence spell kept her hidden so well. Upon making it to the ground, she brought the slightly moving bag closer.

“Are you alright in there, Fluttershy?”

“Uhm, Trixie? I’m fine, thanks! But, could you let me out of here, please?”

“Sorry, Trixie really can’t at the moment.”

“Oh … okay then …”
Seriously, just what does Discord need from this pushover for Trixie’s agreement with him? Hmph, probably just wants somepony to show off to. Trixie supposes she can’t blame him for wanting an audience.

Trixie looked over the bag and sighed. “Trixie is ponynapping you, you know? She expected something like screams for help, or maybe even some struggle?”

“Oh … I’m sorry, this is my first time being ponynapped.”

Trixie heard a sound like Fluttershy was clearing her throat, followed by a soft, high pitched scream emitting from the bag. Trixie groaned a bit as the bag moved around a little, but she was almost positive Fluttershy was making herself more comfortable rather than trying to escape. She started a slow walk towards the Everfree, the bag following behind her.

“C-could somepony please help me? Trixie put me in this bag and won’t let me out! I mean, I’m sure she has a good reason for it, but she didn’t ask if I wanted to be in here, which was a little rude …”

“… Fluttershy?”

“N-not that I’m saying she’s a rude pony or anything! She just might be a teensy bit bad at asking ponies what they want. B-but everypony has things they need to work on after all.”


“Yes, Trixie?”

“Thank you for trying, but you can stop now.”

“Oh, all right.”

Trixie sighed and shook her head, facing forward just in time to get a carrot between the eyes. A few feet away from her stood an angry looking white rabbit.

“Angel, was it? Could you move? Trixie is on a tight schedule.”

Angel’s nose twitched, but he stayed where he was and threw another carrot at Trixie’s head.

“ … Okay, then, Trixie gave you a chance, now she will just move you herself!”

“Y-you can’t be serious!”

Twilight’s blush only seemed to deepen as she walked on, staring at the ground. Discord continued to giggle loudly at her antics.

“Oh, what’s the matter, my little purple play piece? Not happy to have somepony, let alone a mare, interested in you?”

“T-that’s not the problem at all! It’s just … why? What in the world did I do to make Trixie interested in me in that kind of way?”

Discord suddenly appeared in front of Twilight, lifting her chin up with one finger. “Oh, now don’t put yourself down like that Twilight. While you’re usually an absolute bore to me, it’s not like there aren’t ponies out there that might like you enough to want you all to themselves.”

She pushed his finger away. “That doesn’t exactly make me feel better, not if that’s the reason she’s doing something as crazy as upsetting the princesses. What even made her think that I’d want her to be an Alicorn!?”

Discord shrugged, letting Twilight trudge past him. “Well now, that I’m not completely sure about. I only found her trying to figure out how to be one, after all. Perhaps you should ask her on your first date, hmm?”

Twilight’s eyes promised pain if Discord continued teasing her. “We are not dating!”

Discord sighed and put up two placating paws. “Fine, fine, don’t blow a gasket. So, let’s say Trixie becomes an Alicorn, and is interested in getting … closer to you. She might even take the dull route and ask you out instead of forcing you to chase her all over Equestria. You aren’t going to say no and get any Alicorns mad at you, are you, Twilight?”

“Which Alicorns, Trixie or the princesses? I don’t really know what I’d do. I haven’t read anything on love for Celestia’s sake! I’ve read about things friends do together, I’m happy just having friends! And why would she not … I don’t know … come by the library and ask if I was interested? Why go straight to something as crazy as this?”

Chuckling, Discord slowly floated along with Twilight. “She is a bit … dramatic, isn’t she? At least it shows what lengths she’ll go for you, right? Personally, I love when I get a chance to witness things like this; when a pony gets so wrapped up in a emotion that it takes control. It makes them very … interesting to watch. You’re a lucky mare, Twilight Sparkle.”

Discord shrugged his shoulders as Twilight ignored him and floated in front of her, making it hard for her to see where she was going as she walked. “Besides, what do you think you would have done if Trixie came to the library and asked before all of this?”

Twilight only had to think for a few seconds before answering Discord. “I would probably have said no, I guess? I have a lot of royal duties now, not to mention spell theory and magic analysis to do in between time with my friends. Plus baby dragons don’t raise themselves you know, no matter how much they say they had to.”

“Right, and now, if that baby blue colored showmare walked up to you?”

Twilight snorted “Well first, I’d blast her upside the head for doing this whole stupid plan in the first place! And after that …”

Twilight thought hard on her time with Trixie, face going through a myriad of changes. I mean, I am kind of flattered, and it explains all the… touching she did. But … what would Celestia think if I did something like that? Luna’s already furious about this whole thing. Still …

Twilight’s facial changed ended on her blushing and turning away from Discord. She started down the correct path leading her out of the forest as opposed to the one he had been trying to get her to follow. “I … would have to say no …”
I can't deny some signs of attraction are there, the weird feelings and mixed emotions connected to memories of her indicate that at least chemically I find her as an acceptable match. But … logically, there’s just too many ways for it to go bad and hurt the princesses. I’m sure she’ll understand if I explain it to her based on those findings. And if not, how hard can it be for me to just say no?

“Hmph, really Twilight? Well, your call on that one. Just don’t come crying to Discord if she-“

Confusedly, Twilight looked over to Discord who had just taken a small device out of … somewhere. It looked to be square, but smaller than the box with the red button that Twilight had dismantled earlier. She sneaked a little closer while Discord was distracted and peered at what he was looking at on the box. One side had some kind of glass panel and writing on it. Peering at it, Twilight was able to make out Trixie’s name, along with ten numbers following it. Discord covered the device with a paw and looked over at her just as Twilight managed to look to the side uninterestedly.

“Well, would you look at the time! You’ll have to excuse me, Twilight; I just … remembered something I needed to do today.”

“Discord-“Twilight said while glaring over at him and quickly holding onto his leg with a hoof. “For the last time, you can’t turn her into an Alicorn! Just … give me ten minutes to talk with her or something, please?”

Discord slithered out of Twilight’s hold and held his paw up to the air. In it, Discord had what looked to be a small fishing net with no actual net, leaving just the handle and circular hole.

“Sorry my dear, but I feel it may be important to actually keep this promise. And besides …” Discord grinned over at Twilight. “I’m really not so sure you want to stop me now. I’m even starting to think that a little chaotic side of you wants to see what happens next. It’s okay, you don’t have to admit it; I’m a master at seeing these kinds of things in others after all.”

Suddenly, a weird, gobbling sound caused Twilight’s ears to perk up. From out of the forest, a large turkey appeared, flying erratically as its small wings tried desperately to keep it airborne. The turkey flew past Twilight, and aimed directly for Discords raised hand. Its head caught in the loop of Discord’s net, but, instead of just stopping and flailing like Twilight expected, the bird just kept flying. The turkey brought Discord into the sky with it as if he weighed nothing. The bird continued to slowly and awkwardly ascend, with Discord giving it a few pokes as they flew up, somehow causing it to quickly pick up speed and leave Twilight far behind.


Twilight quickly lost sight of Discord and the turkey, running for the easy to see edge of the forest.
No Discord, I am not interested in seeing everything go crazy around me again. You caused that to happen twice already, and that’s more than enough! I’m happy with how my life is! I’m already busy enough without dealing with love!
As Twilight readied herself to start a marathon of small teleports after her target, a little part in the back of her mind demanded her attention. Was she just scared of even entertaining the thought of something new? Was it merely because she felt doing so would be admittance that her Celestia blessed life was not perfect as it was? That deep down, Trixie made her feel like she selfishly wanted more than she was given? Twilight shook her head to clear her mind.
This is irrelevant; I have to see Trixie- Find! I have to find Trixie before it’s too late!

“Let go, you stupid furball!”

Trixie yelped in pain as she threw her head forward, dislodging the rabbit for the third time in a row, but causing Angel to once again dangle from her mane painfully. Angel doggedly tried clawing his way up Trixie’s mane, leaving little scratch marks on her side as his back legs kicked to help him climb.

“Now Angel, please don’t be too mean to Trixie, I’m sure whatever she is doing must be really important if she is ponynapping me.”

Angel merely rolled his eyes as he got up onto Trixie’s back again, despite the show mare’s protests or struggles. He began kicking her in the back of the head repeatedly while she tried to buck him off.

“Gah! Stop doing that! Get off of Trixie’s back you freeloader!”

“Oh, please go easy on him Trixie! He’s just a little bunny!”

Trixie let out a snort of irritation at her current situation. She was having enough trouble holding up the bag with Fluttershy in it without the scratches and blows the rabbit was pelting her with. Every time she had thrown him off or tossed Angel to the side, the stupid rabbit just came right back, throwing rocks or trying to climb up and pull at Trixie’s mane.

“Trixie wouldn’t have to ‘go easy on him’, if he’d just stop attacking her! Can’t you tell him to go home or something? He’s your pet!”

“W-well, I could try, but, umm, I’d need to be out of the bag for it. If that’s okay with you? I’ll go back in afterwards, really.”

Trixie glared down at the rabbit who was grasping at one of her hooves now. No matter how much she shook, she couldn’t get Angel to let go of it. Looking over to the bag, she saw how it was now merely inches above the ground as her already overtaxed magic struggled to keep it afloat.

“Fine! Just … make it quick, Trixie has somewhere to be soon.”

Trixie gently dropped the bag, letting the sides of the tarp fall back to reveal Fluttershy lying on her side inside. She looked a little sweaty, but was relatively unperturbed by her abduction. Angel quickly hopped over to Fluttershy, pushing on her chest to get her to stand up as he pointed back towards the cottage.

“Now Angel, I know you’re worried for me, but that’s no excuse to hurt other ponies. Just look at all those scratches you put on poor Trixie over there.” Fluttershy indicated Trixie with her muzzle. Angel’s jaw dropped and he then began pantomiming.

“Well, yes, she did do that, but it’s not like she hurt me or anything. Umm … you’re not planning on hurting me, right Trixie?”

Trixie shook her head as she faced the pair. “Trixie wouldn’t have even grabbed you like this, but apparently she needs you for something. Why, she’s not entirely sure, but it’s doubtful to be for something painful.”

Fluttershy nodded and looked back at Angel, lightly petting his head. “There, see? She didn’t mean any harm. Now, you be a good bunny and head back home, okay? I will be back as soon as I’m done with Trixie.”

Angel slapped her hoof away from his head and turned around; pantomiming something to Trixie she was rather glad to not understand before hopping away.

“Sorry about that Trixie, he didn’t mean it. And he really wouldn’t do something like that to you with a spoon. He’s just been picking up some bad habits from Mr. Beaverton lately.”

“Whatever, so, shall we?” Trixie pointed to the tarp Fluttershy was laying on.

“Oh, all right. B-but, Trixie? M-maybe if you explained a little to me, I could, um, just walk with you there, instead of the whole, ponynapping thing? N-not that there’s anything wrong with it! W-well, there is something wrong with ponynapping, but-!”

Trixie rubbed a scratch on her cheek and looked away as she interrupted Fluttershy’s rambling. “Well, Discord said he needed you to meet him somewhere and asked if Trixie could bring you there.”

One of Fluttershy’s eyebrows rose a little. “But, why did you need to ponynap me for that? You know Discord is a good friend of mine, right?”

Trixie nodded, but pointed to the nearby woods. “She knows, but she figured it’d be easier to catch you then convince you to knowingly go into a monster filled forest. Trixie may also at times be a little more … theatrical then she should be.”

Fluttershy giggled a little at that and stood up, making her way over to Trixie. “I think the same thing about Discord sometimes, but it’s just who he is so I accept it. And I’m actually okay with the Everfree, so long as I’m not alone. Quite a few of my friends live in there actually.”

“Friends? You know what, never mind. Shall we get going then?”

“Are you sure? Some of those scratches look painful, and, um, no offense, but you look pretty worn out, Trixie.”

“While Trixie would love nothing more than to lie down and sleep for the next few days, she needs to get to Discord first, and quickly.” With that said, she started walking towards the forest, looking over to Fluttershy as she started following along.

“Okay then. So, we are really going to see Discord? I’ve been a little worried about him lately. He hasn’t been back home for a few days now. I-is he okay?”

Trixie looked forward, trying to sound nonchalant “Oh, Trixie’s sure he’s just fine. He’s probably just upsetting one of the Alicorn sisters right now, or the other one … what’s her name?”

“Twilight? Oh, that would be nice; she’s actually been away from Ponyville a lot longer than we thought she would. Spike’s been acting brave, but he’s not used to her being gone so long. Is Twilight going to be wherever we are meeting with Discord?”

“Maybe. At the least, Trixie would not be … surprised if she joined us at some point today.”