• Published 10th Mar 2014
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Hopes and Follies - Phaoray

Things haven’t exactly gone well for Trixie. Now Twilight is an Alicorn and Trixie feels left behind. But Trixie has a plan; one Discord is all too willing to aid her in. For a price.

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Breakdown Between Actors

Maybe everything has finally gotten to her? Maybe she’s finally tired of what Discord is doing? I sure hope so.

Twilight was facing Trixie, the ambient grey light making it so they could clearly see each other. Contrary to the grin on her lips, Trixie’s eye was bloodshot, and dried stains marred her complexion, confirming Twilight’s belief that she had been crying.

The way she just spoke to me doesn’t match what her face is telling me, just what has Discord been putting her through?

Twilight gave a gentle smile, and slowly walked closer to Trixie. “It’s okay, Trixie. I think I understand now.”

Trixie continued to smile at Twilight, though her words betrayed a tone of confusion. “W-what do you mean?”

Twilight took it as a good sign that despite halving the distance, Trixie hadn’t fled yet. “I understand why you’re doing this now, Trixie. And I’m sorry I didn’t realize it sooner. It just took me longer to piece everything together then it should have.”

Twilight was close now, cautiously, she reached out and placed a hoof on Trixie’s shoulder. Trixie jumped a little at the contact, but remained still. Twilight was pretty sure she could feel Trixie trembling a little. “It must have been hard for you, keeping this to yourself all this time.”

Twilight gently nuzzled Trixie’s cheek, keeping away from the bandage. Slowly, she felt Trixie wrap her hooves around Twilight and bury her muzzle in her shoulder. Twilight stayed still, waiting until Trixie was ready to continue their talk. Shortly after starting the embrace, Trixie seemed to calm down, and start to stir in Twilight’s hold.

Twilight couldn’t see Trixie’s face, but she could feel Trixie’s muzzle nosing through her hair, slowly trailing up to her ear. In a very soft voice, Trixie asked “So, you’re okay with this? What Trixie’s done? What Trixie wants?”

Twilight nodded, feeling a little awkward now as she could feel the feather Trixie took from her brushing up against her neck. She held the embrace though, sensing that Trixie needed the comfort. “I’m okay with what you’ve had to do Trixie, though I’m sorry for what you’ve been through. Discord … he’s done this before to ponies. I thought he had learned, but it’s clear he hasn’t. I promise you, I won’t let him threaten you again. Once we get you back to Canterlot, we can solve all of this, together.”

Trixie sighed into Twilight’s ear at this, then, after a few seconds of silence, she did something completely unexpected. Trixie began to nibble on Twilight’s ear, forcing her to repress a surprised squeak as her ear twitched back and forth trying to get away from Trixie’s teeth. Twilight blushed and tried to wiggle away from Trixie, but was held tight by her hooves around Twilight’s neck.

With a soft giggle, Trixie ceased her assault and gave Twilight’s ear a kiss, forcing more heat out of Twilight’s cheeks. With the same, soft voice, Trixie said “And just how do you expect to resolve this, Twilight?”

I-is she always this affectionate to her friends? Or is this how she just messes with others? Is she teasing me about something? Wait, she just asked a question, okay, okay. Calm down, relax, she’s probably just very freaked out and doesn’t know what she’s doing. Maybe biting is how she deals with nerves, like how Rainbow sometimes bites her hooves when she’s nervous.

“U-um … well, I figure-eep! “Twilight couldn’t suppress her surprise, or the nervousness in her voice as Trixie started gently rubbing her muzzle across Twilight’s ear. “I-I figured, we’d get that … uhm … t-that seed out of you and m-make a plan with t-the p-princesses. T-then we c-could find Discord and and d-deal with what h-he’s done.” Twilight was trying to move her ear away from Trixie’s muzzle throughout this, blushing like mad as Trixie simply followed Twilight’s head movements.

“Right, and then what, Twilight? What happens to Trixie after the seed is gone, and Discord is dealt with?” Trixie had giving up on Twilight’s ear, and had started alternating between nibbling and grooming Twilight’s mane and the back of her neck with her mouth. Currently hating her wings, which had reacted to all of the attention by making it look like she was about to take flight, Twilight shook her head back and forth. Her head was starting to swim and her body heat up in a way she was not familiar with.

“C-could you please stop that Trixie? Y-you’re not helping me f-focus on your questions.”

Twilight was trembling now from the weird feelings that washed over her at Trixie’s attentions. She couldn’t help but recall how moments ago Trixie had been the one acting unsure and trembling in Twilight’s hooves.

Chuckling softly, Trixie slowly relented, causing one last spark of electricity to shoot through Twilight as she gently kissed Twilight’s neck before letting go. A smug expression was on her face as she put a few feet of distance between them and sat down. “Hmmmm … Trixie needed that. You’re fun to tease, Twilight.” Trixie’s hoof slowly moved up until it was gently stroking the feather wrapped in her braid.

Gah! Just WHY is she still wearing that!? Okay, deep breathes, one thing at a time. A list! Work off of the list of things that need to be done. What order they need to be done. Oh, and start talking again, before she tries to get closer.

Slowly, Twilight went through the relaxation routine she learned from Cadence. Her blushing ceased after the first few repeats, and her mind was able to clear, though for some reason, it still kept trying to recapture the feeling of what Trixie had been doing to her mere moments ago.

As calm as possible, Twilight took her saddlebags off, with Trixie’s eyes following them interestedly. Her royal regalia levitated out of them and within seconds Twilight was fully outfitted. With the weight of her tiara to keep her emotions in check, Twilight looked at Trixie and began.

“Okay, so first, we need to get you to Canterlot, and to a doctor. After that, Luna will get the seed out. I had her promise to go easy on you, and I think she’ll still hold to it. With Discord forcing you into whatever plan he has brewing, I’m sure she’ll understand and be lenient. From there, the princesses and I will make a plan to deal with Discord.”

“As for what happens afterwards?” Twilight shrugged “I don’t completely know. The most likely scenario from what I’ve been told is Luna taking you into her service. Apparently your family line once served her and she is interested in re-establishing that bond. She is a little um … upset right now, but she is really a nice pony once she’s calmed down. I’ll visit, and you’ll be able to visit me too. I do feel bad for not seeing any of your shows, and I promise you I won’t let Discord put you through anything like this again.”

Smiling, Twilight held out a golden shoed hoof to Trixie. “Ready to leave this nightmare behind, Trixie? I can’t imagine what Discord said to make a pony as stubborn as you obey him, but I promise, if you come with me, you’ll never have to hear from him again.”


Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Although she still felt bad for Clary, and would until she somehow made up for what she did, meeting Twilight like this had helped remind Trixie of her own dreams.

Time to break the bad news to her.

“Oh Twilight,” Trixie started, smiling at the mare in front of her “you’ve always been a smart pony, but your upbringing is showing.”

Twilight’s smile slipped, and her face turned to confusion. “W-what do you mean?”

Trixie shook her head sadly “You always think the best of ponies, you even somehow have yourself convinced that Discord forced Trixie into this situation. As if even the god of chaos could force a mare like Trixie into such a deplorable state as obedience.”

“Trixie’s here because she wants to be Twilight, she’s not a bad pony for this, but Trixie wouldn’t call herself a good one either. She just is. And she can’t, she won’t go back to Canterlot and lose out on what she has, and what she can gain with just a little more work.”

Twilight had lowered her hoof by this point and was frowning at Trixie. “But … you know this is wrong, you stole from Luna, and I can only imagine you’ve done other things you shouldn’t because of Discord.”

Trixie nodded to Twilight. “Yes, she has.”

Twilight looked a bit dumbfounded. “I … don’t understand. You’re … not like Sombra, or Night Mare Moon. What, what are you trying to accomplish with the power you stole, Trixie?”

“No, Trixie is not like them. But Trixie doesn’t have to be like them to want power, does she? As for what she is going to do with it, well, she can’t tell you the main reason. A mare has to have her secrets. But can you imagine the shows Trixie could pull off with the power of an Alicorn, Twilight? Her name will be known and loved throughout Equestria and beyond. Ponies, Gryphons, all will come to her shows, beg her to help with their problems, and, of course, love her. Well … not all, Trixie is a bit doubtful of how the Alicorn sisters will take her ascension. But she will cross that bridge when she comes to it.”

Twilight’s jaw had dropped by this point, and her eyes had widened considerably. “A-ascension!? Wait … the seed … Discord’s going to awaken your seed! Are you crazy!? Do you really think you’d make a good princess!? You, you haven’t studied with either of them, you’ve not seen how much work Celestia put into raising me to be worthy of joining her and her sister!”

Trixie raised an eyebrow at Twilight “Just why would Trixie care about Celestia’s standards? Just what gives her the right to determine if Trixie is meant to become an Alicorn or not? That’s for Trixie to determine. And as for that ‘Princess’ title, Trixie already has a title, a better one at that.”

Twilight shook her head, dumb-founded. “The right? She’s an Alicorn and a Princess of Equestria, Trixie! She’s been alive for thousands of years, what else does she need to be the one who decides who can and can’t become an Alicorn?”

“Discord’s just as old you know. Doesn’t he have the right to make Trixie an Alicorn if he wants?”

“Discord’s … Discord! He messes with anypony he comes across! He’s probably just using you for a laugh, Trixie. Or he knows you becoming an Alicorn will mess up Equestria!”

Glaring at Trixie, Twilight shook her head and scratched at the ground with one of her forehooves. “No, if Discord is helping you to become an Alicorn, I can’t let it happen. I don’t understand what drove you to this, Trixie. But, I can’t let you go. The Princesses tasked me with bringing you and the seed back, and I’m not going to fail them.”

Trixie sighed and closed her eye briefly. “Spoken like a true lackey. Of course you wouldn’t understand, you haven’t wanted for anything in your life, have you? You’ve not been on the street, or been laughed at, or told you’d never be able to do something. The rest of the world isn’t like that, Twilight. You live in a bubble, and if you really care about becoming a princess, then you’d better burst it soon.”

Twilight’s glare hardened as Trixie saw her horn start to light up. “I’m sorry you feel that way, Trixie. But I have to bring you in. Please make this easy, I want to help you, but you’re not leaving me any choice.”

Crap. She’s getting a bit too serious about this now. I need to knock her off balance again, long enough to come up with a plan.

On reflex, Trixie stroked the feather again for comfort, and noticed Twilight’s eyes dart to it and a light blush start up on her face.

Thank Celes-thank Discord she has such a bad poker face. Trixie might just get through this.


Does she HAVE to keep touching it like that!?

Twilight squawked in protest as Trixie took the feather in one hoof and brought it up to her muzzle, loudly sniffing it as her tongue lewdly licked up and down the feather’s edge. Throughout this display, Trixie never broke eye contact with Twilight.

Before Twilight knew it, she had teleported right in front of Trixie and was grabbing at the feather with her telekinesis. “Stop doing that! I can’t even START to explain how wrong that was!”

Trixie held the feather tighter, struggling against Twilight’s attempt at taking the feather out of her braid. “It’s Trixie’s feather now, and she’ll do what she likes with it!”

Growling and blushing red, Twilight pulled harder. “No, it’s MY feather and you stole it! Do you have any idea what you’re implying just by wearing it!? I’m not even going to think about the meaning behind what you just did to it! N-no ponies seen you wearing this yet, right?”

Smirking a bit and using her own weakened telekinesis to hold onto the feather, Trixie nodded. “Oh, there’s been a few. You’re the first pony Trixie’s done that around, but she thinks she might start doing it a bit more. In public.”

Twilight let only a snippet of a thought of that scene happening in her head before going all out with her pulling. Violently, Twilight yanked the feather out of Trixie’s magical hold, causing Trixie to cry in pain as Twilight pulled too hard on the braid. A few seconds later, Twilight slackened up, her ears pressed to her head as she realized what she’d just done.

“T-Trixie, I’m sorry, I just-“


Twilight put a hoof up to her cheek, feeling the heat coming off of it as she stared wide-eyed at a very upset looking Trixie who just placed her hoof back over the feather with a defiant look in her eye.

Twilight’s mind started to go blank, and she ended her magical hold over the feather. Glared back at Trixie, Twilight’s complexion starting to flush in annoyance and anger.

“Give me the feather.”

Stay calm.


“Give me the Feather!”

Stay calm!


Twilight’s eye twitched.

STAY C-error, logic override activated. Testosterone now assuming direct control.

Twilight’s voice cracked into a shrill yell as the world became tinged in red. “GIVEMEBACKMYFEATHER!”

Twilight’s crown flew off her head as she tackled Trixie to the ground. Her teeth clamped hard on Trixie’s braid in a blind attempt to pull the feather out. Trixie shrieked in pain and started to bite at Twilight’s neck while kicking her in the chest to make her let go.

For several minutes, the forest was filled with the sounds of girlish screams as two grown mare’s bit at hooves, pulled hair and stepped on tails. The two combatants repeatedly flipped eachother over, causing them to roll across the clearing and randomly hit into trees. Neither really knew what to do though when they were on top, causing them to just slap and bite while trying to get the feather. Both had trained in magic most of their lives, leaving their attempt at an actual hoof fight akin to two children fighting over a toy to any observers.Trixie was in better shape, having traveled throughout her life and carried her own cart, but missing half of her vision made it hard to counter Twilight’s random blows. A few minutes of this activity left them both to the point of exhaustion. Cheeks had been reddened from exertion and hooves clumsily trying to punch but ending up more as slaps, red spots littered their bodies at random points from bites, and feathers were splayed across in a wide arc from their constant rolling around.

In the end, Twilight somehow managed to triumphantly remove the feather from Trixie’s braid, along with some of the braid itself. Gasping, she quickly untangled from Trixie’s limbs and put some distance between them, growling loudly with the feather between her teeth. After a few seconds of concentration, Twilight spit out the feather as her horn flared and reduced the primary to ash.

Both then stood there, panting while they watched the other warily. Trixie slump down onto the ground tiredly, giving Twilight a reprieve. She closed her eyes in an effort to focus on getting her breathing and temper back under control.

“Okay *pant* okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of our systems, let’s-“


Twilight screamed from the new pain coming from her right wing. Her eyes had opened just seconds after she felt a sharp tug on the wing, giving her a good view of Trixie quickly fleeing back to the tree where her saddlebag laid. Biting her lip and looking her wing over revealed yet another primary feather missing.

I’m not going to fly straight for a month now! Rainbow’s going to flip out at me when she sees my wings.
“Come back here with that, you little feather thief!”

Twilight was a little more alert this time, and planned her charge to knock Trixie into the tree she was limping over to with her prize.

That’s it! I’m pinning her down, getting my feather back, and putting her in that net Luna suggested I bring! This is going to end before I look like a plucked bird!


And ... Here ... We … Go.

Trixie quickly placed the feather to the side of the saddlebag with her magic to keep it safe from what was about to happen. Another nearby smaller feather floated up and into her mouth as a replacement. She had kept her ears perked to listen for Twilight’s rapid approach, her breathing heavy enough to let Trixie know her relative distance easily. She felt the impact from behind as Twilight’s body hit into her own, sending Trixie off balance and into the exact spot she had planned on landing.


With a loud SMACK, Twilight violently collided with Trixie. The impact sent Trixie face first into the tree, forcing a loud grunt out of her lips. Just as Twilight was about to continue by grabbing at the feather, she noticed Trixie’s whole body start to shake. Then, the screaming began.


Gasping in shock, Twilight quickly got off of Trixie, nearly throwing herself several feet from the whimpering and screaming showmare. Looking over, Twilight felt like a bucket of ice water had just been dumped over her head at the realization that she must have knocked Trixie’s injured eye against the tree.

Trixie was flailing about with one hoof while the other held itself over her bandaged eye. After a few seconds, the flailing hoof grasped onto the saddle bag and dove in, desperately searching for something in it while Trixie cried.

“I didn’t mean it! I swear I didn’t mean it! I’m so sorry Trixie!”

Twilight had started to hyperventilate and looked around for anything she could do to help. Hundreds of facts on medical knowledge and eye care books she had read crashed into her head, only causing her more confusion and a headache. Whimpering, she kept moving her head back and forth, paralyzed in indecision.

After what felt like minutes but had probably only been a few seconds, Twilight managed to focus and looked over to Trixie again. She still had a hoof over one eye, but the shaking and screaming had slowed while she drank from something in her saddlebags.

Cautiously, Twilight took baby steps over to Trixie, her whole body alert and twitching, ready to leap back if Trixie started screaming again.

“T-Trixie … A-are you okay now? W-was that medicine?”

Weakly and with her head still hidden in the bag, Trixie waved a hoof to Twilight. “T-Twilight. Could you please come over here? Trixie needs help with her bandage.”

Twilight nodded, not in a rational enough mindset to remember Trixie couldn’t see it, and quickly started trotting over to Trixie.


Always eager to help others, well, it’s not like she had any chance against Trixie’s acting skills anyways.
Trixie waited until Twilight was just behind her before she began casting, hiding her horn in the saddlebag as best she could.

“I can’t help with your bandage like this, Trixie. Please, I know it hurts and I’m so so sorry, but I need you to raise your head so I can look at your eye.”

Such a sweet girl when she wants to be, I hope we meet up again soon, Twilight.




Oh thank goodness, she’s sounding a lot better now. I’m just glad she had such fast pain relievers on her.

“Yes, Trixie?”


“Sorry? For what? The fight?”

“No … this.”

Twilight saw a strange light suddenly appear from behind her, overpowering the grey one she had been using up to this point. Quickly, she whipped her head around, giving Twilight a view of a portal coalescing. The purple hole quickly gave way to the view of a hilltop somewhere outside of the forest.



Twilight let out a grunt of pain as two hooves smashed into her chest, throwing her into the portal. She tumbled through it, landing flat on her back on the other side.

This cannot be happening.

As quickly as her sore body allowed, Twilight stood up and looked through the portal. It was already half the size it was when she first caught sight of it, and Trixie was on the other side with a grin, levitating the purple primary feather that was waving goodbye to Twilight.


Twilight’s magic shot out and grabbed onto the sides of the portal, attempting to feed it, attempting to hold it, attempting to just not let Trixie escape!

I am NOT going to lose her this time! She’s fooled me too many times already!

Grinding her teeth together, Twilight put her all into manipulating Trixie’s spell. Trixie looked back at Twilight in shock, and then quickly leapt up to grab at her saddlebags.

No. You. Don’t!
Inch by inch, the portal slowly started to grow. Twilight didn’t understand how the spell worked, causing her to throw large amounts of magic at it just to make some of it stick. It was wasteful, messy, and slowly, it was working.

Yes! Yes! Yes! … NO!

Suddenly, Twilight was blind. Without sight, she couldn’t direct her magic, causing her to throw it around aimlessly. A few seconds later, her sight returned, just in time for her to see the portal disappear with a soft pop!

“Aww … I’m sorry, did I interrupt something?”

Growling, Twilight looked over to the one who had just removed his paws from over her eyes.



Run Run Run Run Run!

Despite the aches and pains her body complained about, Trixie ran on through the forest, following a trail of glowing blue flowers that kept appearing every few yards in front of her. She had felt so relieved when Discord snuck up behind Twilight and winked at her through the portal. He mouthed the word ‘run’ to Trixie just as he placed his paws over Twilight’s sight, and she had done just that the minute she had gathered her belongings.

There’s no telling how long he can keep her off of Trixie’s trail. But … it’s over! Trixie’s finally done! She just has to meet up with Discord now and all this running around will finally pay off!
Laughing a little in relief, Trixie slowed down and took out Discord’s list to cross off the Wind root. Her laughter stopped, and she nearly tumbled over her hooves however, at what she found.

“… That’s not fair … why is it never fair?”

A new item had appeared on the list, A item Trixie was fairly familiar with, followed by where to meet Discord in the Everfree Forest afterwards.

“But … why does he want Trixie to bring her? What does she have to do with this?”


“Idiot! Jerk! Monster!”

Twilight kept throwing everything her telekinesis could grab around her at Discord. Rocks, small trees, even a rabbit or two by accident were flung at the mischievous Draconequus. Discord had on a dueling mask and was using an umbrella like a rapier, deflecting the thrown objects away with ease.

“Parry, thrust, parry! Aaannnd attack!”

Twilight let out a short cry as Discord conked her on the head with the umbrella. Immediately afterward Discord’s blow the sound of an air horn went off from somewhere. Rubbing her head, Twilight looked over to Discord to see him with a towel over his shoulders and rubbing sweat off of his body, the umbrella and mask having disappeared.

“I’ve not had a sparring partner in centuries, good show my dear, good show!”

Glaring death at him, Twilight let out a snort and turned around, slowly starting her way down the hill and back to the forest. Before she made it more than a few steps however, Discord’s paw was in her face again, preventing her from continuing.

“Now don’t be like that Twilight, we’re all friends here after all. It’s not nice to ignore friends.”

“What … just what makes you think we are friends after what you’ve done!?”

Discord looked down at her confusedly. A large armoire appeared underneath him and he sat on it comfortably, peering down at Twilight from his new vantage point. “What I’ve done? And just what have I done? You mean the coins?”

“Coins? No, I don’t even know what-“

“Baltimare then? I’ll admit, it may have been a little over the top, but nopony was injured, just … inconvenienced. And Trixie needed the help.”

“No she didn’t!”

Cocking an eyebrow up, Discord waved a claw at Twilight to continue.

“She didn’t need any of this! She didn’t need you roping her into whatever you’re planning! She doesn’t need to become an Alicorn, Discord! Do you realize how much trouble she’s in because of you? Heck, do you realize how much trouble you are in because of you!?”

Discord sighed and looked at Twilight like she was an idiot.

“Why Twilight, I’m shocked, hurt even! I told her exactly what would happen if she agreed to this. I told her what she needed, and where to get it, yes. I never told her she had to steal any of it though. That was all her. So I haven’t done anything wrong, now have I?”

Twilight continued to glare at Discord, not giving an inch. “Even if I believed that, which I don’t, you still told her where to find the seed. You still aided her.”

Discord shrugged. “And? Is it wrong to help a potential friend? You give out advice to your friends all the time. I told her what I know and agreed to help, if she helped me with my boredom. And so far, she’s more than kept her end of the bargain. I’ve not had a bored moment this whole week!”

“Gah! You’re impossible! You keep twisting everything around, none of this has to do with friendship, it’s all just what you want!”

“None of this is about friendship, is it? … Well, we may have a problem then.”

Discord slithered off of the armoire. After giving it a kick, the armoire burst into a small cloud of corn, which promptly fell to the ground. Discord then approached Twilight with a slight frown on his face.

“Purple, I can’t begin to tell you the times you and Fluttershy have droned on and on about me making new friends. Are you saying everything with Trixie so far hasn’t counted? I even followed that stupid list you had made up for me. Introductions, small talk, finding out about them, listening to their needs, helping when in trouble, sharing secrets.”

Twilight took on a more confused tone. “So, what? Are you trying to tell me this is your attempt at making a new friend? Couldn’t you have just started small, maybe with somepony a little less … Trixie?”

Discord snorted and rolled his eyes at Twilight. “Do you realize how boring most of you ponies are? You just go about your day to day lives. “Ooh, I need to get my hair done!” “I hope it doesn’t rain today!” “Buy some apples!” Trixie’s … amusing. “

Twilight shook her head, unconvinced by Discord’s claims.” You’ve never gone this far for any of us, Discord. I mean, you’ve done it for your own amusement, but it was never to help at all.”

Discord crossed his paws in indignation. “Hmph! You’re in quite the mood today. None of you ever needed my help. Think about it.”

Discord began circling Twilight as he walked, listening off names.

“Applejack? Her dream is her farm. Rarity? Her shop. Rainbow? Well, even if I was inclined to help her, she knows what to do already to become a Wonderbolt. Pinkie … Celestia help me if I ever understand her, but she seems happy enough doing … whatever she does. And you? You’re an Alicorn Princess; I somehow doubt you’re planning on becoming anything more.”

“What about Fluttershy?”

“Oh … yes … Fluttershy …” The way Discord said her friend’s name sent a shiver down Twilight’s spine. “She has her cottage, her animals, she’s quite happy as she is. I’m hoping to persuade her to want something a bit more … random in her life someday, but she’s a work in progress.”

Discord put his paws out to Twilight, empathizing holding nothing in them. “But Trixie? When I found her, she had no chance at what she wanted, no direction. And her desire … oh, the laughter I got out of hearing it. How could I not help that little blue unicorn risk life and eye for it? How could I not try to be her friend when I saw the benefits?”

“Rrright … do you have … any idea, what your other friends have had to go through, Discord? You helped Trixie steal from Luna, you’ve sent me running all over Equestria, and you made a mess of Canterlot. Just what do you think will happen if Trixie gets the power of an Alicorn?”

Discord gave a wide grin. “I have no idea, and that’s what makes it so fun!” Discord hopped in the air excitedly before catching the look Twilight was giving him. Discord snapped his fingers, and suddenly appeared in front of Twilight, his muzzle near her ear as he whispered. “I’ll let you in on a little secret, being such a good friend and all.”

Discord conspiratorially looked around before continuing. “I once saw Fluttershy watching the storms over the Everfree. Now, normally I would expect that pony to be hiding under the covers in her room, shaking and holding that little bear she has on her bed. Or, the real one, if Harry was visiting that day. She does that often enough when a storm rolls into Ponyville. Yet, there she was, staring out the window, just watching this one. So, being the curious Draconequus I am, I asked her about it.”

Since Discord’s face was next to the side of her head, Twilight could barely make out Discord’s eyes widening. “She told me that Rainbow once told her all about storms, how the pegasi control them, how they make them, and, to scare her a bit, about what injuries she’s seen others get when a storm went out of control. Her fear of storms has to do with being afraid that something will go wrong and a Pegasus might get hurt, Rainbow especially. Yet, the storms over the Everfree have no pegasi involvement, no logic to her for their creation. There’s no fear of a friend being injured, so she can just watch and enjoy the little bit of entropy rolling across the sky.”

“W-why are you telling me this?”

“Because, Twilight. I want to do that too. Do you know how my skin crawls when I look over countless towns and ponies, seeing nothing but harmony and order? I’ve had some part in Trixie’s success, but watching her antics has been very … soothing, I suppose? For once, I’m not the only one making the chaos. And when she’s an Alicorn? I’ll have times where I can finally just sit back and watch.”

Twilight shook her head as Discord backed away from her. “Discord, a storm over the Everfree is a lot different than an Alicorn running around causing chaos. That storm won’t hurt anypony as long as they stay away from it, but Trixie can, whether she means to or not. I’ve barely touched my new powers around other ponies, but Trixie won’t show that restraint.”

“Tch, please Twilight, whether or not Trixie feels like she has to hurt other ponies is totally up to you.”

“… And just what does that mean!?”

Waving a claw at her, Discord continued. “Don’t worry about it, I’m sure you’ll figure it … ok, I really doubt you’ll figure it out, but hey, you might surprise me. If not, I’ll tell you a little later. For now, though, let me pick at your brain. Non-literally this time.”

Despite his words, Twilight kept her distance, mind whirling from the ups and downs their conversation had taking so far. “Okay?”

“You’re the ‘Princess of friendship’ and all that now, yes? So, let’s go with your expertise, as a couple things you’ve said made me curious. Say Trixie becomes an Alicorn, does that really somehow affect my friendship with you or the others? And if so, why?”

“I already told you, Luna and Celestia are upset as it is, if Trixie were to become an Alicorn, and they find out you had a hoof in it, which they will, they may start seeing you as an enemy again. Knowing you’re willing to give that much power to somepony like Trixie makes you harder to trust. If Trixie does injure other ponies, how do you think Fluttershy will feel, knowing you had a hoof … a claw, in it? You’re literally creating a mess that your other friends will have to clean up. This isn’t even going into what you’ve put me through!”

Discord nodded slowly as Twilight spoke, his grin slipping and leaving his face hard to read. Letting out a long Sigh, Discord summoned into his paw what looked to Twilight to be a little metal box. “Well, you’re the expert. It’s such a shame to end the fun so early; I’d hoped to see a lot more of what was to come. Ah well, you can have the honors.” Discord brought the box down to Twilight’s level. Looking at it from this angle, she could see a large red button on the top of the box.

Now what is he playing at?

“What is that?”

“That, my dear, is the button that ends this whole thing. One press, and this whole ‘Alicorn business’ ends.”

Twilight looked at Discord, mistrust clear in her tone. “So what, that’s it? You’re actually letting this go? What about that whole ‘Sit back and watch Equestria burn’ speech?”

“Oh don’t get me wrong, Twilight. I am not happy at all with this outcome, and I know for a fact that Trixie wouldn’t make Equestria burn, she needs an audience after all. I was just unaware that making a new friend could make me lose my other friends, so if that is the case, I’ll let it go this time.”

For the first time since getting tossed onto this hill, Twilight actually gave Discord a small smile. “I’m … actually proud of you, this is really mature of you to do, I’m sure the princesses will be proud too.”

Discord rolled his eyes at her. “Well, don’t expect it to happen again, now hurry up so I can figure out what to do with the rest of this soon to be dull week.”

Chuckling a little, Twilight placed her hoof on the button. “I’ll have to still track Trixie down after this, but at least this is one issue finally put to rest.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about her, Twilight. Like I said, this button ends this whole thing.”

Twilight scrunched her face up in confusion. Just what is it with immortals and cryptic sentences? Am I going to start doing that too in a hundred years? “Discord, what happens to Trixie after I press this button?”


“ … Boom?”

Discord nodded. “Boom.”


“Just WHAT is wrong with you!? No, better yet, is there anything RIGHT with you!?”

Twilight continued angrily walking through the forest, followed by what she was beginning to now consider the spirit of insanity. She levitated the metal box next to her, keeping a shield around it for protection.

“Oh come on Twilight, was that violence really necessary? And to think, there I was, ready to let it all go, do the mature thing.”

Discord floated around Twilight, curling up in a circle mid-air and partially obscuring her sight with his head. “But noooo, instead, what do I get for it? My claw slapped and two rear legs to the gut, how ‘mature’ on your part.”

Twilight snorted as she used her telekinesis to push the spirit away so she could see again. “I’m not mature!? You literally tried to get me to blow a pony up! What was all of that talk about liking Trixie about anyways? Friends don’t blow up friends Discord! … You don’t have one of these for all of your ‘friends’, do you?”

“Oh Twilight, of course I don’t! I occasionally mail Rainbow an explosion or two, and I stopped trying with the pink one after receiving a letter back saying ‘Thanks! These are soooooo delicious!’ seriously Twilight, you have some strange friends.”

“No kidding …”

“Now don’t be like that, I do like Trixie, but you made a very good case for having her blown up.”

“I wasn’t trying to get you to blow her up!”

“Hmph, well, you could have fooled me …”

Author's Note:

I kept my word, three weeks! And its early in the week this time! I will try again for another three weeks for the next, might be less, but better to not be too optimistic as life always finds a way to mess with me. Sorry to those not happy with it being over 5k, will try to tone it down as I know many reader's prefer smaller chapters then this.