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He Who Walks The Graves - The Zealot

When the ignorant find knowledge they are dangerous. One man understands this, and so seeks to educate the nation he once fought for, and to bring down it's tyrant ruler.

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Chapter 17: What Have We...

He Who Walks The Graves
By: The Zealot
Chapter 17: What Have We…

“Though I will not require it, punctuality is a good trait.” I called back to the now halted Sunset, she was perhaps surprised that I had heard her? Well, years of war allow one to hear even the softest of noises, it was necessary when you could be stabbed in the back at any time.

“Well, thank you sir. But what do you mean it won’t be required, aren’t we soldiers?” She only asked her question as I turned to her, an even more apparent indication she hadn't forgotten her training. This was a plus, considering that training a militant force by my lonesome would become quite… boring.

“Let it just be said that if I need you somewhere you will be there, but now, on to other matters. Have you chosen a name, for you and your sword?” Confusion at first graced her before my other question reached her ears, in anticipation I motioned her to a seat across from the one I now sat in.

“Yes sir, I have. For my name, I would like to hereby be known, as Ember.” She had the most serious of looks on her face, so very serious that to one such as myself it was amusing, so with a hint of mirth I asked of her.

“Now, for what reason do you call yourself such? Surely you didn’t make a choice at random.” She could not see it, for I was clad in my helmet as usual, but there was a smile upon my face. Such a name as Ember can be a symbol for many things, and what she decided it would mean to her would paint her life.

“No sir, I have a reason. I’ve been fascinated by fire, since I was very young, and so I studied it, I’m more a fire mage the a warrior, in all actuality, but the thing about fire is, it can always be restarted. From even the tiniest ember a new flame can burn forth from a burned out pit. And that’s what I seek to do, relight my own flame, become a new pony, a better pony.” Wistfulness and determination, that’s what I saw in her eyes as she spoke, I approved of her meanings, and of her pride. She would be wonderful.

I gave a simple nod, though she obviously saw the weight it carried, before moving to my next question, “As for your blade, have you named it?” Her eyes lit up as I asked, and she nodded, drawing her blade from a veil of fire before my eyes. Perhaps she thought it would startle me? It didn’t.

“I’ve decided to name it причина, it means ‘reason’ in-” I cut her off here, perhaps it was rude, but I was curious now.

“Russian. Now, where did you learn any bit of Russian, or Minitaur, whatever you ponies call it now. I’m curious.” Though she could not see my face she was perhaps aware of the burning stare that I focused upon her, it may have been simple paranoia, but the Russian’s had some damn good spies back in the day.

“Well, I spent some time over in Stalliongrad a few years back, I had to learn Minitaur since that’s the only language they speak over there, and a bit of it just stuck.” Ah, yes, of course. She was a soldier, she traveled, I gave her a nod and motioned for her to continue the explanation of her blade.

“Well, anyway, I’ve decided to name it this because from what you’ve made clear to me, there is so much madness, so very much, running rampant through the country. A blade of reason, then, seems apt to cut and severe such.” Amazing, she was already picking up my speech, or maybe she always had talked this way and recent events had just made her simple of tongue? Who knows, certainly not I.

“Very well, I approve.” I stood from my chair, motioning for her to do the same, and from the depths of the void pulled an age old officer’s sword, from a time ago when I fought on the side of the Sun Princess. “I now declare you, Knight Ember, of the Seekers.” Long ago, perhaps, such a ritual would have brought a tear to my eye. Allowing kinship of another, but I had done so many times, and I just felt a dull burn. A kind of guilt, that I would sentence another to a life of pain and suffering. No matter they chose this path for themselves, I was still the catalyst.

[1014 A.B. 11:12am]


I was taking a stroll through the woods around my new home, I had sent the newly named Ember out on a mission. She was to return to Canterlot, act as if nothing had happened, and gather as much classified information as possible, as well as trying to sway some of the ponies whom were less than loyal to Celestia. Should she be captured, there was a simple way of escape, although the question really was, would she use it?

Now, I was not lazing about, mind you, there was a reason for my walk. Well, alright, perhaps not, but I did have time to kill. You see, if nothing else I am polite, and considering that many new faces are being brought into this war between Tia and I, it seems only appropriate to introduce myself to these new Bearers of the Elements. The thing is, Ember would be included in this meeting, and I couldn’t very well call it before sending her off, now could I? So, I would wait for her to get back.

How, you might ask, would I introduce myself? Well, I’d written out some rather nice invitations to a feast, at least, I thought they were nice.

Dear ____

Hello, firstly, thankyou for taking the time to read this. You may know me as Reaper, yes, the very same. But, this letter shall bring you no harm, so worry not, instead it carries an invitation in honor of our new status as mortal enemies, I promise a good time and food to spare. If you would care to attend, simply sign your name by your own hoof on the line below, and you shall be whisked away to a dining place fit for a king, or princess in this case.

~ Your everlasting enemy, Reaper

Know, I’ve not written a letter in quite some time, so I would like to think I’ve done a rather good job with these invitations, although perhaps I hadn’t. But you know, it was around July in pony land, and I must say, they do have some wonderful summer weather. Nary a cloud in the sky, the sun was warm and shining, I assumed, and animals were singing and dancing about. Honestly, I’m surprised my guards hadn’t eaten more of them.

[1014 A.B. 12:42pm]


Ember had returned, with a slew of new files to add to my collection of information. Instructions had been given to those interested in defecting, and the invitations had been sent out to all the Bearers, as well as the good ‘ol Princesses. In the meantime I decided to place the old box that held the Elements of Harmony inside the deepest, darkest, and most well-protected vault I had down here. You know, make ‘em think the Elements are still in there when they aren't.

But anyway, I was currently setting up the dining area, a rather large dining table straight out of a royal dining room set up in a cleared area of my Graveyard of Heroes. It was night, but I had set up lanterns to allow sight for the guests. Now, hosting a feast in a graveyard might seem morbid, but the graves around were those of some of my best friends, and some of the greatest heroes from the war, hence the name, I found it to be a fitting place for a meeting of this kind.

Ember was dressed up in the pony equivalent of black tie dress, while I had changed from my armor into a button down shirt and black suit pants, as well as some dress shoes. When the feast actually began I would be wearing the coat to the suit, at least for the first appearance, but for now I was relaxing in the rays of the setting sun, ah, what a wonderful day.

Oh, and because I’m sure you’re calling me a fool for expecting them to show up, Ember had made it known to me that Celestia was ordering the Elements to attend, she left no question of it either. Ah, Tia, heavy hooved as usual. Tsk tsk.

With the knowledge that all those invited would attend, I got to work on some finishing touches, the last of which would be the music set to play upon the arrival of my guests. A rather classic piece, if I do say so myself. Hm, how quaint, it was the 5th of November. Ah, I had never gotten used to that, how the pony land had the same names of months as my home did, but in different order. I mean really, November in summer, bah.

[1014 A.B. 10:14pm]

Author's Note:

Blargh, this has taken far too long and for that I do apologize. I'm not quite in the mood for righting, I've had a tiring day helping little children find the 'joys of reading' and so I'm rather exhausted. I've left you all too long with nothing to snack on, however, so I pushed through all that to write this little chapter, it may not be much, it may not be up to my standards, but it is something! The only thing I can hope is that you enjoy, and that I find better success in writing the next chapter.

Stay classy Fim, and remember, never forget the 5th of November!

~ Your friendly neighborhood author, Zealot