• Published 26th Feb 2014
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He Who Walks The Graves - The Zealot

When the ignorant find knowledge they are dangerous. One man understands this, and so seeks to educate the nation he once fought for, and to bring down it's tyrant ruler.

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Chapter 5: What's Left of Death Is More Than Fear...

He Who Walks The Graves
By: The Zealot
Chapter 5: What’s Left of Death is More Than Fear...

I looked out upon the forest, the sun shining down on it’s shaded branches. I had found a tower, most of the wall and ceiling gone, it was the perfect room to get a good view from. I had made this forest, well, started it, and it amazed me to see how it had grown. According to the ponies it was a place of horror, but for one such as me it was a paradise.

“Hm, perhaps I should get more done before the princesses catch on. I could at least rekindle the flames of the forest, gather my wolves. I do need to make progress with those catacombs, but it’s so boring… ugh, once more unto the breach.” I groaned, it had to be done, yes, but I still wasn’t a fan of work.

I jumped from my perch in the tower and landed in the courtyard of the castle. Quickly I summoned up a little beacon, only visible to the magical creatures of the forest, it would bring them to me posthaste.

Not five minutes later I found myself looking at a collection of timberwolves, hydra, cockatrice, and nightstalkers? Odd. First I turned to the timber wolves, they had grown since I had made them, now they would grow again. With a snap of my fingers a charcoal mist seeped into the wolves, making them larger, faster, stronger. They were turned into worgs, their eyes taking on a ruby and onyx coloring as they came under my control.

Next were the hydra, there were three of the large creatures, and each head was staring down at me in interest. I did to them as I did to wolves, shaping them with my magic. They would regrow their heads, as the old tales of Hercules said, they would breath fire and have scales as hard as diamonds. They too took on my colors, though I am loathe to admit, I should probably work away from the black and red color scheme.

The cockatrice came next, nothing special they were, head of a chicken and body of a snake. Only thing they really could do was turn someone to stone with a stare. I snapped my fingers yet again and reshaped them. Their heads changed from chicken to eagle, their scales turned black, they could kill with but a glance now, so useful they would be.

Finally, the nightstalkers, interesting that these were here. It is of no matter, I was lazy at this point and simply changed their colors and made them stronger, as well as getting rid of the rattle on their tails and gave them invisibility.

My work on the animals complete I sent off all of them but for five of the worgs, they would be my castle guardians. They would wander the castle and hopefully ward off intruders, I only hoped that they wouldn't cause anyone to investigate. With that all taken care of I went off to work on my underground stronghold.

[1014 A.B. 3:46pm]


Five hours. That is how long it took to create my stronghold down in the catacombs, to trap it, to hide it, and to make it a place to live in. It wasn't all that big, really. A war room, to keep track of everything in the world that could relate to me. A kitchen and dining room for obvious reasons. A personal bedroom, again for obvious reasons. A barracks in case I ever came in possession of a fighting force. The reason it was so small, relatively, was because I had hidden it in the spaces between the catacombs, the entrance was an illusory wall marked with a glowing red scythe.

Now, I know what you're probably saying right now, ‘Wow Reaper, you’re a fucking retard, they’ll find your base easily.’ yeah, you guys don’t give me enough credit. The marking is made with æther magic, completely undetectable to anyone that’s not a voidwalker.

All my preparations were complete, now all there was to do was wait. Well, wait and start the puzzle yet again. But that would take a while, and for now I could rest. True, I had been in stone for a thousand years, but that is really more a kind of never ending state of awareness, it’s horrible.

As I sat upon my throne I summoned the day’s newspaper into my hand, looking at the front page revealed that Luna had finally awoken and found my letter, how nice. The story on the page mostly consisted of how Celestia had placed the country under alert, gave out a description of myself, and basically said ‘Don’t worry, we’ll get him soon, but in the meantime be careful.’ I guess she had finally learnt how to not be as blunt as she used to be, good for her.

[1014 A.B. 9:23pm]


I had taken a walk through the forest, just to see how things had changed and to set up some watchers. Watchers were these cute little creatures I had made that melded with the shadows and sent everything they saw back to my war room, basically giving me a whole CCTV network around the castle.

I had grown weary in my works, but true sleep would come no time soon. I made my way down into the depth of the catacombs, opening up the passage to my little base, I continued on to a small sitting room, dark and calm in color and soft of fabric, this is where I would be spending many of my nights until matters were dealt with.

I stretched out on a sofa, took off my helmet, and closed my eyes. I soon fell into the bottomless abyss that was my sleep.

[1014 A.B. 10:40pm]


I awoke in a familiar forest, clad in my familiar robes. The first thing I saw was how the æther had filled up, everywhere I looked soul tracks led away into the forest, the good and the bad. It seems that another reaper was never chosen in my place, it seems that I had work to do.

I started out on the nearest golden line, those who died an evil death could wait, those who died with good in their hearts deserved to wait no longer for their eternal peace. As I marched through the forest I felt myself reaching the end of the line I was following, just as I thought this a clearing opened up. A pony in soot stained golden armor sitting in the middle. As I approached I noticed it was a stallion, scorched to the point where his features were all but unrecognizable.

As I walked to him I spoke across the distance I had yet to travel, “Tell me child, what has become of you that you are injured so?” at the sound of my words he looked up and towards me, and I saw the only part of him left spared, pale green eyes of spring grass. He replied in a wretched dry voice, befitting of one so damage by the flame.

“Nightmare Moon- Princess Luna. We were the first she fought in her attempt at a coup. She, she killed hundreds. All because of her jealousy. I have waited here for so long, dark lord, so long to see those I had left behind. Must I wait any longer?”

I stood beside him now, I rested my hand upon his back and as I did healing energies flowed through him. Repairing the damage flame had cause revealed his coat to be of orange and his mane to be of yellow. He was no longer in the constant pain he had suffered through. I spoke to him in answer of his question.

“No child. Your wait is over, your pain ended, you will see again all those you love and have lost, never again to feel such suffering. Follow me, I shall lead you to your eternal paradise.” As I finished he looked to me and gave a nod that I had seen time and time again, one of hope, and of joy.

As I placed my hand on his withers a familiar pure white light appeared cutting through the mist, as soon as I saw it I started leading the stallion to his rest.

We walked, as I had many times before, in silence. Marching through the dark forest, following the faith line to it’s end.

Every time I see the everafter for these ponies it amazes me, every single one is different. This stallion, it seemed, belonged to a place not unlike Sovngarde, a golden hall filled with warriors and never ending battle. Fitting, for a warrior of the light.

“Here is where your path takes you, child. I must bid you farewell, and good fortunes in your rest.” I spoke, moving my hand from him, he gave me that ever present nod that all lost souls seem to have, and walked into the great hall, disappearing in a flash of light.

My job here was done, for now. I would have much work to do in the coming days, much indeed, but for now it could wait. I deserved some real rest, some separate from the æther. So it was that I layed down upon a bed of grass in one of the many clearing, and closed my eyes.

[???? S’ok Va Jie Kwo]

Author's Note:

Alright, yes, yes, I know I'm late. Honestly, I expected the present chapters to be easier to write but I'm finding that the past ones are, which is odd to me. Anyway, I just want to let you all know that the chapter titles are all references, so get out there and tell me if you can figure them out. Anyway, the sixth chapter should be coming out sooner, seeing as how I at least have some basic plans for it, but I make no promises. Stay classy, FimFiction ~ Your Friendly Neighborhood Author, Zealot