• Published 26th Feb 2014
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He Who Walks The Graves - The Zealot

When the ignorant find knowledge they are dangerous. One man understands this, and so seeks to educate the nation he once fought for, and to bring down it's tyrant ruler.

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Chapter 2: ... Will Break Your Skull

He Who Walks The Graves
By: The Zealot
Chapter 2: … Will Break Your Skull

I awoke to the sound of the wind shifting the grass and the light of a mid day sun shining down upon my prone form. I tried to wipe the sleep from my eyes but found myself unable due to my helmet. It was of no consequence, I was awake now anyway. The reason, as you are likely want to know, was that I heard a symphony being played. Not that of instruments, no, the symphony that is nature. In its purest form, birds and the wind, the rushing of water with the buzz of bugs. Noise from animals of prey, and of predators. All together, in harmony.

It was, amazing. I kept myself still, so as not to interrupt it. For I could not in good conscience ruin something so beautiful. Eventually the animals left the clearing I found myself in. I got to my feet, brushed the grass off of me, and pulled my M16 from my back. I had some tests to do, you see.

[1200 B.N.M. 12:34pm]


After a few hours of testing it was found that not only were all of my models now real, but that they all seemed to have a bottomless clip. The way this was found out was when I fired a six shot revolver seven times. I will admit, readily, that I was both surprised and overjoyed. I always liked guns, but I never had a chance to use them. And now that I was in a new world, as was evident by things I had seen, I would probably need a way to protect myself.

“Alright then, these guns are real now, the knives are sharp now, and I’m going to assume this armor can now block 40mm grenades. Come on world, throw your best.” I said to the empty glade that I stood in, ready to finally go do something. “So, need to go exploring. Annnnnnnnnnnnnd- THAT WAY!” I shouted, pointing in some random direction after spinning around a few ways. With a flap of my coat from the dramatic turn and a Dr. Who esque finger point, I was on my way.

[1189 Y.R.S. 1:26pm]


I had been walking for the better part of three hours, I got hungry and killed something. After some odd questioning of myself as to how I knew how to hunt, skin, gut, and cook a dead animal, I was back on my way. It was then, as the fourth hour began, that I found myself looking at the outer wall and courtyard of a… castle.

Standing guard outside were two… small horses… in armor. I didn't question it past that, these horses had armor and weaponry, and they were guarding a castle. I didn't know where I was, and I needed answers. That didn't mean I wanted to deal with guards, though. I found myself moving through the shadows, finding a dark area where I blended into the shade, before climbing up the side of the wall and up to the parapet. Once there I looked down to the courtyard, finding the main building, I continued to travel across the top of the wall.

I admit, my dramatic entrance was not necessary nor a really good idea, that didn't stop me though. There was an open window, how could I pass up the chance? From the top of the wall I did my calculations, and then I jumped. Years of free running helped me out a great deal, as hitting the ground at full force would have hurt. Instead I rolled upon contact and sprang up in front of two thrones. Occupying them where to bigger horses, one with a coat of alabaster and a golden crown, the other with a coat of navy and a black tiara.

The look on their… faces? Eh, why not, was hilarious. The most certainly were not expecting something to roll in from a window, it seems. After a few moments the white one got over her shock and glared at me, before starting to speak.

“Who doth dare disturb our rest!” She didn't ask, she declared. I had gotten they were royalty, but she didn't really look at rest. Oh well, I had gotten myself into this, and damn it, I would be one suave bastard! Or, perhaps a cryptic bastard would be a better comparison. I always did like talking in riddles, reading Poe did that to a person.

“‘Tis simply a traveler from times and places long past, seeking to request aid in a return to home. I do apologize for my entrance, however, your guards didn't seem too ready to let me in. I beg forgiveness for this, and beg from you both help in what I have said.” I had thought my voice had gotten deeper, but it must have been more so than I thought, for I could feel the rumble through my own bones, and it seemed that the princesses were shaken.

“Thou art a traveler? We would be interested in the tellings of your adventures, if thou would be so kind?” Said the smaller, dark horse. She had a sparkle in her eye that I must say I liked, she seemed curious, and that is always fun.

“My adventures? Well, how could I turn down a… princess? But I feel it not to be proper to tell a story whilst those involved are uncomfortable, surely you have some kind of sitting room in which we could partake in comfort? My stories are long, and your thrones don’t look to be too kind.” I rumbled, seriously, things were shaking ever so slightly. With a look to her sister the blue one nodded, and once they were both down from their thrones, they motioned for me to follow them.

[1189 Y.R.S. 4:23pm]


Over three more hours I had told them many stories, none of them true though. From the battle of Hoover Dam to the quest of the Dragonborn, the duty of the Tenno and the wars fought again and again by the U.S. I told them of a world where creation ruled, and of one where difference was punished by death. All told, they were from games and books, and some I came up with along the way. Luna and Celestia, as I found where the princesses’ names were very entertained with my tellings.

“These have been very interesting tales you have told traveler, thank you for sharing them with us. But as with all things, our time must come to an end. My sister and I have a country to preside over, you are welcome here most certainly, if you would but give us a name?” She said, a smile upon her face and a laugh in her throat. I had thought of when they would ask my name, and had come up with one suitable of my appearance.

“You may call me… Reaper. It is a name I have used time and time again. I thank you for your offer, princess, and will most certainly take it. But for now, there is much I must do, I take it this palace has a library?” I asked, I had gotten some information from the both of them, along with explaining my not being from this world, but if I were to be staying then I would need to know more about the land.

“Reaper? An interesting name to be sure. Anyways, we do have a library. If you would stay here we shall have a servant sent up to lead you there, have fun, friend.” She said, letting out a chuckle. Luna joined her, and with mirthful smiles they left.

I leaned back in the chair, I imagine it to have the finest fabric possible to acquire, but I couldn't feel it through my armor. It was not moments later that a small grey mare walked in, she wore no armor and had a ‘cutie mark’ of a feather duster. I still found it odd, how these ponies worked, but had decided not to question it.

“Um, h-hello sir. I am to escort you to the Royal Library.” She said, her voice timid and soft, she was scared of me, as was to be expected. I nodded to her and rose from my seat before speaking.

“Thank you much miss, once more unto the breach I suppose.” My voice didn't shake that around it, instead it seemed to calm her. The breach I spoke of was, of course, the maze-like castle. With an affirmative nod of her head and a smile she turned and led me to the library.

[1189 Y.R.S. 7:34pm]