• Published 26th Feb 2014
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He Who Walks The Graves - The Zealot

When the ignorant find knowledge they are dangerous. One man understands this, and so seeks to educate the nation he once fought for, and to bring down it's tyrant ruler.

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Chapter 6: ... Let Dust Be Dust And The Good Lord Near

He Who Walks The Graves
By: The Zealot
Chapter 6: … Let Dust Be Dust And The Good Lord Near

I returned to the world. As soon as the… soul had made her way into the light I awoke. Still sitting in the chair I fell asleep in. I found myself calm, not overly shocked or anything as I should be. It was strange, but I felt normal in doing what I had.

I stood from my chair, wondering about what else I could perhaps do with the powers granted to me, entrance into the domain of the souls would do me little help if that was all I was granted.

“Wish I had a book or something that would tell me more about my job as a ‘reaper’, would be fucking useful.” I said, snapping my fingers in disappointment. It was then that I was startled. Appearing the air before me was a black book, I fell back into my chair at it’s appearance. Calming myself from my brief shock I grabbed the book from the ground, looking over it.

It was a black leather bound tome, not larger than a common journal. Painted across it in gold was a strange alphabet that I could make nothing of, however, as I continued to look over it I saw the letter change, turn to English. They spelled out, very simply, ‘Book of Death’.

I will admit I was hesitant to open it, but knew it must be done where I to find anything of this book. Opening the book a few pages in revealed… nothing. It was blank, completely. The only thing on each page was a golden scythe and a number in the bottom corner of each page.

“Damn, it’s useless. Cool, but useless.” I sighed, keeping it open across my lap I studied it more, when suddenly, words appeared across it, along with a picture in the top corner of the page. A picture of the mare who had led me to the library.

I looked over to the door upon hearing thumping on the carpeted floor, revealing the very same mare to be walking towards me. Quickly I closed the book and hid it away in one of the inner pockets in my coat.

“Uh- uhm, sir, the Princesses request your presence at the dining hall, for breakfast” She said, still timid around me it seems. Her name, I had found from my brief glance at the book, was La poussière Sabots.

“Ah, thank you much again miss?” I replied and asked, it would do well to ask her name even if I already knew it.

“Oh, no need to thank me. My name is Sabots, La poussière Sabots. Although most ponies around here just call me Dusty. I guess it is kinda hard to pronounce.” She replied, she was happy to be asked her name, I could tell although she was a bit saddened that all others cared not for it.

“Such a beautiful name, well my dear, I will most certainly not resort to such slandering as ‘Dusty’, it would simply not do to all you anything other than your true name.” I will admit, I was never a fan of the French, but that was no reason to be rude to such a kind… mare. That was still strange to get used to.

She just smiled in thanks and started to lead me off to the dining hall after I motioned for her to do so, rising from my chair was a good indicator that I was ready to go, apparently.

[1189 Y.R.S. 7:42am]


I entered the dining hall alone, Dusty went off after leading me to the door. What? I would call her by her name when I was talking to her, not in my own thoughts, come on. Anyway, I entered the hall to find the two sisters sitting on one end of a table, a table covered with all sorts of fruits and vegetables, as well as things inedible to me, such as hay.

As I entered I gave a short bow and opened my arms in greeting, before speaking. “I would just like to say before I do anything that I am not versed in the rules of dining with royalty, so please forgive me if I offend.” As I finished the sisters responded with giggles and a smile on each of their faces.

“We know you are not from here Reaper, and anyway, ‘tis a friendly breakfast between, well, friends. You need have no fear of offending us here.” Luna said as Celestia munched on a banana. Well, guess she was right.

I gave a nod to them and looked around for a plate, finding one sitting to the right of Celestia I took it and walked around the table, piling it with an assortment of foods. Kiwi, bananas, apples, grapes, some watermelon and cantaloupe. I also grabbed some celery and green pears, because vegetable are important, you know.

I returned to the side of Celestia where I had gotten the plate, setting it upon the table and sitting myself upon the chair. It was then I realized I would have to remove my helmet, I wasn't to worried really, but it would have been nice to keep up the whole mystery thing for a while longer, oh well.

“This does all truly look delicious, I must assume you lead a prosperous country to grow such a fine crop.” I complimented the food. It did, in all honesty, look better than any other food I had ever seen.

I moved my hand to my collar, clicking a latch caused the metallic bandanna across my face to pull a Dead Space and fold up into the collar. Next came undoing the latches on the neck, which surprisingly unleashed a burst of high pressure air, thankfully coming out on the side opposite Celestia. After that it was a simple matter of removing the helmet from my head and setting it next to me on the table.

A gloved hand moved my black hair from my eyes, the helmet had crushed it pretty flat so it wasn't that hard to just slick it back and keep it there. I also rubbed my blue-grey eyes of the sleep that still clung to them, seeing as I hadn't previously had the chance.

As I looked up towards the sisters I noticed them looking at me with curiosity. “Yes? Something in you needing answers?” I decided to pull a Ulysses there, hell, my voice worked with it, too.

“We just didn't think you would, uhm, look like that under your helmet.” Celestia spoke up, now I could see the questions appearing in their eyes.

“Well, what were you expecting? Just because you ponies are all covered in fur doesn't mean every creature out there is.” I said, picking up a slice of watermelon and starting to munch it. It’s the good kind too, really juicy and good tasting.

“Well, we were just expecting something… different from all the stories you told of your species. But we won’t bother you now, this is a time for fun and food, yes?” Luna replied to my question, giving a nervous smile and trying to hide her curiosity.

“Nonsense, there is nothing wrong with discussions during times of food, and it is always fun to educate others on subjects of importance, well, relative importance, anyway. I spoke quickly, it would do well to get their questions out of the way, and they were giving me room and board.

So we began talking more in depth about the Human species.

[1189 Y.R.S. 8:23am]

Author's Note:

It's a tad bit shorter, and originally I had a better set up for the book in the start, but that was a week ago and I kinda forget what I was thinking about at two in the morning. On another note, art. Now, I'm not asking, so don't feel obligated, but if any of you readers out there are the artist type, well, I certainly won't turn down anything you send in. It would also be nicer than these boring ass authors notes I come up with.

Oh, and to all of you that don't like the story, I leave to you all, a boot to the head.