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A beautiful spring day, the sky a gorgeous blue and completely free of clouds. Except in the meadow by Fluttershy's cottage. And what is Angel Bunny doing with Fluttershy's saddlebags? Where is the pale pegasus pony? Just what, exactly is going on?

So. Read on... I mean... if you want to...

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The story is good, but text is a little blocky and there are some issues with pacing and some minor technical errors. I suggest you to get a proofreader (you cn find avaliable proofreaders in only group i am currently in).
Overall, plot is interesting, story is enjoyable. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice. I've recently joined a creative writing group, so I suspect I'll be getting better at this...

I echo his sentiments. Overall it's got a good feel and good plot, but it's hindered a bit by typos, grammatical errors, etc. A good proofreader/editing would definitely improve the story.

I absolutely love this. And you know if you need a proof reader, I'm here. (:

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