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A young filly should not be put up to this. A filly shouldn't have to face such a disaster head on. A filly shouldn't be the only one to go up against a Manticore alone. Why me, then? Why was I chosen to fight this thing? Why was I the only one willing to put my life on the line to protect what was important to me?

Why couldn't I have been stronger? Why couldn't I have been faster? Why couldn't I...

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That was short, but good. Fantastic job!

......This can not stop as a freaking Oneshot......This has huge potental!:pinkiehappy:

Felt it could have gone for longer, but I was very good indeed.

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I've gotta agree with everyone else. I would love to see more of this story. Its way too good to be so short.

Sorry it was short. I'm really not good at writing long chapters.

I'm considering [trying to begin] writing more...


>.< I'll think about continuing at some point...

Thank you everyone for your comments on this. It's very much appreciated. I might continue it, but... I honestly don't know if I can. I have horrible luck with writer's block. I struggle often trying to write more for a story and end up burning out just a few chapters in, if I'm lucky enough to get that far. >.<;

273934You should try to get into it,your really good at writing. :D

I have horrible luck with Writers Block aswell.
Don't worry though; You can overcome it.
Just write a few short stories; that should get the creative juices flowing.
This actually inspires me to write a back story to my OC.
But then again; This community would flip it's shit with some stuff I put in it.
(IE Terrorists, Wars, Corruption, ETC ETC)
Anyways, Hope to god..er..Celestia? You keep this up...

:twilightsmile: S'okay! I'm that way too. It's an annoying habit.

I love this story :twilightsmile:

Oh my! This is one amazing masterpiece! I love it! :rainbowlaugh: But I gotta agree it could've been longer, it truly does have potential.

Question! Due to kindle sucking genitalia, what colors are the pony on the picture; I am colorblind due to greyscale.

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