• Published 14th Jul 2013
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Legacy of Dragons and Knights - DARKPHANTOM13

After being banished, Spike sets out to find out about both himself and his heritage. Though as he progress in his journey he will find out he is much more than he realize and deep within him a power unlike any other.

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The New Face

Spike P.O.V.

I’m sitting in front of the fire keeping an eye on some fish that is cooking in the flames. It has been four days since I was banished for Equestria and all and all things could be a lot worst though I will never say it out loud. The last thing I need it to jinx myself again like the other day. Especially since I had a repeat of the nightmare I had my first night out here last night. I still feel okay and ready to go, but if the nightmares keep coming or get any worse I know that won’t last long.

Earlier today while I was walking on a bank of a river when a large bluish-purple sea serpent, ‘or is it a river serpent?’ appear all of a sudden. I had my sword ready thinking it was going to attack me, but it turns out he wanted to compliment me on my clothes. Apparently the… interesting sea serpent’s name was Steven Magnet, the same one who Twilight and the others meet and helped on their way to get the Elements of Harmony. And I could see why he and Rarity got along so well. After talking to him for a little bit he offered me to give me a ride down river which I accepted. And I got say; he can swim pretty fast for something as big as he is. Steven dropped me off on the side of the river when it got too shallow for him to swim through. He was even nice enough to give me some fish to eat. In return I gave him one of the gemstones I took with me before I left Ponyville as a thank you gift and he seemed pretty happy with it, said something about matching his scales or something. He was pretty unique, but he was a great guy and thanks to him he saved me about a day’s worth of walking.

While waiting for the fish to finish cooking I look at my map again. Thanks to Steven I was able to make a lot of headway, but I still got a day’s worth of walking ahead of me before I get out of this forest and at least another three to four days to reach the nearest town in Dragonborn territory on foot. That’s not taking into account of any problems or obstacles I might run into along the way.

I notice that the fish is done so I dig right in. It’s not up to my usually standards of cooking but beggars can’t be choosers. As soon as I was done with my meal I pack up my stuff and went on my way. About an hour later of no stop walking I can safely say that I am sick of it. Its times like this that make me really wish that I have wings so I could just fly my way to the nearest town. It makes me think back to the dragons’ and dragonborns’ lava pool retreat I took part in a few years ago. While a lot of people from young to old that had wings there were just as many people without them. It could be that a dragonborns got to be born with them or once a certain few reach a certain age they just burst out of our backs. For all I know it could be both.

If I never grow wings I want to at least get me a car or something to get around. It would be so awesome if I can get me a customized motorcycle. Though I wonder if they got them where I am going? While cars, trucks, and the like are not that unusual in Equestria they are not exactly common either. I got to look into those things because either way I officially hate walking.

After another hour of Celestia-damn walking I decided to take a break in a nearby tree. After resting and munching on some wild berries I picked for a couple of minutes I hear something coming from a clearing nearby. I use my vantage point to see what is going on. There was a guy that looks to be about a year older than me with dark brown skin like Zecora and what looks like to be black dreadlocks surround by three manticores, with the one in the middle being normal size with the other two on each side being somewhat smaller. It is probably a parent and its kids trying to get a meal. The keyword being trying. The black haired boy is wielding a two-handed double edge sword and not making it easy for his opponents. I jump down from the tree, leaving my backpack there, and with my sword in hand. I quickly make my way to the edge of the clearing and peek through the bushes so I can have a better idea of what is going on.

Whoever this guy is he is really good with his sword. He is swinging that thing as if it was a stick with a lot of grace, skill, and strength. It’s obvious that he has been training a lot longer in how to use a sword than I have. Even though it is three against one he is attacking, blocking, and counter-attacking with some ease. The only reason he hasn’t beaten these three yet is because every time he is about to land a strong blow on one of them the other two covers for their ally and I can tell he is starting to get tired. Looks like I’m going to have to help him, but I’m going to need a plan.

The biggest manticore is the one giving him the most trouble and its back is facing me, giving me a chance to land a sneak attack. I’m not sure if my fire breath will be enough to kill it in one hit and I might also hit the swordsman. The same thing goes for my fireballs. The best thing to do is to cut off the stinger with my sword since it is the most dangerous part about it and drawing it attention. With the big one busy with me the swordsman should be able to take out the smaller ones without much trouble and then come help with the parent. Granted I don’t know if he would help or if he runs away, leaving me on my own.

I focus on my sword and sure enough it is engulf in my ghostly dragon fire. Mind, body, and weapon ready I charge at the chimera as fast and quietly as I can all the while thinking, 'Here goes nothing.'
Swordsman P.O.V.

“I’ll take a shortcut through the Everfree Forest; it can’t be nearly as bad as the rumors claim it to be.” I sarcastically said under my breath as I dodge another paw swipe and try to counterattack. And for what felt like the hundredth time today one of the manticores stop me with another attack. I swear to god that Murphy is the ultimate asshole and these guys are annoying as hell. I got to think up something quick, I may have a lot of stamina even among earthwalkers, but I’m starting to run out of steam here.

I noticed a kid about a year or so younger than me charging out of the bushes with what appears to be a flaming sword. When he gets close enough he right horizontal fire slash that the biggest manticore’s scorpion tail, cutting it clean off and causing it to roar in pain. The big one quickly turns around to fight the newcomer while the two smaller ones to their heads to see what is going on.

Seeing my chance I thrust my sword into one of the beasts’ neck while its head is still turned, dying a few seconds later. The other beast noticed what happened to its ally and tries to hit me with its stinger. I pull my sword out of the now dead manticore and use a right diagonal swing to knock the attack away. While keeping my momentum I spin my body and unleashing a powerful spinning slash, cutting the beast’s face and ending its life.

I quickly turn to the kid to see how he was doing. From the looks of it the last manticore knocked back a few meter and was charging him now as he got back on his feet. I see the guy swing his sword to the right to prepare to attack but instead of the sword cutting air it sent out a crescent of ghostly green fire at the at the charging beast, hitting it right in its face. And from the looks of it the kid was as just as surprised as I was.

While the oversize furball was trying to put out its flaming face the newcomer got over his surprise, breath in deeply and spit out a fireball the size of a beach ball, hitting the chimera, sending it flying a couple of feet, and landing on its side. ‘Is that guy a dragon blood?’ I wondered. I’ve heard about these guys. Due to them being decedents’ dragons they are really strong, durable, and have fire base powers. Both me and the dragon blood notice the manticore trying get back up. We both charge it with me thrusting into its neck while the kid jumps stabs it in the side with his flaming sword.
After well pull our swords out we watch the fire slowly burn the corpse. Too tired to stand any more I end up falling on my butt. As I was trying to catch my breath I look over to see the guy that helped me out.

The kid looked to be about a year younger than me even though he is a bit taller than average. He was somewhat tanned, had green spikey hair that bends backwards, green eyes with snake like pupils, pointed ears, it looks like he had fangs instead of regular teeth, and claw like nails on his hands. He was wearing a purple hoodie, a green t-shirt, blue jeans, and black hiking boots. While I wasn’t nearly as tired as I am he is still panting from the fight. And oddly enough he had this grin on his face. I’ve seen that kind of grin before. It is usually on someone who loves a good fight.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asks. Snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yeah, but why did you help me?” I respond. While I am grateful I have to be careful. For all I know he could just want to kill and rob me when my back is turned.

“I saw you were in trouble so I decided to help you.” He said.

“Okay, but why did you help me?” I said, repeating my question.

The kid raises an eyebrow and says “Do I need a reason to help someone?”

Thanks to my…unique childhood I learn how to do many things. Telling whether or not a person is lying is one of them. And I can tell he is being completely honest with me.

“I guess not and thanks.” I say gratefully with a smile on my face.

“No problem. Names Spike, what’s your name?” He asks with a small grin on his face.

I match his grin and say “My name is Mist.”

Author's Note:

Mist is not my character. He is a character from a manga called Knights created by Minoru Murao. And it looks like Spike has just learned fire slash.