• Published 25th May 2013
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Fluttershy, the Pokémon Tamer - Derping Doo

Discord accidentally transports Fluttershy and Angel to the Pokémon universe, where they turn into human and Pokémon. A rookie trainer finds a pink-haired girl with a Buneary lost in the Ilex Forest. He soon decides to help her find her way home.

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On a Losing Streak

A/N: I did decide to skip Leon's adventures, up to Goldenrod City.


“Cynders, use Quick Attack!” Leon commanded.

“Quil!” Cynders accelerated, charging for Miltank.

Whitney sighed, “Not this again. Miltank, Rollout! And this time, add more force!”

“Mil!” Miltank curled up, rolling. She began to build up speed.

“Heh, that’s what I was hoping for. Cynders, change your attack! Flame Wheel!” Leon yelled.

“Quil!” Cynders jumped, then curled up, rolling similar to Miltank. As he did, his body ignited. Miltank and Cynders were mere feet away from colliding.

“You seriously thought I wouldn’t see this coming?” Whitney said smugly. “Miltank, jump, then use Body Slam!” she said.

“Mil!” In an instant, Miltank hurdled over Cynders, still rolling, and uncurled. She then dropped on top of Cynders, stopping him mid-spin.

“Lava!” Cynders was crushed by Miltank’s weight. Miltank jumped off, and curled up again. She kept rolling around Cynders, rebuilding speed.

Leon had seen this before, and in an instant, became worried. “Gah! Cynders, get up. Don’t let Miltank gain speed!” Leon said, the sound of panic rising in his voice. Cynders, however, stayed down. He had become paralyzed and couldn’t get up.

“Qu... quil...” Cynders said in a raspy voice, trying to get up.

“Finish it!” Whitney yelled. Miltank circled around one last time, and charged at Cynders. She rolled at full speed, debris flying behind her, and crashed into Cynders, launching him into the air.

“La!” Cynders cried out in pain. He crashed onto the Gym floor.

“Cynders!” Leon yelled. Cynders lay on the ground, unconscious.


The referee raised a red flag in Cynders’ direction. “Quilava is unable to battle! Miltank wins, which means the victor is Whitney!” he said.

“Aw yeah! Another win for us. Miltank, return!” Whitney said, cheerfully.

“Mil!” Miltank said as she was called back.

“Cynders, are you okay?” Leon asked. He rushed to Cynders’ side and comforted his injured friend.

“So, I guess we’re done here. Nice job, Leon, but you still need more practice before you can beat me,” Whitney said tauntingly.

Leon tried his best to hide his frustration. He called Cynders back to his Pokéball. “...That’s the third time...” he said in a depressing tone.

“Aw, cheer up,” Whitney said. “C’mon, I’ll take you to the Pokémon Center. You can’t go anywhere when you don’t have any Pokémon to fight with.” She gestured for Leon to follow.

Leon stared at Cynders’ Pokéball and sighed. “Fine...” he said, following Whitney out of the Gym.


“There, your Pokémon have been fully healed.” Nurse Joy put a tray that had Leon’s Pokéballs on the counter.

Leon took the capsules and reattached them to his belt. “Thanks, Nurse Joy,” he said.

“You’re welcome. Remember, don’t push your Pokémon too hard. It’s bad for their health. And don’t forget; if your Pokémon get hurt, you come here as fast as you can, okay?” Nurse Joy said.

“I know,” Leon replied. He walked out of the Pokémon Center, and sighed, “That’s the third time... I’m never gonna beat Whitney... Her Miltank... Gah! That Miltank...” Leon said, frustrated. “Every time, I’m so close to beating her, then she sends out Miltank!” he yelled. Leon stopped. He sighed, “What good is getting mad gonna do? It’s not like rage is gonna help me win.” He thought for a moment. “I’ve only got two badges; I’m still a rookie. I- I just don’t... know...” Leon sighed again. “Cynders, come out.” He took Cynders’ Pokéball and brought out his starter.

Cynders opened his eyes and blinked. “Lava,” he said.

“Hey, buddy. How’s it goin’?” Leon asked.

“Quil...” Cynders said, depressed.

Leon, not wanting to feel the same way, said, “Aw, cheer up. We almost had her!” he said. “We’re just... not there yet. C’mon, we should keep training.” Leon thought for a bit. “Well... considering the fact that we have a new member on board, and that she’s not that strong yet, we should go to the Ilex Forest. She’ll get tougher there. You can spot her!” Leon said, enthusiasm building up inside him.

“La va!” Cynders replied, sharing the same feelings with his trainer.

“That’s the spirit. C’mon. let’s get going.” With that, Leon and Cynders started for the Ilex Forest.


“Um... Didn’t we pass that tree a while ago?” Fluttershy asked.

“Buneary,” Angel said, meaning I think so.

Fluttershy sighed, “Oh, this is bad. We’ve been walking through the Everfree Forest for so long now, but I don’t see any familiar landmarks. We must be in a deeper part of the forest.” Fluttershy continued to walk past trees, shrubs, and anything that may have hidden something familiar. Every time she looked, though, there was just more vegetation. She sighed again, “If only I had my wings. I could just fly above the canopy and look for my cottage. How are we gonna get ou—” Fluttershy was cut of by a sudden rustle nearby.

She heard a faint buzz, “Bbz bbzz!”

“What was that?” Fluttershy asked, beginning to worry for her and Angel’s safety. What if some creature tries to attack Angel? she thought. Beginning to feel that she had to protect him, Fluttershy braced herself for whatever was coming. As quick as it began, though, the noise stopped. Fluttershy waited, but it didn’t come back. She sighed out of relief, and said “That was close. I thought something was about to attack u—”


It was all a blur to her. She was talking to Agnel at one moment, then a striped animal tackled her down the next. She could barely make out her attacker’s silhouette before it flew off. Fluttershy lay on the ground, covering her eyes, shut tight from shock. She noticed that Angel wasn’t near her. She opened her eyes. “A-Angel? Angel!” Fluttershy soon realized that whatever took her down also swept Angel out of her limbs. “Angel!” she shrieked. Fluttershy searched around for her attacker, but didn’t see it anywhere.

She then heard a faint cry. “Buneary!” it said so softly.

Fluttershy recognized it. “Angel! Hold on, I’m coming.” Fluttershy kept following the sound of Angel’s new voice, and soon, she could make out the striped animal’s shape in the distance. “Give me back Angel!” she yelled, trying to get the thing’s attention.

Angel was squirming in the creature’s limbs. “BUN! BUN! BUN!” he said, yelling, LET ME GO! He looked at his captor, and noticed that it had many features of a bug. Angel grew alarmed when he saw the bug’s giant stingers. He squirmed around again, and started hitting the large insect with his ears. Angel kept hitting him, and put all of his might in one last pound. The end of his ear glowed, and he smacked the bug in its face.

“Bbz!” The bug recoiled in pain, dropping Angel.

Angel went into free fall. He flailed his arms around, looking for something to grab onto, but to no avail. “BUUUUN!” he yelled for help.

“Angel! Hold on!” He could hear Fluttershy’s voice, but it sounded too far away. Fluttershy would never reach him in time. Angel closed his eyes, bracing for the ground’s impact. Instead of crashing into the ground, though, Angel fell into a cotton-like substance, and was shocked afterwards.

“Buuuun!” Angel said in a wobbly voice.

“Reep reeep,” an unknown voice said. Angel turned around. He was greeted by a blue, sheep-like face. “Reeep,” it said again.

“You okay?” another voice said. Angel looked up, seeing a creature that looked similar to Fluttershy, but shorter. “Oh man, that was close. Thanks, Fleecia,” it said to the sheep thing. To Angel, it sounded like a boy.

“Reep reeep!” the sheep replied, smiling.

Angel tried to get away, scared of the thing that was near him, but he couldn’t move. “Bun, bun.” he said, squirming to get free.

The other creature looked at Angel. “Huh, I’ve never seen a Pokémon like you before.” He noticed Angel’s squirming. “Oh, did Fleecia’s wool paralyze you? Sorry ‘bout that, but at least it makes you easier to catch.” He pulled out a red-white ball, and expanded it. “Well, let’s see what you are. Go, Pokéba—”

“Angel!” A voice cried.

“Huh?” The thing turned around. He stared at Fluttershy, and said, “Oh, who are you?”

“L-look, I can’t thank you enough for saving him, but whatever you’re doing to him, please stop. Give me back Angel, please!” she said, worry showing on her face.

“Angel? What, you mean that Pokémon?” the thing asked.

“Poka what? That’s Angel, o-or at least that’s what he is now,” Fluttershy stated. “Just let him go, please,” she pleaded.

“Oh, that Pokémon—Angel—belongs to you?” he asked.

“Yes,” Fluttershy replied.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I just thought that Beedrill took away a wild Pokémon for a snack. I didn’t know that, uh, Angel belonged to someone,” he said. “Fleecia, could you give her back Angel?”

“Reeep.” The sheep, apparently called Fleecia, walked towards Fluttershy and presented Angel. Carefully, Fluttershy took Angel from Fleecia.

As soon as she had a firm grasp of him, Fluttershy embraced Angel, happy that he was safe. “Angel, I was so worried when you fell. Oh, thank goodness he was here to save you. But...” Fluttershy thought for a moment, and continued, “What were you gonna do to Angel? With that ball, I mean.”

“Oh this?” The boy showed her his ball. “You mean you’ve never seen a Pokéball before?”

Fluttershy shook her head.

“Then how did you catch Angel?” he asked, confused.

“Catch? I just picked him up,” Fluttershy replied.

“No, that’s not what I meant,” the boy said. “I mean, how did you capture the Pokémon in your arms. You know, how did you manage to make Angel obey you?”

“Pokémon? Angel’s not a Pokémon, he’s just a poor little bunny that got into an accident with me,” Fluttershy said.

“Accident?” the boy said curiously. “You both look fine to me.”

“Maybe to you, but this isn’t how we really are,” Fluttershy said. “At least, it’s not how we normally appear.”

“Then what? Are you supposed to look like a Pokémon and Angel’s supposed to look like a human?” The boy said jokingly.

“Human? Is that what I am?” Fluttershy asked.

“Uh... What? Of course you’re human, or at least, you look like one,” the boy responded. He thought, Is this girl serious? Maybe she just wandered away from the nuthouse, because something seems to be wrong with her.

“I’m—well at least I used to be—a pony,” Fluttershy said.

He just stared at her. “...What? A pony? How?... I don’t even...” He couldn’t believe what this girl was saying. The thing that intrigued the boy was the sound of certainty in Fluttershy’s voice.

“I’m serious.” Fluttershy said. “And Angel here used to be a normal, white bunny. Now he has all this fur, and really strong ears.” Fluttershy thought for a moment, and said, “I’m not exactly sure what happened, but something came and took us into a black void. When we got out, we were turned into... What did you call it? Human and Pokémon? Anyway, we don’t know why we turned into these things, but we just decided to walk through the Everfree Forest and try to find our way home,” she explained.

“Wait, what did you say?” the boy asked.

Fluttershy repeated herself. “We decided to walk through the Everfree Forest, and try to find—”

The boy snapped his fingers. “There, that’s it. What’s the Everfree Forest?”

“Isn’t that where we are?” Fluttershy asked.

“No, we’re in the Ilex Forest,” the boy replied.

“The... Ilex Forest?”

The boy arched an eyebrow. “You know, right next to Azalea Town, just a stroll away from Goldenrod City?”

“Azalea Town? Goldenrod City?” Fluttershy said cluelessly.

“Oh boy. You’re not from around these parts, are you?” the boy asked.

“Not really. I thought I was in the Everfree Forest. I thought that was why me and Angel were changed,” Fluttershy responded.

“Well, if you’re not from around here, and you say you’re not supposed to be human, that what are you? An alien?” the boy asked curiously. “If so, then why did your pet alien change into a... Whatever kind of Pokémon he is?”

“I’m not an alien! I don’t know why I changed into a human, but I’m telling you, I used to be a pony,” Fluttershy stated.

“Okay then, where are you from?” the boy asked.

“Ponyville,” Fluttershy replied.

“Figures...” the boy muttered to himself. “So, you’re a pony from Ponyville. You don’t know how you got here, how you, or your pet bunny, changed into something else, you have no idea what you guys turned into, and you have no idea where you are?”

“Um... Yes,” Fluttershy said.

“Uh... Okay,” the boy responded. He turned around and thought, I don’t really believe her, but she doesn’t seem to be lying, and she doesn’t really seem that crazy, aside from the pony bit. Honestly, she seems more scared than crazy. And what’s with the complete lack of knowledge of Johto? Why is she out here in the wild if she doesn’t know about the region, let alone Pokémon?... Is she telling the truth? The boy shook his head. “Don’t be dumb, Leon. There’s no way that’s true.”

“Um, your name’s Leon?” Fluttershy asked.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Yeah. And this is Fleecia, my Mareep.” Leon pointed towards the yellow sheep.

Fleecia smiled. “Reeep!”

“She’s very cute.” Fluttershy kneeled down to pet Fleecia. Fleecia smiled, calmed by Fluttershy’s petting. “She belongs to you?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yeah, I caught her a while back. She’s still a little weak, but that’s why I’m here. I’m training Fleecia,” Leon said.

“Training? For what? Are you entering Fleecia in a pet show?” Fluttershy asked.

“Uh, no... I’m training her, as in making her stronger so she can battle better. It’s what I do, 'cuz I’m a Pokémon Trainer,” Leon explained.

“Battle? Pokémon Trainer?” Fluttershy asked, confused.

“Wait, that’s right. You’re not from around here. Uh... Lemme explain. Pokémon are incredible creatures that have amazing powers and abilities. I only have a few since I started my journey a while ago,” Leon explained.

“Your journey? Where?” Fluttershy asked, getting curious.

“My journey all across Johto. When kids turn ten, they’re eligible to get their first Pokémon, which for me was my Cyndaquil, Cynders.” Leon grabbed a ball from his belt and opened it. A blue, rodent-like animal appeared in front of Fluttershy.

“Lava!” it said. Its body ignited, alarming Fluttershy.

“Oh my! Doesn’t that hurt him?” she asked, concerned.

“Nah, it’s what he does. It doesn’t hurt him at all, right, Cynders?” Leon asked.

“La,” Cynders replied, showing no signs of pain.

“Hey, Cynders. Look, this is...” Leon stopped. “Er, what’s your name?” Leon asked.

“Oh, I’m Fluttershy,” she said.

“Fluttershy? ...’Kay. Cynders, this is Fluttershy. I’m teaching her about Pokémon. Wanna help?” he asked his Pokémon.


“Awesome. Where was I?... Oh! This is my starter, Cynders. He used to be a Cyndaquil, but evolved a while back,” Leon said.

“Evolved?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yeah. When a Pokémon meets certain conditions, like they reach a certain amount of strength, or they’ve been given an item, they’ll be cloaked by a bright light. This is when a Pokémon changes into a stronger version of itself. When the light disappears, they’ve turned into another Pokémon that shares similar traits to the old one. They’ll have new traits, though, like maybe bigger wings, a longer body, or a bigger flame. That’s how a Pokémon evolves,” Leon explained.

“Wow... These Pokémon really aren’t like the animals back in Equestria,” Fluttershy said with awe.

“Eckwestiwhat?” Leon said.

Equestria. It’s where I live; it’s where Ponyville is.”

“Huh, must be a region I never heard of. I bet Equestreeah has a lot of rare Pokémon, like Angel.” Leon stared at Angel, who was still in Fluttershy’s arms. “What are you, anyway?” He noticed that Angel wasn’t moving. “Oh shoot, are you still paralyzed?” Leon searched through his bag.
“Paralyzed? What do you mean?” Fluttershy said.

He pulled out a spray. “Here, give me Angel. I need to heal him.”

“What’s wrong with Angel?” Fluttershy asked, concerned. She looked at Angel and was shocked. “Angel, are you okay?”

“B... bun... n-neary...” Angel said weakly.

“Hold on, I know what to do...” Leon gestured for Angel. Fluttershy handed him Angel, who was shivering. “Before you took Angel from Fleecia, he got paralyzed by her charged fur,” Leon explained. He took the spray and spritzed some of its contents onto Angel. Angel sneezed, then stopped shivering.

He opened his eyes. “Bun?” he said drowsily.

“There we go. Here, he should be better now, but keep an eye on him.” Leon handed Angel back to Fluttershy.

“What was that?” Fluttershy asked, pointing at the bottle.

“Oh this? It’s a Paralyz Heal. You use it to heal paralyzed Pokémon.” Leon said.

“You mean Pokémon get paralyzed normally?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yeah, pretty much. That’s a status problem. It’s when a Pokémon is afflicted with a condition that affects their health. Pokémon get paralyzed a lot. They also tend to get burned, poisoned, confused, frozen, or fall asleep,” Leon said.

“Isn’t sleep a normal thing for Pokémon?” Fluttershy asked.

“Well, yeah, but some moves like Hypnosis or Yawn make Pokémon fall asleep. Those times, sleep is instantly afflicted onto them, and when they’re asleep that way, it takes them awhile to wake up,” Leon explained.

“Moves?” Fluttershy asked.

Leon sighed, “There’s really a lot, and I mean a lot, about Pokémon, like types, moves, abilities... I don’t think I’ll be able to explain it all” Leon thought for a moment. “Oh! I know. C’mon, Fluttershy, let’s go to the Pokémon Center.” He gestured for Fluttershy to follow her.

She thought for a moment. ...I don’t know where I am. I don’t know what animals, what Pokémon live here. Leon doesn’t seem dangerous, and he did save Angel, not to mention cure him of paralysis. Wherever I am, I need to know about what goes on here. I... guess it’d be okay if I follow him. She got up to follow Leon, and muttered to herself, “Just be careful, Fluttershy. You don’t know what other Pokémon live here.” She shuddered. “Like that giant bug...”

Author's Note:

Yay! Leon has a Mareep! 3/7 of Leon's team is complete:

Cynders - Quilava
Fleecia - Mareep
??? - ???

I wonder if you guys can guess who the third is...

Let me know how this chapter was. Feedback is always appreciated.