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Learning to Love: A Sparkling Sun - Wolfe15

It's Princess Celestia's Birthday and Twilight wants to reveal a deep secret to her!

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Being Pinkie Keen Lesson Four: Show your Love

Opening her eyes slowly she looked out and into the dark blue muzzle of her younger sister. "Celly?"

"Luna?" She mumbled, still in the land of dreams. Luna grinned at her tired sibling and levitated a coffee cup next to her muzzle. Celestia shut her eyes as she inhaled deeply. "Is that an Applechino?" The grin on Luna's face grew wider and she nodded excitedly as Celestia lifted her head then took the cup in her magic. She sat up and began to drink while Luna nuzzled her side.

"Happy birthday big sister!"

"Mmmm, thank you Luna." Luna grinned then nodded to the window. Celestia yawned before taking the sun in her power and placing it in its spot. She relaxed after that task then grinned as her sister bounced about like an excited foal. "What has you so excited Luna, unless I'm mistaken, it's my birthday." Luna smirked dangerously before sweetly smiling in her direction, causing Celestia to grow a bit nervous.

"Oh, nothing Celly." Luna bounced out of the room like a certain Element of Laughter and Celestia slowly got up from her bed. She began her morning rituals and as she did that Luna telepathically said to Pinkie, "Project TXC is a go! I repeat, it is a go!" Deep within the castle a certain party planner smirked to herself and let out a war cry.

Stepping out of her shower Celestia paused when she heard a scream then shrugged and began to towel off. She looked around and was a bit surprised to realize her maids were not there to help her. She was no foal but they always insisted she didn't strain herself drying off. Doing this manually felt...relaxing and relieving. She smiled softly then finished and looked into the mirror. She smiled at her pink mane and let her magic run through her body. Her mane burst into its swirling inferno and she nodded to herself. She began to brush her teeth then froze as her mouth began to burn. Squealing in pain and shock she spit out the glob of paste and began to trot in place.

Her eyes watered and she quickly ran the sink, taking a drink from it as soon as she filled a cup. She coughed then lifted up her tooth paste bottle before blinking in shock as the sticker fell off and revealed it was wasabi. Growling in irritation she yelled, "LUNA!" She heard a childish giggle and spun around to see her sister standing by the door, a smug look on her face.

"Oldest trick in the book, Celly." Celestia frowned before smirking and nodding.

"Nice joke Loony." Luna frowned darkly before looking away.

"Don't call me Loony." She mumbled. Celestia chuckled then levitated her crown from her bedside to her head and nuzzled the irritated mare.

"Sorry Luna. You know I'm joking." She continued to dress and as soon as she was done Luna trotted over then grinned.

"I have something for you, Celly." Celestia cocked her head to the side and Luna grinned before producing a necklace from behind her back. Celestia's eyes grew to the size of saucers when she saw the full necklace. The necklace was a silver chain with a sun emblem handing on it. What was shocking was the sun emblem. In the center of the emblem was a star burst, much like Twilight's. Tears welled in Celestia's eyes and Luna levitated the necklace to her neck and clipped it.

"Th-Thank you Luna."

"I didn't get it, though." Celestia looked at her in surprise and blinked as Luna levitated her crown off from her head. "Today Celly, you are not Princess Celestia. Today you are my older sister, Celly." Celestia grinned and nodded then levitated her sister's crown from the top of her head.

"Then you are Luna." Luna nodded and they left the room.

Lesson Four:
Show your Love

Ten minutes later, Celestia chuckled and walked down the hall in excitement. The castle was empty today. The only workers there were the guards but they were outside. As they trotted down the hall to the kitchens, Luna telepathically said, "Now!" Suddenly a door opened and Pinkie bounced out, throwing confetti at Celestia.

"Happy birthday Princess Celestia!" Pinkie cheered as Celestia jumped then began to laugh before nodding.

"Thank you." The now party of three began to trot down the hall and Luna slipped away while Pinkie talked Celestia's ear off.

Luna grinned as Pinkie did her job and closed her eyes."Are you in position?"

"Closing in and counting Princess Luna, we should be there in an hour or two."

"This is important Twilight! Do not screw this up!"

"Why the buck would I do that?!"

"I don't know but make sure you do this right!" The telepathic conversation was cut short as Twilight banked left to avoid a flock of bird. She banked back to her original position then looked back.

Two Days Ago

Twilight landed in the coliseum and looked up. "Rainbow!" Dash spun around and frowned lightly.

"Twilight? What are you still doing here?" Twilight shot a grin at her then pushed herself into the air and nervously flew over.

"I had an idea I wanted to run by the Wonderbolts!" Twilight yelled as the wind whipped around them, the coliseum changing the environment to test the flyers. Dash frowned then looked back at Spitfire, who was watching them.

"What's your idea?" She yelled back. Twilight smirked then looked to Spitfire and motioned her over. Spitfire frowned but complied and the three landed after a short second.

"Hello Miss Spitfire. I'm planning a surprise party for Princess Celestia's birthday and I was wondering if the Wonderbolts could fly in?" Spitfire raised an eyebrow then smirked lightly and nodded slowly.

"I remember you, you're the Princess's former protégé right?" Spitfire asked softly. Twilight nodded and Spitfire looked to Dash. "Round up the recruits and the other Wonderbolts. We have a formation to plan and cuts to make!"


Looking out from behind her goggles Twilight smiled. Canterlot lay just in front of them and Spitfire yelled, "Okay everyone! Fleet Foot, Soarin', and Rainbow Dash, come in left! Twilight, Thunder Myth and I will come in right! Stick to formation!" They all nodded then veered their respective ways.

Down in Canterlot, Celestia laughed with Pinkie as they watched Rarity talk to Luna about some fashion. One of Rarity's eyes had a black mark around it, a product of a Pinkie Pie prank. Luna was trying to restrain her giggles while looking serious, and Applejack was cuddling with Daring. Fluttershy was passing out food and Celestia took a look around and smiled. It slowly morphed into a bitter one when she realized the person she wanted their most was not their...

Spitfire smirked then motioned to the Wonderbolts. "Let's go guys! We start this!" As they dived Twilight and Dash moved across from one another.

"How long do those wings last?" Dash asked while Twilight smiled. She unzipped the flight suit at the neck, revealing a white choker with a sun emblem on it.

"I wear this, the spell doesn't end. I wanted to be sure this would go off without a hitch!" She fixed her suit then looked down. Everything was going according to plan.

Meanwhile Luna excused herself from the festivities to look into the sky. The Wonderbolts were here. "Celly!" They looked up and Celestia squealed softly.

"Oh Luna!"

"Again I did not organize this." Celestia looked up and gasped softly as the Wonderbolts created a cone of smoke then flew an inch off the ground before landing. They looked up and she followed their gaze to see two Wonderbolts.

"Dash?" She heard whispered from the orange mare curled up to her right and she squinted. Another mare with a purple mane was there. She looked familiar.

Up in the air Twilight looked down and smiled. "Time to do this." Dash nodded and they fixed their goggles before letting their wings snap shut. Gravity set to work and they began to fall. Soon they turned into a nose dive and they smirked.

On the ground Celestia's heart stopped. That other mare was Twilight! Back in the sky Twilight and Dash continued their rapid decent. "Coming in 100 wings beats." Dash yelled over the roar of the winds.

"How much more?" Twilight screamed back.

"We need to get to 300!" Twilight gritted her teeth as Dash yelled in reply then glared down. She was going to do this. "Wings out!" Dash yelled suddenly. Twilight's wings snapped out and they soon were back to back. A trail rainbow and purple followed them and Twilight looked to see Celestia was looking at her with wide eyes. Feeling confidence she had never felt before she smirked.

"NOW?" Twilight yelled, her body beginning to crumble from the strain.

"NOW!" Dash cried as both of them thrust their hooves forward and an explosion caused everyone to gap. Twilight and Dash pulled up then flew back towards each other upsides down, making a rainbow and purple heart. They screeched to a stop and panted heavily as the air returned to them. They smiled at each other and slowly descended, landing in front of Celestia in a bounce. Twilight pushed her goggles up and grinned at Celestia's shocked and awed face.

"Princess Celestia?" Snapping from her stupor, Celestia looked down to see Twilight grin impishly. "Happy birthday."

Thirty minutes later the party was in full swing and Twilight trotted through the mess of her friends to Celestia's side. "Princess?"

"Please Twilight, today just call me Celestia." Twilight grinned lightly then nodded before looking back. Pinkie, Vinyl, and Octavia motioned for her to talk to Celestia and she grinned nervously. She turned back and looked around. Privacy, privacy, she needed privacy. She grinned as a light bulb went off over her head and smiled.

"If you don't mind Princ-Celestia, may we take a walk in the gardens?" Twilight asked softly. Celestia smiled and nodded before getting up slowly and both of them took off for the gardens.

Soon Twilight and Celestia found themselves trotting along a worn path, awkwardly looking away from one another. Twilight tried not to sigh as Celestia trotted ahead and looked at the older mare. She smiled then took a deep breath before trotting to Celestia's side and saying, "Prin-Celestia?" Celestia looked at her and smiled at her lightly.

"Yes Twilight?" Twilight was struck by Celestia's beauty and smiled weakly.

"I....I want to tell you something but.....it's so hard. I...I think...." She stopped and groaned loudly before sitting and looking up at her. "I love you." Celestia froze then stared at her in shock, elation shooting through her chest. Twilight nervously watched the mare, dread filling her chest.


"I...I love you Celestia." Twilight hung her head, afraid of rejection. Celestia smiled, a bit misty eyed, and trotted forward. Twilight felt a hoof on her muzzle and it was lifted slowly. Twilight was floored when she found a misty eyed mare looking down at her.

"Do you really mean that?" Celestia asked weakly. Twilight nodded rapidly and Celestia leaned forward. Twilight's eyes widened and she leaned forward as well.

"What are you doing?! A voice cried out in disgust and rage. Twilight jerked back and whinnied in surprise before looking around. Not too far away Blueblood stood looking at them in disgust.

"OH COME ON!" Twilight screamed feeling rage enter her body before she grew tense. Her mane and tail burst into flames, her eyes grew red, and her coat a brilliant white. She looked at Blueblood, who promptly wet himself, and took a threatening step forward. "Get out of here. NOW!" She snarled quietly. Blueblood shook himself from his fear and sneered at her.

"No peasant." Twilight blinked in surprise before laughing darkly. Blueblood whimpered as an icy chill went down his back and looked around for an exit. Twilight growled and slowly stalked over.

"Leave and I will not use my magic to turn you inside out." She said quietly and lowly, causing him to shudder and wet himself again before running off with his tail between his legs. Twilight's mane and tail slowly turned to its normal color, as did her coat and she sniffed before turning. Celestia stared at her in shock and awe, causing Twilight's ears to flatten against her skull and her to look away. "I-I'm-."

"Thank you Twilight." Twilight's head snapped up and she gaped at Celestia in shock. Her mouth worked without making a sound and Celestia chuckled. The older mare trotted over slowly and nuzzled her gently. Twilight blushed then smiled tiredly and nuzzled her back. "I love you too Twilight." Twilight jerked back then looked up at her and smiled widely.

"Y-You do?" Celestia nodded then slowly leaned down and kissed her gently. Twilight's eyes widened then slid shut before she relaxed into her. As they pulled away they heard a click and looked to see Luna holding a camera and grinning.

"So cute!" Luna squealed before bouncing off, leaving two blushing mares in her wake. They looked back at each other then smiled and nuzzled once again before kissing.

Back at the party Pinkie, Vinyl and Octavia watched as Luna trotted over in excitement. "I got it!" Everyone stopped then rushed over and watched with bated breath as she pulled the picture out. They all frowned and Luna cried out in sadness, "NO! I LEFT THE LENS COVER ON!" Pinkie giggled quietly then patted the distressed alicorn's back. She looked off then grinned.

"Twilight cheer in three. Two. One." They looked at her in shock and a suddenly they heard an explosion. They looked into the gardens and a purple light was coming from it making a heart.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, ye-." The cheers were silenced and everyone smiled.

"The final lesson of Being Pinkie Keen. Show your Love. If you got this far you probably passed the other lessons right? Well this lesson takes you all the way to the beginning. This wasn't to teach you to be like me silly billy, this was to give you the confidence you would need to show that special someone the love you have for them. Thank you for going along with this for as long as you did. I hope the reward is better than the journey it too to get here. Signing out Pinkie Pie."

"Vinyl Scratch."

"Octavia Pie."

"And their first success story, Twilight Sparkle."

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