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Learning to Love: A Sparkling Sun - Wolfe15

It's Princess Celestia's Birthday and Twilight wants to reveal a deep secret to her!

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Old Time Round Up

Twilight sighed lightly and shifted on her bed. Time was running out rapidly, she had already spent the rest of the week in the jail and she still had to stay for another two days. Only four days left. Growling lightly she rolled onto her stomach and looked up as a guard walked in. "You've been bailed out."

"By who?" The guard remained silent as he took off the magic blocker and stiffly led her out. As soon as they got to the front of the station Twilight flinched. Princess Celestia sat on a chair signing papers. Her magic encased a quill and she looked a bit bored. She finished the last of the papers then looked up and gasped quietly.

"Twilight Sparkle. I am very disappointed in you." Princess Celestia said with a frown on her face. Twilight flinched as her mentor shot her a look and shook her head. She turned away and began to walk off with Twilight trailing after her.

"Um, Pinkie and my friends-“ she began.

"I already bailed them out and they are on their way to their homes. Pinkie wanted me to give you this though." Princess Celestia levitated a scroll to her face and continued while Twilight opened it.

Dear Twilight,

As soon as you get this letter, run to the train station. We are on a mission now!


P.S. Princess Celestia will understand if you run off.

Twilight rolled up the letter then looked up. Princess Celestia sat in a carriage waiting for her and Twilight whined before taking off. "I’m sorry Princess! I’ve got to be somewhere! I'll see you later!" Twilight took off and Princess Celestia frowned lightly.

Seated across from Pinkie on the train, Twilight looked down at the map in front of her, marked with different figurines. Pinkie wore a drill sergeant's helmet and stated seriously, "Because we were in jail, we lost party planning time. I have a plan to change this though. We split up. Twilight and Vinyl go out to get Applejack, Dashie and Daring, while I go with Octy to get Fluttershy and Rarity. After that Octy and I will head to Canterlot and set up the party with the help of Luna. If you think you're going to be late send a letter!" Twilight nodded and looked out the window into the desert.

"Let's do this!" Twilight said, determination on her face.

Chapter 5:
Old Time Round Up

The train pulled into the station slowly the next day and Twilight fidgeted next to Vinyl. Daring was on the outskirts of Appleoosa looking for a buffalo artifact while Applejack was on a peace mission with Braeburn so this wasn't going to be too hard. Right?

Twilight sighed softly as they trotted down an old trail, trying to find Applejack or Daring. Twilight sighed lightly again and looked up before grinning. "Vinyl! Look!" Twilight cried. Vinyl looked up then smiled as a monochromatic trail of light follow a brown pegasus. They galloped down the worn path and smiled in excitement.

On a stage Applejack stood talking to Chief Thunderhooves looking quite the diplomat. Her straw mane was pulled into a low bun and a pair of wire framed glasses rested on her muzzle. She was smiling at the chief and Twilight opened her mouth to call her but a stallion jumped onto the stage.

He began to yell and point at Applejack, causing the mare to take a threatening step forward. Daring landed behind Applejack and both mares began to yell back as the stallion took a step closer to them. Twilight's eye's widened and she growled softly, "I have no time for this!" She took off towards the stage with Vinyl hot on her heels.

"Miss Sparkle?" She paused and found Braeburn looking at her. She grinned lightly and tightly at Braeburn before looking to the rapidly escalating situation on stage.

"Shouldn't we stop this?" She asked lightly as Applejack let out a whinny of anger, breathing nosily through her nose. A look of indifference came to his face and he shrugged lightly. Twilight gaped at him before glaring and rushing onto the stage. The stallion jumped forward to attack but Twilight caught him in her magic and tossed him into the crowd. "What the buck is going on?!" She snarled looking to Applejack, who looked surprised.

"Nice ta see you too Twi'. Some of the settlers don't think we should be talkin' ta the buffalo 'bout peace." Twilight glared at the crowd then looked to Chief Thunderhooves.

"I'm very sorry to interrupt but Applejack and Daring are needed in Canterlot. If you could..." She nudged the treaty closer and Thunderhooves nodded and signed the paper.

With a gentle smile he nodded his head to them and Applejack smiled. Daring moved forward and pulled a tossed a necklace to him. "I believe this belongs to you." She said bowing lightly. Chief Thunderhooves eyes widened and he bowed back to her with a large smile on his face.

"Where did you find this?" He asked softly as he moved the necklace onto his neck. She nodded to the distant mountain range and puffed up her chest.

"It was recovered in a dig my team and I did. We were looking for the Totem of the Sun but found that with a message written on deer skin." She said that as she dug her head into her saddlebag and pulled out a letter. She tossed it to him then nodded to Twilight. The three slowly moved off the stage and Twilight nodded to Vinyl.

"Let's get out of here!" The four took off and Vinyl grinned.

"That was surprisingly easy!" Vinyl cheered before they crashed into something. All of them looked up and gaped in shock. A small wall of stallions stood in their path, glaring down at them. Applejack growled and moved protectively in front of Twilight.

"We won Silver Whip. Appleoosa is now a peaceful town; no one needs your ‘protection’." Twilight looked at her in confusion before looking them all over. She had NO TIME for this! Growling lightly, she used her magic to teleport them around the wall and they took off. "Twi' what’s goin' on? Why are we needed in Canterlot?" They stopped and bought their tickets and took a seat. Twilight panted heavily and looked to them then began her story.

Soon seated comfortably on the train to the Cloudsdale go between station, Daring chuckled then took a sip of tea. "I can't believe you've been trying to be like Pinkie." She said as she took another sip of tea. Applejack was still laughing in her seat and Twilight was red faced. Twilight gave them a withering glare and sniffed in irritation.

"Hey! It's not my fault I don't know how to plan a party." Twilight said with her ears slicked back. Daring chuckled again before gently patting her hoof.

"I'm sorry. I'm just playing with you. You must really love her." Twilight smiled weakly at her words before nodding slowly. She looked out of the train window and the cabin was engulfed in silence.

Walking down the halls of her castle her face was in an annoyed frown. Damn Blueblood and his egotistical, boorish, bigoted, nasty-. "Tia?" She spun around and grinned sheepishly down at her younger sister.

"Sorry Luna. What were you saying?" She asked softly.

"Your birthday is in three days. What do you want?" Princess Celestia frowned in thought before grinning ruefully.

"I don't have much in mind." With a slight grin Princess Luna looked at her mischievously.

"How about a new journal sister? You've filled the last one you had." For once a bright red spread across Celestia’s muzzle and she looked down at Luna.

"How the...HAVE YOU BEEN READING MY JOURNAL AGAIN?!" She all but yelled in embarrassment. Luna chuckled then looked off innocently.

"Well… noooooo… but now that I'm on the subjects of presents how about I wrap up Twilight and give her to you?" Princess Celestia flushed redder then sighed loudly and looked out of a window.

"I think something is wrong with Twilight, Luna." Luna gulped lightly then looked around nervously before grinning.

"Why do you say that?" She asked while her sister, obvious to her nervousness, continued down the hall.

"Well I got word she was arrested and I had to bail her out of jail." Luna's eyes widened and she raised an eyebrow in shock before trotting to catch up with her.

"Wow...didn't see that coming." She grumbled before looking to the side. She almost let out a shriek of surprise when she found Pinkie Pie looking at her, floating outside the window. Princess Celestia continued on without a thought and Luna opened the window. "What are you doing here?!" She hissed.

"I need your help Princess!" Luna blinked then looked at her in suspicion.

"What do you need?"

"Did anyone tell you, you got better at normal talk and we're making a party for Princess Celestia." Pinkie said in one breath. Luna blinked before grinning darkly and nodding.

"I'm in."

Two more days before she had to face the party. After a well-aimed flight spell on the hot air balloon they rode on, Vinyl and Twilight followed Applejack and Daring to the cloud city. They looked around and after getting directions they galloped to the cloud coliseum. They paused as a yell of excitement cut through the air and they looked up to see Dash was flipping. She flew upsides down then up into the air before flaring out her wings and gliding to the ground. She bounced then grinned up before looking at them in shock. "Hey guys. Why are you here?" She asked in confusion.

Twilight smiled nervously, some of her hair fizzing out as she said, "Look we don't have a lot of time and we have to go now!" Dash blinked in shock before frowning and nodding. She flew up and began to talk to Spitfire, who frowned and looked down at them. She frowned a bit darker before shaking her head and nodding to the team. Dash looked horrified and panicked before she held up a hoof. She flew down and looked at them pained.

"Can't it wait? I'll have to wait until next year if I leave now." Twilight winced then sighed before smiling at her tiredly.

"It's not important Dash. Go back to training camp." Twilight said softly. Dash winced but nodded then frowned.

"What is it anyway? Why do you need me?" Dash asked softly, while Twilight shrugged, turning away.

"Pinkie and I were setting up a surprise party for Princess Celestia." Dash groaned as she said that then winced again.

"Damn it. I'm so sorry!" They nodded and left the coliseum.

Princess Celestia groaned silently in irritation as Prince Blueblood went on and on about some mare. She felt her magic rise and forced it down. No… banishing him to the moon would only piss Luna off. It might cause her to turn into Nightmare Moon again. At the absurd thought she chuckled, luckily it was at the same time Blueblood told a horrible joke. He smiled then leaned forward slightly. "So Princess...I was wondering..." She stopped laughing and looked at him a bit nervously, not that it showed.

"Yes Blueblood?"

"I was wondering about maybe Luna or you settling down. I've had my eye on-." He was abruptly cut off as a box landed on his head. Blinking in shock Princess Celestia looked up to see Luna over him holding a stack of boxes. Her gaze was anger darkened and she mumbled about pigs and fat heads.

"Lulu. What do you have their?" Princess Celestia asked as Luna landed. Luna grinned sheepishly then hid the box behind her back.

"Your birthday present so no peeking." She left the room in a quick trot while Princess Celestia looked to the unconscious stallion.

"French Twist? Can you get rid of Blueblood?"

Twilight flexed her fake wings and frowned lightly. They closely resembled that of a real pegasus and would last for three days if she was lucky. Great she was going to look like a princess. Chuckling to herself she looked up to see mare and stallion alike looking at her. She blushed then trotted off to find Applejack. She found the mare getting some train tickets, at the station under the cloud city, and she smiled lightly then trotted over. She slowly took hers and followed the orange mare to a bench and they sat down. "Ah can't believe this was for nothin',” Applejack said, a bit bitterly. Twilight sighed then shrugged.

"I rather she stayed here then left early for a birthday party." Twilight said before yawning. Suddenly the station was filled with steam and the train pulled up. As they began to board the train Twilight's eyes widened and she squealed in happiness. They looked at her in shock and confusion as she smirked. "You guys go ahead! I have to go back."

"If yah don't leave now yah're not gonna make it on time." Applejack said as Twilight grinned and took off for Cloudsdale.

"Don't worry about me! I'll make it on time! I have to talk to some pegasi first!"

Princess Celestia was having a pretty good day. Luna was staying out of trouble, Blueblood was off on some adventure, and no one came to complain all day! She grinned and practically skipped down the hall towards her personal dining room when the door opened and Luna rushed out. "NO! You eat in my personal hall for today and tomorrow!" Princess Celestia raised an eyebrow then looked past her at the door.

"What are you doing Luna?" She asked softly as Luna blocked her path.

"No go away." Princess Celestia raised an eyebrow before rolling her eyes and trotting off. As Princess Celestia turned the corner a letter popped into existence in front of Luna. Luna blinked in shock before lifting it in her magic and reading it over and grinning in excitement. Oh Celestia was in for it!

A/N: Sorry this took so long, college, video games, and an exploding bird took up most of my time. We're close to the grand finale. I hope you've enjoyed this ride. Up next is our second to the last chapter. PEACE OUT!