• Published 22nd Mar 2012
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Learning to Love: A Sparkling Sun - Wolfe15

It's Princess Celestia's Birthday and Twilight wants to reveal a deep secret to her!

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Twilight Sparkle, Party Planner?

Chapter 1

Twilight Sparkle, a mare of vast knowledge was stumped for the first time in her life. Truly stumped. She sighed softly then let the books levitating around her head fall. She humphed and grumbled to herself as she lay down. She growled in irritation before yelling, "Spike!" She pouted at the ceiling of her room and rolled onto her side when she heard the patter of scaly feet. The door opened to her room and she grinned at the irritated baby dragon. He raised an eyebrow and she asked. "Can you get me the book on-"

"Twilight go and ask Pinkie!" Spike snapped at the mare before she could finish.

Twilight scowled then rolled to her hooves, standing to pace, and said, "No. I can do this on my own!"

"No offense Twilight, but you don't have much experience planning parties. Just swallow your pride and go ask Pinkie!" Spike snapped out, beating a hasty retreat from her room before she could snap at him. Twilight scowled at the door before sighing deeply and looking out her window. She hated to admit it but Spike was right. If she really wanted to surprise Princess Celestia, she was going to need help.

Gulping lightly she stretched and used her magic to put her saddlebags on. She tightened the strap then trotted over to her desk and levitated her notebook to her bag. She trotted out of her room then down the stairs and looked towards the kitchen, where Spike was looking for a snack. "I'll be back by the time dinner is done! Try to clean up the library some!" She called out before leaving.

Taking in a deep breath of cool air she trotted down the street towards Sugarcube Corner. The sun was high in the sky and a cool breeze was blowing through town making the day, for a better lack of words...perfect. She took in another breath while she trotted along, contently. Twilight's mind although was in a tornado of emotions and ideas. She would admit it in private or to her friends, but she knew she was an egghead. She was a big egghead. She scowled as her thoughts took a turn for the worse. She wasn't usually one to go on pity parties but she did indulge on occasion.

She was afraid she wasn't going to be able to pull this off right. She was afraid she was going to screw up worse than the incident where she caused a town wide riot over a doll. She hung her head as her face began to burn in shame. Yes thoughts like those were better left out of her mind. She shook her head then took a look around to find she was outside Sugarcube Corner. She blushed a bit darker before trotting in and smiling at Mr. Cake. "Hello Mr. Cake is Pinkie around?"

Right as Mr. Cake opened his mouth a pink blur slammed into Twilight and knocked her off her hooves. The pink blur and Twilight rolled backwards and outside, crashing into a cart. "What in tarnation?!" A familiar voice cried out as the cart exploded slightly. Twilight groaned as her head spun and looked up into Applejack's concerned face.

"Y’alright sugarcube?" Twilight attempted a nod but stopped when the world seemed to roll more violently. She blinked to focus and as soon as the world stopped spinning she rolled over and shook her head. The apple cart was almost destroyed and Twilight grimaced.

"Sorry A.J." Applejack shook her head and helped her up before shooting a dirt look at Pinkie, who looked sheepish.

"It ain't no problem Twi'." Twilight grinned at her then shook her head once again before looking at Pinkie.

"Um, any reason why you tackled me?"

"Oh, sorry! I was so excited that you were looking for me that I kind of exploded." Twilight raised an eyebrow then sighed softly. Her magic encased the ruin cart and slowly she began to fix it.

"Really Pinkie, you have to learn to control yourself. One of us could have been seriously hurt! No more explosions." As she finished her mini-lecture the cart was good as new and Applejack whistled lowly.

"Nice work Twi'." Twilight smiled then looked to the pink mare, who was scuffing the ground with her hoof while pouting.

"I didn't mean it." Pinkie mumbled softly. Twilight sighed then smiled softly before trotting over and nuzzling her.

"No problem. I fixed the cart and neither of us is hurt so I guess that's good right?" Pinkie smiled at her then began to bounce around, her former sadness forgotten.

"So why did you need me? Do you need cupcakes? A party? Jazz tap dan-."

"Stop. Go back."


"Before that."

"A party? Oh! You want a party?!"

Twilight winced at the volume Pinkie's voice had taken before saying, "Actually I wanted to talk to you about helping me plan one." A snicker came from behind her and she looked back sharply to see Applejack was looking away, her mouth trembling. Frowning she turned back and paused in shock. Pinkie was frozen in midair and looking at her in shock.

"Wait...you want to make a party?" Twilight blushed then scowled and defensively looked away.

"Yes. And? If you don't want to help you could just say so." She turned curtly then yelped as her tail was tugged roughly and she was dragged backwards towards Sugarcube corner. "Pinkie! Let go!" Silence greeted her and Twilight sighed softly, pouting as she was dragged inside then up some stairs. When they stopped they were in Pinkie's room. "Pinkie..."

"Tell me who the party's for." Twilight spun around to see a dead serious Pinkie and nervously scuffed the ground.

"U-Um, Princess Celestia." Pinkie froze once again and Twilight braced herself for the inevitable. She was not disappointed. For the second time that day she was tackle hugged, left winded and groaning as Pinkie bounced off the walls (literately) in her excitement.

"Ohhhhh! YES! THIS IS WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR!" Pinkie screamed bouncing around more violently, while Twilight took cover under her bed. "TWILIGHT!!" The bed was tossed away like a leaf and Twilight looked up in shock, fear, and awe. Part of her wished Pinkie would calm down; another part wished she could study this without feeling like peeing herself.


"We need to get planning! Wait...why are we making a party? I'm all for it but I need to know why so I can put it on the banner."

"O-Oh. In two weeks is Princess Celestia's birthday." Pinkie froze in midair again then gasped loudly before disappearing. Twilight hastily scanned the room and sighed in relief when she found Pinkie was in her closet tossing things out.

"This is so exciting!" Suddenly a shudder ran through Pinkie's body and she shook violently before collapsing. She snorted then sneezed and looked to Twilight. "Uh oh. That wasn't good."

"W-Wait, what happened?" Pinkie closed her eyes before looking to her window. Twilight looked then gasped when she found the mail mare, Derpy, was looking in. Pinkie bounced over and smiled at the mail mare before opening the window. They exchanged pleasantries, and Pinkie took her mail. Derpy flew off and Pinkie tore open a letter reading it quickly. Her hair instantly deflated and tears began to well in her eyes, shocking and frightening Twilight. "P-Pinkie?"

"M-My dad got hurt...I have to go to my parents’ home right away. I'm really sorry Twilight. I don't think I can help you...OH wait! I think I can!" Pinkie bounced over to her closet and began to tossing things out more violently.

After a few minutes of searching she let out a cry of happiness and bounced out, her hair now in its characteristic poof. She tossed a crystal at Twilight then shoved her out of her room. "Just watch that!" Twilight looked back at the shut door then looked down at the crystal she held. She was a bit afraid to do that.