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Hypothetical call for prereaders · 12:17am Jul 11th, 2016

Let's say that, hypothetically, I was working on a sequel to Inexcusable. Would anyone, hypothetically, be interested in checking it for typos and such?

I'm not interested in doing any major rewrites or anything, just minor polish. I would only need one or two people. If this story were to actually exist, of course.

All this is purely speculative.


New Story: You Too Will Deteriorate (Inexcusable Sequel) · 12:06am Aug 11th, 2016

Okay, so you know that purely hypothetical sequel I alluded to in my last blog? Well, it actually wasn't hypothetical at all (:pinkiegasp:!). I know, this is really shocking, but I'm just that good at subtlety.

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Inexcusable Now Has a Russian Translation: Неискупимая · 2:32am Dec 31st, 2018

Last year, a user named Doof translated If You Came to Conquer into Russian. They have now also translated Inexcusable.

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Inexcusable Now Has a Chinese Translation: 怜悯命运 · 2:03am Feb 13th, 2021

Yes that's right. The same person who kindly translated If You Came to Conquer has now done Inexcusable.

Once again, big thanks to Dreams Set Free for their hard work!

Find the translation right over here.


Conquer Trilogy: Complete Timeline · 10:30pm Oct 2nd, 2016

There's a piece of writing advice I like to give: a story should not need supplemental material to be understood. An author shouldn't need to explain things after the fact. If a prereader or commenter asks you a question, then that information should probably be in the story.

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You Too Will Deteriorate Sequel Posted in Scraps Collection · 10:14am Mar 10th, 2017

I alluded, in my RCL interview, to an unpublished/discarded concept for another story in the Conquer trilogy. A direct continuation of You Too Will Deteriorate, taking place in the ruined Equestria.

Well here it is: Welcome Home. I may be tempting fate by posting it publicly, since I have succumbed to peer pressure in the past and revived things I stuck in my scraps collection.

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Read It Later Reviews #59 – The Color of Promises, Somepony’s Daughter, If You Came To Conquer, Inexcusable, You Too Will Deteriorate · 5:44pm Nov 3rd, 2016

I’ve been on a roll lately. I feel increasingly reinvigorated as I do more actually productive things that result in actually meaningful results. Going through pony stories again on a regular basis is nice, and I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the season 6 episodes I’ve been missing.

But first, more reviews!

Today’s stories:

The Color of Promises by Deathscar
Somepony’s Daughter by bookplayer
If You Came to Conquer by cleverpun

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If You Came to Conquer Featured by Royal Canterlot Library · 10:35am Jan 27th, 2017

The Royal Canterlot Library is a website that endeavors to provide curation to our fandom. It is run by a handful of fanfiction authors and reviewers. They try to highlight MLP fanfic that exemplifies all the best the fandom has to offer.

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