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You Too Will Deteriorate Sequel Posted in Scraps Collection · 10:14am Mar 10th, 2017

I alluded, in my RCL interview, to an unpublished/discarded concept for another story in the Conquer trilogy. A direct continuation of You Too Will Deteriorate, taking place in the ruined Equestria.

Well here it is: Welcome Home. I may be tempting fate by posting it publicly, since I have succumbed to peer pressure in the past and revived things I stuck in my scraps collection.

Are you happy now? You can stop asking for "more" in every single comment :twilightsmile: I mean, don't get me wrong. I love that people like the story enough to want more. Sometimes, however, the way to appreciate a story is not to simply ask for "more". One can provide their own "more", using their imagination. And, since this is fanfic, then that "more" could conceivably show up on the site one day.

Food for thought.

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Author Interviewer

oh my

this is a thing I wanted :3

Dude, when someone likes something, there's only one thing to say about it.

Don't let it get to you.

I actually agree that the trilogy is over, and ended in the right place. Not that you could not write something with Celichtia and Luna-who-never-became-Nightmare-Moon, but... I dunno. I think it ended in the right spot before.

I am one of those who shall enjoy demanding more forever! ...Because it's way more fulfilling when the author finds new truth in their own stories! Heh.

4450401 This guy gets it. Everyone else should listen to him.

4450695 But is the truth an author presents any more or less valid than one the reader finds for themselves? You of all people should have some experience with this, given the nature of your most popular story :raritywink:

4452742 The answer is 'Yes' :rainbowwild:

Also because it's more fun to read stuff than invent new stories, at least for me!

4450401 Indeed, I'm actually going to pass on this one. Which is very strange because I'm usually the kind of person who always wants more.
Or maybe I just learned my lesson with so many things that I wanted more of and indeed got more but at the cost of the new things not being quite the thing they started as, if you know what I'm saying.


Or maybe I just learned my lesson with so many things that I wanted more of and indeed got more but at the cost of the new things not being quite the thing they started as, if you know what I'm saying.

That's really the thing about a sequel; it has to be its own thing. People have asked me for sequels to several stories, but the stories were over; what would I do with a sequel? It would have to use the setting of the first story and then do something else with it. But that won't necessarily hit on the same thing that people liked in the first story.

4461010 Well, not so much about being their own thing what bothers me, but sometimes it's precisely that, they try to continue the same story adding new elements and messing with the setting until it becomes barely recognizable. Other times the unnecessary sequels are actually new stories as you suggest they should but they still manage to sort of kill the mood. Other times they do the exactly the same over and over again until it's not even funny anymore.
I mean, after the the third season and beyon in mlp, Halo 4 and 5, Shrek 3, Ice Age 3, despicable me 2, John Wick 2, Alien, the latter Crash games, skylanders, etc. I think I'm having hope for good sequels.

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