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    So I watched that new small horse movie. It was pretty good. I'd give it a solid 7/10. I don't feel my time was wasted, I enjoyed it. But I would probably not watch it again. (And those of you who follow my reviews, know that a 7 from me is still earned.)

    The Good:

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    For every American who says your vote doesn’t matter, and that politics has no direct impact on your life...

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    Inexcusable Now Has a Chinese Translation: 怜悯命运

    Yes that's right. The same person who kindly translated If You Came to Conquer has now done Inexcusable.

    Once again, big thanks to Dreams Set Free for their hard work!

    Find the translation right over here.

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New Story: You Too Will Deteriorate (Inexcusable Sequel) · 12:06am Aug 11th, 2016

Okay, so you know that purely hypothetical sequel I alluded to in my last blog? Well, it actually wasn't hypothetical at all (:pinkiegasp:!). I know, this is really shocking, but I'm just that good at subtlety.

I know I said I was retired and all, and I definitely, certainly am after this. I don't know why I was so compelled to write this story. Was it all those rejection letters from magazines? Was it a nagging feeling that my (arguably) best fic(s) on this site wasn't truly complete? Was it because the central character was too good to waste? Who can say? I certainly can't.

Regardless, hopefully this story will be a satisfying conclusion to the If You Came to Conquer/Inexcusable series. And if not, you can always ignore it and/or imagine something more. :raritywink:

Presenting: You Too Will Deteriorate

Comments ( 4 )

This was outstanding! I do hope you continue writing! :)

I read the first story of your series ...I don't even remember when, but it was probably long after it was published.
And I enjoyed it so much, I immediately though of giving it a new read now after someone mentioned an older fic of much lesser quality.
I had conflicting feelings upon learning of the sequels, but I read them nonetheless; now I feel almost obligated to write down a thorough and personal review of what I read and how I felt as I read it, but I'm not really willing to do so, I don't think I'd be able to express myself properly, even if I had already figured out exactly how I feel. All I have to say for the moment is that I am very glad that you actually wrote them.
The news that you retired from fanfiction, and that you are permanently gone now is -of course- saddening, you're definitely one of the best writers I've come across (though, I'm still talking about fanfiction), but not as much considering how at the very least all your stories, specially your big ones, saw a mostly satisfactory completion, unlike most good writers I come across who start out one or several stories and just or even before their plots start going anywhere disappear; and it can be presumed that most of them never went anywhere with that aspect of their lives either. So I have nothing left but to wish you the best of luck and that you manage to do something worthwhile with that talent of yours.

4146746 Thanks. :twilightsheepish: If you ever do write a review/list of thoughts, I'll be happy to read it. I think that the greatest thing a story can aspire to do is spark discussion. I always love seeing comments much more than anything else (and the longer the better).

I'm actually outlining an original fiction short story right now. I submitted a short story to about 4 different magazines, and they all rejected it. So obviously I need to write a new one and submit it instead :twilightsmile:

Nice art. Even the mirror looks vaguely coffin shaped

Well, off to read the story now.

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