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If you had a list of thing you want to be crossovered with, what would be in the list? And you can put as much stuff as you want in the list.

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Halo/Sleeping Dogs/ Bioshock/ System Shock/ MLP

Sleeping dogs/ MLP

System shock/ MLP

Shadows of the damned/ MLP

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Empire Earth/MLP

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pikmin/ mlp

mlp/castle crashers, but Great British Geek is working on that.

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Street Fighter

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>>1409195 Fable and MLP

I'm doing one where the Fable 3 gnomes appear in Equestria, titled 'Gnome Invasion', and it seems to be doing well :pinkiehappy: , but it has nothing much to be compared to. :rainbowhuh:

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>>1409195 Megaman, Crash Bandicoot, Raving Rabbids, Digimon, Thomas the Tank Engine, Madeline, and Dora the Explorer to name a few.

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dragon ball z with gohan as a main character

naruto with naruto as Luna's or Celestia's biological son

Neon Genesis Evangelion with shinji being raised by celestia

Ranma 1/2 with ranma having either luna or celestia as his biological mother

Harry Potter with harry being raised by celestia

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Dexter crossover.

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AVGN, Megas XLR, Infinite Stratos, Terrain of Mgaical Expertise, Alien : Isolation and The Evil Within

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any other combo of the previous and MLP

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Being a fan of nearly anything that comes from Japan, I would like to see more crossovers with anime and manga characters besides the more popular ones and maybe some of the modded minecraft packs. Here are a few that come to mind:



Madan Senki Ryukendo

Tomica Hero: Rescue Force and Rescue Fire

Black Cat; Manga or Anime

FeedTheBeast Packs

Hexxit from the Technic Mod Packs

And let's add in Rosario + Vampire for fun. :twilightsmile:

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The Legend of Dragoon

.... oh wait, I am already writing one. (Totally not shameless plugging)

Really though seeing other people's take on a crossover for it would be fun.

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Biker Mice From Mars (Original Series)/MLP

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003-2009 4Kids series)/MLP

Because, thanks to my many Muses, I got bitten by a persistent bunch of Plot Bunnies (headed by Angel Bunny, of course), so I've already kinda/sorta got a three-way crossover between these three series in mind, and have an initial description/synopsis written down for it.

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not a atomic betty one because i,m busy with one. but i only need some help

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Hitler in equestria


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>>1409584  That's what I call an HiE.

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I spotted F-Zero in there. If you want to get a sneak peek of my MLP F-Zero crossover, shoot me a PM!

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>>1409195 Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles X MLP

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Wake up, Mister Freeman, wake up and smell the ashes

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Sly Cooper.

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Family Guy


Nostagia Critic


Star Trek The Original Series


Crash Bandicoot

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pirate101 or wizard101

ninja turtles(80's)

megaman star force

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Persona maybe?

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Gaogaigar,j-dacker,gaiking(new one),gurren logann,A HiE with Gundam(any),kamen rider kabuto,gears of war,disturbed(band),demon hunter(band),transformers RID,Sentai(any),and a lot more that I can't think of:rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2:

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>>1409195 any megaman series/mlp

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Leverage/ MLP

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The Mane Six putting almost untouchable criminals in prison?

I'd read that!



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>>1409195 MLP and Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal

Babylon 5 and Battlestar Galactica (Classic)

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"American Dragon: Jake Long" plox

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An American dragon crossover? That would be sweet!

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Wakfu (TV series)

ElfQuest (graphic novel)

WildStar (Online MMO game)

LFG (webcomics)

Heavenly Nostrils (webcomics)

CareBears (TV series)

Toriko (manga)

Digimon (TV series)

DrowTales (webcomics)

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Wakfu (TV series)

ElfQuest (graphic novel)

WildStar (Online MMO game)

LFG (webcomics)

Heavenly Nostrils (webcomics)

CareBears (TV series)

Toriko (manga)

Digimon (TV series)

DrowTales (webcomics)

StarControl 2 (old PC game)

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The Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy, the only two good ones I could find are either cancelled or have been on hiatus forever (mine doesn't count as a good one), and there can never be enough hitchhikers crossovers.

Futurama, while there is a large number a very small amount are actually any good, and I would like to see a really well written one that isn't a short one-off.

Sabriel, because of necromancy, reverse-necromancy and ponies.

Eragon, because there are already Dragons in Equesteria, and Eragon departed Alagasia at the end of Inheritance to find a safe place to train the next generation of Riders, and what would be a better place than Equesteria?

Arrested Development, since I am curious as to how that would work as a written story.

Miranda (As in Miranda Hart), because Miranda would absolutely love what-I call Ponies (not a euphemism).

And that's all I can think of right now, although I'm sure I will pick up a book later and think it would make a good crossover.

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For those of you wishing for a Wakfu crossover, I am pleased to announce that I am working on one. Please bear with me as I work out some semblance of a plot, as it is currently being run through my head and wish to give it something to stand out from the other HiE stories I have read and my admittedly small amount of knowledge of FIM as I am still working my way through season 1 of it.

Jigoku Luna
Group Admin
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Familiar of Zero

The Wonderful 101

Detective Conan


Mighty Switch Force!

It would be cool to see A Daring Do crossover with most of these.

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>>1409436 here is what i like to see other than american dragon.

Digimon fusion

American dad

Road rovers

Gummi bears

Winx club

Sonic underground

Ill let you know when theres more.

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>>1409436 maybe bobs burgers too.

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>>1409195 How about Battle Royale, Murder Party, Zombieland, Don't hug me I'm scared, Deadman Wonderland, Hunter X Hunter, Saw, Nostalgia Critic, Bioshock Infinite, and The world ends with you.

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AVGN, Megas XLR, Infinite Stratos, and maybe Terrain of Magical Expertise

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Full Metal Alchemist(Crossover with Ed and Al. Or just Ed.)

Dragon's Dogma(Fusion Fic either making Equestria part of the cycle, or a completely different place.)

Invader Zim(Crossover fic with Zim and Gir)

Doctor Whooves(I want to read one starring The Master, not the Doctor)

Majora's Mask(Fusion Fic. I know there are some out there, but the ones that interest me aren't completed, and I avoid incomplete work like the plague)

I know there's more, but that's all I can think of.

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>>1410917 Why can't I upvote this more?!

>>1413163 Well you will have to wait not too long. Your wish shall be granted.

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>>1409195 Fire Emblem and My Little Pony. But I don't want a fan fic... No, I want a game hack. A game hack where I can play Fire Emblem with my favorite My Little Pony heroes.

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Biker Mice From Mars (Original Series-2006)/MLP

Godzilla The Series/MLP

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (The Movies)/MLP

Transformers Robots in Disguise (2014-2016)/MLP

Batman (The movies)/MLP

Superman (The movies)/MLP

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