• Published 24th Dec 2014
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Fallout: Equestria - Infinite Potential - Borsuq

Follow the adventures of Angel, a doctor from the paradise of Stable Eight, as she's set upon discovering the Truth within the world of endless possibilities

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I've been waiting for this! Great as usual, cant wait for the next chapter!

Life is the sum of experiences and relationships we acquire.

No, life is the condition that distinguishes living things from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. Duh.

Guess not only medical knowledge changed with time on wasteland, but also some definition

This has grown to be my favorite FOE Story on fimfiction, and every single chapter just exudes promise and quality. Fucking phenomenal chapter as always and cannot wait for the next one. Also i hope flutters gets out of her funk soon, while shes so polar-nice, her POV is always a good contrast to our main mare.

Until next time hopefully soon!

Hey it late and I should get to sleep and fix my sleep pattern.

-Author drops a new chapter-

-reads like the addict that I am-

I love surprises like these, new chapters about best doctor/mad scientist.

Great update as usual. Keep up the good work.

Nothing better than waking up to a new chapter of the most interesting and entertaining FO:E story I've ever read :D

She's not mad. Her mother had her tested.

The older mare chuckled in response. “True I suppose… although all I did was get him to my bed. Though I guess this means you could say that sex with bat ponies is therapeutic, huh? You can go ahead and write that down as bat ponies’ ‘power’.”

was that a intended pun? :rainbowlaugh:

Reese #11 · June 5th · · ·

Alright! Not sure how much commentary I'll have, but I finally got through the queue to this, at least! :D

"far from the last thing she wanted to"
"far from the last thing I wanted to"?

"around where I grew up at… as it was there"
Hm... :)

"Of course, it would be another matter if it were to be a second or third foal of a citizen from the lower classes, but that was a different, “bureaucratic” issue."
Of course, though, that immediately raises questions about the class system there and just what sort of ""bureaucratic" issue" it would be...

"Though I guess this means you could say that sex with bat ponies is therapeutic, huh?"

...Well, this new character doesn't seem suspicious at all. Nope.

And I enjoyed the chapter; thank you for writing! :D

...I don't think I see the potential pun there?
Though I do believe it's a PH reference. :)

“Watched too many Simpsons episodes”
Too many! There is no such thing as watching too many Simpsons episodes!!!

One who likes watching TV, LB

Hi Reese!
about it bein' a pun, i meant PHs here, but yeah. since AFAIK borsuq hardly ever (if ever) checks the discors server, i suppose that it's just a very strange coincidence.

Reese #14 · June 6th · · ·

I'm... sorry, though, I'm having a difficult time understanding much of the rest of your comment? Something about a Discord server, and something there being necessary to understand the pun you were talking about?

Happy to hear that^^

10265479 10265548
Well, obviously, something as big as "life" has several definitions, Angel focused on a more philosophical one, as abortion is more of a moral dilemma, so instead, she talked about what makes each life unique. And since she learned that Jack has little patience, she kept it as short as possible so he wouldn't interrupt her.

Aww, thanks, I'm happy to hear that^^ And regarding Fluttershy, well, you just have to wait and see what happens :derpytongue2:

Oh damn, sorry about that :twilightsheepish::rainbowlaugh: Trust me, I get the pain. A few years back, when I was still at college, I had a week-long trip for my course starting from Monday to Friday. On the night before, Somber posted the newest chapter of Project Horizons, about 6 hours before I'd leave. So, you know, I sat down to read it, because I NEEDED to know what was going to happen (at that point of the story basically every chapter ended on a cliffhanger) and I knew I wouldn't get to read it otherwise for 5 more days. So it took me about 2 hours to get through it, leaving me with about 3 hours of sleep... and borderline depression due to the events in the chapter. Even my professor was asking me why I look so glum :rainbowlaugh:

Happy to surprise you then^^

Thanks, will do^^

Aw, thanks, though I would have a few recommendations to read that I think are better Fo:E stories than mine :twilightsheepish:

You know, I am still surprised that nobody in the comments asked why exactly her mother had her tested, even after I had Jack finally comment on that nobody questioned it :rainbowlaugh: And no, not telling if you do ask, just sayin' :derpytongue2:

More of a reference (as Reese guessed), and maaaybe a little jab at that little, lets say "incident" in PH, after reading Heartshine's blog post where she, hm, complained about it a few times, I figured that, since I have a bat pony in this story, I might as well poke a little fun at it. Especially with the follow-up comment from Angel:

Covering my mouth with a hoof, I managed to regain some form of calm composure. “Tell you what, darling,” I began, “if I ever hear of another case of a bat pony engaging in a coitus that could be described as having ‘therapeutic properties’, I will make a note of that in whatever official work I attempt to publish that would contain information about bat ponies.”

She's going to be SO annoyed with Blackjack for this :rainbowlaugh:


Oh wow, what a stupid mistake :facehoof: Thanks^^


Questions that will definitely be answered... at some point 😈

I had more fun writing this bit that I feel I should have :pinkiecrazy:

:scootangel:Why, you have something against zebras?:derpytongue2:

Happy to hear that^^

I think that's what he meant? (although not so sure after looking at his follow-up comment...)

Fun fact, I don't watch Simpsons, I barely knew that those names are related to the show :rainbowlaugh: I just had Apple Core go literal, they're bugs so they would make a pony feel "itchy" and "scratchy"

... well if you'd have told me that you're talking about bat ponies' sex up there, I might have poke in more often! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm actually curious myself. I think he meant that apparently this subject was brought up on Discord, specifically Heartshine's server? But I'm not sure, I checked it out after that comment, all I found related to it was him asking Heartshine what does she think of that bit of dialogue xD

"You know, I am still surprised that nobody in the comments asked why exactly her mother had her tested"
...I mean. I kind of thought it was obvious? Just, well, we've seen what she's like; assume she was also, ah, a bit strange as a filly, even for her Stable, and that seemed to answer it well enough. Now I'm suspecting there's something I'm missing, though... Hm...

re bat pony "magic" in the reply to Gokart:
Ah, hah, thanks. :D

re the part of the reply actually to me:

Eh, they happen, and you're welcome. :)



Well, I found it funny. :D

Zebra in general? Nope. Mysterious zebras who show up at the gates all alone knowing a lot about the town's current problem and claiming they're the only one who can solve it, especially when said problem involves a "tribe" that keeps mysteriously disappearing when people go out and look for it? Well... :D
(Though I did also have the hypothesis earlier in the chapter that the "tribe" is a false flag by Red Eye (though I may be forgetting something; it's been a while since we first learned of them). Tribe keeps raiding the town, town can't deal with it, but don't worry, Red Eye's forces are here to help! Starting with replacing your obviously ineffective leadership with someone more loyal to m competent.)



re the second part of the reply to me:
Ah, well, good luck figuring it out.

ohh.. well, sorry about that. not sleeping for 3 days did it's work.
about it being a pun, i meant that (as Borsuq already said) Heartshine complained a few times about BJ's sex with this batpony from PH being somewhat the resolution for BJ's trauma. Especially since we were talking about that recently on a discord server to which i invited Borsuq. But then i remembered that Borsuq hardly ever checks on that server, and so i started blabbering sth. about it being a coincidence.. even i do not quite understand this part of what i wrote :rainbowlaugh:

Oh! Well, I hope you slept well when you finally did; wow.
And thanks! :)
...Though, ah, I'm still not seeing the pun, I'm now kind of thinking that you may have a much broader definition of "pun" than me.

Good chapter! Still can't wait for angel to meet an alicorn. Wich is basically immortal just like she wants ponykind to be.

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