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Haunted Manehatten gangster Baritone Sanders has committed a long list of crimes, sins he couldn't possibly cleanse himself of. Every day, his life and his actions become worse. Now that he's at his lowest, Baritone expects to die as the monster he knows he is.

That's when she comes along.

Police Commissioner Twilight Sparkle offers Baritone a way out of his life of crime...but under one condition.

Just one. More. Crime...

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Princess Celestia X Human OC. Enjoy and tell me what you think :)

My name is Samuel Higgott. And this is how I met Princess Celestia...and how we fell in love...and how we fell apart.

In a moment of weakness, all it can take is one person to break two hearts. And in this case...I broke hers.

I decided to upload this onto FIMfiction because I feel like it would be appreciated :) I may be wrong, but I might be right and you'll hopefully enjoy this.

Off we go then!

Sex is only mentioned but I'll chuck up the warning just to be safe XD

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After an embarrassing middle school incident you were left with no friends and a horrible case of stage fright for three years. Now that you're in high school you plan to turn all of that around. You soon find that the line between friend, enemy, and lover aren't as clear as you'd thought. Especially when it comes to this Vinyl Scratch character.

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