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[Complete!] When Rarity finds out how little Twilight gets out of the Library, things get out of hand as she decides to take it upon herself to teach Twilight the ropes of dating. As Rarity drags her around, Twilight begins to have a good idea of who she wants to ask out.

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Rainbow Dash has always been Applejack's best friend, but when something unexpected happens, and they thought about themselves in a different way, will everything be the same again? Would they thought the same thing? Would their friends accept their decission?

On the other side, Applebloom is having troubles to tell a fellow crusader her feelings, so seeks the advice of her sister.
Scootaloo was insecure about something, and she needs Dash help to get through, will everything go as expected?

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Note: This story is on hiatus. Please refer to this blog post as to why.

Ever since Twilight introduced Rainbow Dash to books the pegasus has been spending more and more time at the library. Rainbow Dash is enjoying the personal time she is getting to spend with her new closest friend. Just how will these feelings play out when Rainbow Dash starts spending time alone with Twilight in her bedroom?

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