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This story is a sequel to Cross the Rubicon: Choices

From the beginning, Spike was there, watching, listening...knowing things that he could tell no one.

He knew something bad had happened. He knew something was off about Sunset Shimmer. He knew something was hurting Twilight. But no matter how much he barked or howled, he could never explain what he knew to anyone--they would never understand him.

It didn't mean he wouldn't try.

He would give everything he had to protect his human.

A companion piece to my main story, Cross The Rubicon: Choices , from the perspective of Spike the dog.

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Twilight Sparkle had assumed the glamour was all there was to her cousin...but somewhere along the line she--and so many others--forgot that a glamour was also another word for façade, and under that façade was a real person.

It was something that, for the longest time, even Glamour herself had forgotten, too busy being everything her parents expected...

But sometimes all it takes is just one person to really look beyond the mask someone wears and find the heart and soul of who they are, to help them see the truth of themselves and cope with what that uncovers. Glamour Shot considered herself beyond lucky to have that one person in her life, because it had opened her eyes to things she would never have come know and treasure otherwise... and in the end, she didn't care what she had to do, she would, if it meant they could be together.

A sidestory set in the universe of Cross The Rubicon, courtesy of my lovely and amazing editor/writing partner--she did such an amazing job on this one! This story delves into the nature of a side character introduced in one of the winter break chapters: Twilight Sparkle's cousin, Glamour Shot. Rubicon is not required, but highly recommended since the character was really meant for that story.

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Did anyone ever wonder 'why those five girls out of all the teens in the school? Until that week, they'd not been much different than any of their peers. Or was it that no one else ever looked close enough to see them for what they could be?

...Perhaps that was it...

Perhaps, before the night of that fateful dance, no one had really seen any of the girls for who they were...and more importantly, who they could become.

But on that night, when everything Changed, Something saw deeper, saw the truth of each of them, and found within their souls the seeds of what could be.

Takes place in the same universe as Cross the Rubicon and the rest of my stories. You don't really have to read all of those to read this, but it does help...and hey, if you're new, and you like this, then feel free to check out the others! This gem is a project collaboration with one of my creative team, the wonderful woman who is my editor, beta-reader, co-author, and so much more. She's totally responsible for Chapter One, and we wrote the prologue together.

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In the space between worlds, time, space, gravity...these things have no meaning. They don't exist.

But just because all of the things mortals understand as part of existence are not part of that space does not make it a void, an empty nothing of darkness and cold. Darkness and cold, after all...are something. ...and Void implies an opposition to existence itself. The In-Between is not the violent opposite of existence, not the anti-matter to the matter of reality. It is the potential of all things yet unrealized, all of the "might have beens" and "could be's" and possible "nows" all at once, in a glorious, infinite singularity that curls around an equally infinite multitude of realities...

It's also not empty...

A sidestory, of sorts, in the same universe as Cross the Rubicon and my other stories.

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When Princess Celestia had not only denied her what she deserved, but cast her out as well, Sunset Shimmer would not let that deter her. She would have what she so desperately sought, even of she had to risk it all to get it. That’s why, armed with only a set of saddlebags full to bursting and the vague, unreliable knowledge on the magical mirror that had shown the unicorn her destiny, she had traveled to the realm beyond its surface, hoping to gain something that would prove the Princess wrong.

But what she found there was nothing short of a nightmare, a hellish realm beyond most ponies ability to imagine....

For those that have read it, this is technically a one-shot that takes place in the same continuity as my main story Cross the Rubicon, though this takes place some years before that...

Originally written in response to a monthly writing prompt on Krickis’ Discord server, I wasn't satisfied with a paltry 1000 words that only scratched the surface of the idea. So I ended up taking it and expanding it. It's a tad unnerving, given that the original prompt was inspired by Halloween month, but its less Modern horror, more dread and suspense.

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Every relationship has fights. Some relationships are fairly calm, with only the occasional light spat that is quickly smoothed over. Others have their ups and downs, but conflict handled quickly when it happens--no one likes fighting with a loved one after all. Still more will find work-arounds, lying, cheating, anything to avoid anger and upset because they can't deal with the potential for arguments.

Rarity and Applejack are not any those kinds of people.

For them, arguments and raised voices are just as integral to their relationship as laughter and smiles. They fight and bicker and disagree on everything from fashion to the weather to what movies to watch. Its just part of who they are, and they always work through it in the end.

But never in all of the years they have known each other could Applejack remember fighting over something so small. Or made of such see-through material.

A Rarijack One-shot set in the same universe as Cross the Rubicon, this takes place somewhere before the first Equestria girls movie, but while the girls were in high school. Can be read independently of Rubicon, but is technically part of the slowly growing multitude of side stories and ideas that have taken on a life of their own.

Chapters (1)