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Fic recs, December 5th: Internet's Out edition! · 2:53pm Dec 5th, 2021

So there I am, over at my friend's place on a Saturday, and he's still having very bizarre internet issues, by which I mean all that works is Youtube, Fimfiction and Google Drive. For me, anyway. He has a completely different set of usable websites on his computers. <.<

Anyway, Fimfiction plus GDocs sounds like a good excuse for an edition blog! So here's five random, short fics from the New Stories section. Yes, and I did not hate them all! None of these are anyone's first story, though quite a few of these authors joined the site earlier this year.

So I hope they will think of Will Smith in Independence Day when I say, "Welcome to Fimfic."

H: 1 R: 1 C: 3 V: 0 N: 0

Meadow of Rocks by SuperPinkBrony12
Genre: Shipping
Rockhoof finally starts to reckon with his feelings for Mage Meadowbrook.
I know there was a Pillars shipping contest recentish, but obviously this isn't related. This is just a cute, straightforward shipfic getting the two main characters together. Simple, sweet, effective if you're not looking for something too deep.
Recommended for Shippers

Big Horseshoes to Fill by Quoterific
Genre: Cute
Bored, alone in the castle, a young Cadence tries on her auntie's regalia.
Wow, this is super friggin' cute. :D Good look into a very young Cadence hanging out in the castle, pretending to be a 'real' princess, and I love Celestia's reaction. A few missteps here and there in the writing, but nothing major. This one's worth it.

The Book of the Arrival by Tunneling Carp
Genre: G5 Historical Tract
When she heard the word of the true goddesses, the prophet Warm Zephyr brought the pony races to a new land.
Aw yeah, this is why you go looking for random stuff sometimes! You know a story's gonna be good when it starts with an in-universe translator's note. What follows is pitch-perfect religious writing, including those little superscript verse markers. Some crazy, racist bitch who really hated Twilight decided to make her own Equestria with blackjack and hookers and no non-pony races, a detail I adored since crystal ponies are also included in the 'lesser races' category. Like, they're still goddamn ponies! That's how you know this is good stuff and not just an author complaining about season 9. This is a fascinating and original bridge between G4 and G5, and I really loved it from start to finish.
Highly Recommended

The Roses of Princess Celestia by Burningbloom78
Genre: Sad
Each rose is a memory.
This story has a very cool idea, but the writing leaves something to be desired. As short as this is, it's hard to get really invested in the concept, but again, I do think it's neat. It just needs some more exploration is all.
Recommended for Celestia Fans

Butt Hierarchy by Bendy
Mature: Sex
Genre: Comedic Fetish Fic
Luna's butt is really small, and it's starting to irritate her.
Look, I'm not gonna pass up a story with that title, it's hilarious. I'm not sure what I expected, though, since what I got is a one-joke fic that's also really obsessed with butts. Like, beyond just "the word 'butt' is funny" (though it's at least used punnily in one instance, to my severe pleasure). And like… also weight gain and… height gain? Is that a thing? Whatever is going on in this, it is comedic in its grotesquery. Frankly, I have no one butt myself to blame for venturing down this path.
Recommended Only If You're Really Into Butts

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he's still having very bizarre internet issues

“It’s never DNS” — It was DNS.

Genre: G5 Historical Tract


height gain? Is that a thing

Have you not seen the whole giantess thing?

this is why you go looking for random stuff sometimes!

This is the best compliment I think my writing has ever gotten. Thank you!

5614011 Of course it's DNS. Only sites you've been to before and which have been cached in DNS are showing.

Thank you for your review and recommendation. Being autistic, my grammar is to be desired, and grammar apps and auto-correcting software are my go-to ^^.

Wishing you a happy holidays and festive tidings ^^ :pinkiehappy:

Author Interviewer

I mean yeah, but even with that knowledge, it makes no sense in context.

I'm not that fussed about figuring out, however. c.c

Thanks for the recommendation.

Most of my stories are butt-related. It's a running theme. Also giant growing ponies.

some dns fuckery is going on whenever i launch halo. everything gets super slow except for youtube... and i assume other google/microsoft websites.

Author Interviewer

There was that whole AWS outage last night. That affected a bunch of stuff, though literally the only reason I noticed it is because Nintendo's online stuff was part of it. But I read it was resolved as of this morning, so...

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