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We could really do with a G5 tag · 4:29pm Sep 26th, 2021

Update 29/09: We now have one! Woo-hoo!

It's becoming increasingly irritating seeing all these G5 stories using the [MLP:FiM] tag. I've seen the film (and I liked it!), so it's not a spoiler thing for me, but unless you count that opening scene with the Mane Six then stories based on the film are not FiM! It's hard to blame their authors, though, since Fimfiction still doesn't have a tag for A New Generation or for G5 in general. The main G5 characters do have character tags, but G5 as a whole does not. Not helpful, really not helpful.

Report Loganberry · 170 views · #G5 #A New Generation
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We need to harass knighty on Discord

And while they could use the "My Little Pony: The Movie" tag, while there are two movies with that name (making that tag already problematic), neither of them is the G5 movie.

People are also starting to use the Phyllis tag for Phyllis Cloverleaf, when it's actually for Phyllis the houseplant.

And it's not like they haven't known the movie was coming. They really should've had something in the works for this...

--Sweetie Belle

I expect more overlap in the future, though.


Agreed, and with the OP. Get this thing its own tag. It's only logical.

I have heard that a G5 tag is on the way, though I can't find any specific confirmation of that. The sooner the better, though.

Indeed, and the G5 movie doesn't have that title. It has its own subtitle (A New Generation) so that would work fine. Good point about Phyllis, too. The poor plant!

Well, if there's a genuine crossover then people can use two tags, just as happens now with FiM/EqG crossover fics. The story creator allows up to three series tags to be used, I believe. The tags just need to be there for people to use in the first place.

I really can't see why we don't have one already. As SweetAl Belle said, it's not as if the G5 film was sprung on us...

I don’t see why there is an mlpfim tag in a website called fim?

As opposed to Equestria Girls (which isn't strictly FiM) and now as opposed to G5, too. Not all the stories on the site are FiM any longer, so having the tag makes sense.

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