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I have no heart and my avatar makes everything sound sexual. Also, It's pronounced "sam-ee".

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I saw this screencap and I had to do this (G5 spoilers or something) · 6:38pm Aug 8th, 2021

Also, today is my birthday. I mostly spent it on the train, but I did get coffee from a somewhat suspicious place:

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Happy birthday! But I don't know about that coffee :unsuresweetie:

judging from the toilet paper, you got the coffe from a bathroom? Eghh...I wouldn't drink it. :trollestia:

Corona Cup, best birthday gift ever.

Happy birf~!

for your birthday I got you an I'm going to steal your clopfic reaction image

That is not toilet paper.

It's actually pretty good (also, I had corona last year, then I got vaccinated, I fear nothing).

It's cardboard. Using it as a toilet paper would've been an interesting experience.

Then you can drink corona while dabbing on the graves of your enemies or something.

Thanks :pinkiehappy:

You can steal it :twilightsmile: I actually wonder if in G5 they write fanfics about G4 Element Bearers...

I'm sure they do. The whole point of the thing (for me) is brony representation: characters who want to use the idealistic stories of FiM to improve their imperfect world. It was a beautifully meta idea, and I am the excite. :pinkiehappy:

Happy Birthday!

Soo... we're not gonna mention the Jaws reference? Harry Potter, I can understand, but how racist have ponies become to equate Unicorn horns with shark jaws?

Also happy birthday! Hope you're having a good one. And if not, hope you get some good days soon to make up for it.

oh, oops, I'm using a black and white e-reader screen, and it looked like a roll of toilet paper to me. LOL, my bad.

Maybe it's a pegasus movie. Like, unicorn's horn is emerging from the clouds like a shark's fin or something. Still, the implications are interesting.

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