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MINI WRITING CHALLENGE: Someone please explain to me how the hay this can be possible on Fimfiction!?!? · 12:41am July 27th

If possible (and only if you're comfortable with the risks), I challenge someone to write a story that meets the above criteria, while passing moderation and conforming to all Fimfiction rules. :pinkiecrazy:

Do send me the link to your story if you actually accept this challenge. If it's a really clever story, a small prize may be in order, but no guarantees.

Also, now that I have your attention :raritywink:, on an unrelated note...I've been getting HTTP 500 errors every time I try to upload cover art, which is delaying the publication of my next story. I've contacted knighty about the issue, but I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing the same issue? I think I figured out the problem. Cover images that are downloaded off Derpibooru will cause the HTTP 500 error.

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Mica #1 · July 27th · · ·

I've been looking around the FimFiction rules pages and I haven't seen anything addressing this Porn tag glitch. I'm starting to think that either I'm hallucinating or I'm missing something really big. :derpytongue2:

Apparently the people a couple weeks ago who wanted porn to be for everyone got their wish.

What a hellsite.

Kissing porn! Nothing but descriptions of cute G-rated kisses.

how the hay???

While it may be a web design oversight, having this implemented covers some niche cases, with which I am familiar. See, you may not know this, but it's certainly possible for people to get off without any material others would typically consider pornographic as long as they have the right kinks. Case in point, one of mine, Growth/Macro. Here's an example:

TTwilight's Diet
Twilight creates a potion to help her lose weight, and everything goes horribly right.
Klamnei · 7.7k words  ·  399  21 · 19k views

Admittedly, it's T rated instead of E, probably to play it safe, and Random, since this was before the Porn tag was implemented, but otherwise it and stories like it are why you'd want this functionality. It fits the genre without being explicit.

Does scenery porn count? :derpytongue2:

Don't mind me, I'm just being cute.png

Ah yes the porn is so family friendly. Mainly family :rainbowwild:

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