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A Cry for Help: The Curse of the Hurricane · 5:59am Aug 10th, 2020

This is not the way I wanted to come back.

I know it's been months. It feels like years. But once again, I find myself backed into a terrible corner with a ticking timebomb at my feet. I don't want to do this. I never do. But in the end, I have to put my family first. And today, they require me to do something truly desperate.

So much has happened. So much to tell. For one, I've come out socially as female. That's a plus.

However, the minuses often seem to dwarf this accomplishment. My family is falling apart, relationship-wise and health-wise. I struggle at work every day and my attempts at seeking something better have ended with failure upon failure. I've lost friends in the last six months, mainly because of my own stupidity and ineptitude. I left all of Discord for months because of my horrible mistakes. I've only just come back to the Nook in the last few weeks (and the panic attacks leading up to that were immense). I've struggled every day to get control of my idiot mouth, my maddening emotions and so much more.

Meanwhile, the world tears itself apart in pandemics, racial tensions, and horrible sexism. There's even been tragic turmoil in this wonderful fandom.

Despite all of this, I pray that you'll still find some pity for a foolish writer who's doesn't deserve your sympathy.

Someday, I want to tell the story of my Third Quiet War (yeah, third). But today is not that day.

Enough pity. I'm going to link what I've written on my Patreon page.

Hello there.

Once upon a time, this page was meant as a tip jar for the stories I would create in the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom. Now, it's something far more important.

In the wake of COVID-19, my family (just like so many others), has been put in an impossible situation. Forced to move at the end of August 2020 (the landlord is selling), we found ourselves without the monthly funds to make ends meet. With Painted mostly out of a job and me unable to land a better paying position, we've come to this place in a desperate attempt to find the funds to give us a home.

The current plan is this:

  1. Home - Before August 31 - find a new place to live.
  2. Painted's Job (Close) - If we find a place that's close to our current area, Painted can apply for both work as an ABA therapist (something she's already trained for) and expand her work with the YMCA. This will give us the money we need to actually make it work on our own.
  3. Painted's Job (Far) - If we move beyond our current area, Painted will have to start job hunting full-time, either in her chosen field or something basic, like bank telling.
  4. My Job - Search for something that better pays the bills at my current company WHILE looking for a better paying job outside my company. I can do my current job remotely, so I'll need to keep that in place, because I'll need to stay home and handle our daughters' education.
  5. Become self-sufficient so you no longer have to help us here.

This is meant as a temporary measure. If you wish to continue donating after that, I'd be incredibly grateful, but there's no pressure.

In fact, there's no pressure either way. I know everyone is in a financial hell with the nightmare COVID has forced upon us. No matter if you can donate only $1, that's $1 closer to making things work for us.

I hate this entire thing. I hate that I have to turn my quiet little tip jar into a desperate bid for survival. I don't want to do it. But I have to. I don't see any other option. We can't make the ends meet fast enough to survive.

So, I'm begging for your help. Give what you can, even if it's just fervent prayer. Because we need all the help we can get.


So there it is. I'm asking for any and all help you can spare. I know so many of you have so little. Please, don't feel guilty if you can't help. I know that if someone asked for my help right now, I could never give it.

But if you can help, please head over to my Patreon page and pledge something. We're desperate. And I swear to you that I will notify every one of you as loudly as possible the moment the current crisis is over (which should be in the next few months).

Please. Help us if you can. Whatever you can spare.
-Glinting Penny (AKA Amber Spark/Novel Idea)

P.S. I beg you, forgive me for coming back with a plea for financial aid.

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Still tipping you Penny.

You still using the Ko-fi, too? I can't do much over Patreon, but I can do one-timers.

Do you have a link

Good luck, ill drop some small money when my new card arrives. :fluttershysad:

Hey, where better to turn than a community that's all about friends? Here's hoping this will be enough to help keep you and yours afloat through the end of the month.

There's one in the author bio between name and tabs.

Two things have become abundantly clear to me recently: that the political and economic systems in the US are extremely problematic for the average person, and that I was fortunate in the hand I was dealt by fate, and should really be more generous. Hence, I've pledged at the $25 tier. Best wishes to you and your family. Stay safe, and good luck.

I'm sorry, that should have been on this page, I was so wound up, I couldn't think straight!!! It's fixed now!!!!

Do you have a ko-fi for the one time/irregular donations?

We all stick together here, Penny. You are part of this wonderful community and we're here to see you through, all the way.

I'll be sure and boost this as well. Take care, my friend. Good luck.

I'm really sorry about your situation and hope it improves in the coming months! :twilightsmile: I don't have the means to support you directly but I'll make sure to share this.

Hmmm.... I have $21 in my piggy bank I can give to you. Does mail work?

I can boost the signal, at least. And good luck to you and yours in these difficult times.

Hey don't worry about it, we're your friends.
You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

5333125 I'm pretty sure it'll be better for you as well. Ko-fi doesn't take a percentage of pledges like patreon does.

These days, everyone is either underworked or overworked. Being of the latter persuasion, I can afford to send a few bucks to help keep a family off the street.

It is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness.

That's very true, but we're trying to prove we have more monthly income and I can't use PayPal/KoFi for that~! Still, every little bit helps offset moving costs, helps us with deposits and more~!

Uhhh Idk. Are you able to donate?

I can't donate dollar bills?

You’re supposed to use Ko-Fi or Paypal or any other thing.

But I checked the patreon page and they reached $1,000.

Wow. Great job guys.

I want to help you, but I can’t

Finally sent some, good luck and hope things get better soon. 💗

I see you’re at $1,300 a month. I’m glad this has worked out so far for you! No one deserves what is happening to them right now; the world is in a tough place, and we all could use a little help and good cheer these days. I dropped a bit in the jar, what I can spare at the moment, and I’ll keep it up for a little while, until you’re back on your hooves. Good luck on the job hunting!

Was happy I was able to give something, hopefully your luck turns around @@

Comment posted by spyrofan354 deleted Aug 16th, 2020

I wish I can help, but I don't have PayPal. =( The only thing I can do is wish you good luck, and a follow....

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