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Fan since Gen1, Queen Chrysalis Fave Villain, love to write, draw, and read. I now have a Kofi page: https://ko-fi.com/queenchrysalisforever

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    Hello, all my wonderful fans, friends, and readers! It's been a few weeks and I haven't announced this anywhere else yet (only other place would be Discord, but I wanted to get this to everyone much as I could at the same time.)
    Anyway, the TLDR of it all is, we don't have to move, at least not yet.

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    I just need a little emotional support right now. x.x

    UPDATE: Read my comment below for updates. Also, updated the main blog post too at the bottom with a link to my Ko-fi page.

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Projects and Collaberations · 6:12am Jun 23rd, 2020

Wow, It has been far too long since I made a new blog. Since my 100 follower reward blog!

Anyway things have just been insane this month! (I'm sure it hasn't been much different for the rest of you around the world.) Work started again for me so I've had less time to devote to writing. Though it seems we might close again (according to a news article I was reading today) as our cases of Covid have doubled since we opened back up, will see what happens though. I, my family and friends are all safe, none of us has come down with the dreaded virus. Though we have had some apartment problems, (apartment above us has flooded, twice, recently and leaked into our own apartment. *shudders* Was not fun! Nothing was damaged though which is good as they caught it in time.)

Enough of real life drama though, since we are all going through a LOT of it right now I think. The main reason I am posting this blog (besides talking about projects I am working on, will get to that) is for a collab story I did with fellow members/reviewers of the My Little Reviews & Feedback group, from our discord page: Here . It is called Operation Exquisite Corpse, and actually hit the featured page! (Which means technically I have been featured now, woooo! :pinkiehappy:

TOperation Exquisite Corpse
An exquisite corpse story written by members of the My Little Reviews and Feedback Discord server!
The Red Parade · 14k words  ·  25  4 · 184 views

Go read it and enjoy the insanity and weirdness and just randomness of it all. It was a lot of fun to work on!

Now for the other projects: I've had so many story ideas lately with all this free time and have started work on a few of them. (Yes I keep getting distracted away from book 2 of Long Live the Queen... x.x I feel bad about it.) As some of you have seen by now, I started a prequel for Long Live the Queen, Behind the Curtains, that takes place just a few weeks after the wedding. That one is going well for chapter 3 and its going to be a fun one!
I also entered an Original pairings contest and wrote a short with Cozy Glow and Wallflower Blush, which many of you seemed to enjoy, A Budding Friendship. Good news, I will be writing a sequel to this! Not sure when yet, but it is in my plans as well.
If you haven't read either of these yet you totally should, as they are fun little stories, and Behind the Curtains will likely become semi-canon if not full canon to Long Live the Queen. Since the idea wasn't thought up until after Long Live the Queen though there may be a few inconsistencies, but they will be addressed near the end of Behind the Curtains. (Though if you notice any I don't, feel free to comment and let me know!)
Anyway with that, I do have one more project I might or might not post, that takes place before the Canterlot Wedding. This one is non-canon to my other Changeling stories, and is more so with the canon/comic Chrysalis instead and will have an alt universe tag. One that much of it has been done before (a clop fic with Queen Chrysalis, Shining Armor, and Princess Cadence) but the initial plot I don't think I have seen before, at least not with Chrysalis and the Canterlot Wedding. Don't want to give much more away right now, but if/when it does get done my pre-readers and I will go through and see if we think it should be published or just a fun little practice write.
Have a good night/day everyone, and I hope you can enjoy a few other reads while you wait on LLtQ book 2. ^.^

EA Budding Friendship
Cozy Glow is sent to Sunset Shimmer and friends after the events of season nine finale. She meets Wallflower Blush and the two reminisce on their pasts over popcorn and hot coco.
QueenChrysalisForever · 7.5k words  ·  13  3 · 413 views

[Adult story embed hidden]

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