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Have You Heard the One Where an Adult Nyx Walks into a Bar? · 6:52am Sep 4th, 2019

That may sound like the opening to a joke, but it is in fact a collaborative story! I helped contribute to the latest chapter of a story by Wanderer D, Sunset's Isekai. It's a bit more Nyx in an unexpected way, and hopeful something everyone can enjoy for what it is. Consider it another Glimpse.

As to my own writing project... I'm 2.5 chapters into something new after finally finishing all the stuff for the Bronycon books. I still need to back populate... all the edits. Ugh, I'm putting that off, but I promise to do it eventually. Online readers deserve the same typo fixes as everyone else!

Still, hope to post something new this year... hopefully in time for Halloween! Still, in the meantime, I hope everyone enjoys a bit more Nyx as she finds a very special bar in Sunset's Isekai.

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Comments ( 9 )

Ooh, nice. I've been following Isekai, so to see you're up for a Nyx collaboration with the author is great!


Yes. Always love new stories involving Nyx

Comment posted by SuperSonicHeroes deleted Sep 4th, 2019

I actualy just added this to my read later list less then an hour ago. Now I have even more reason to read it.

Ow this should be good

Sounds very exciting!

This post gave me cancer. :/

Well had the story on my read it later list but ended up starting it with your chapter. Loved it!

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