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Fic recs, August 13th: Live and Drunk edition! · 1:08pm August 13th

Yes, once again, fic reader André Luc Martinez has produced a live reading of several very bad fanfics, and I listened to it and reviewed them!

This really tested my conviction to do such things in the future. D:

Anyway, the first reading starts around 16:30, and he did Trixie's Nap Hole by Majin Syeekoh and DID SOMEPONY ORDER A LARGE HAM?! by Super Trampoline, which I've already reviewed, so I had to throw in a couple (appropriate) stories of my own to finish off the set.

This'll be the last one for a while. c.c;

H: 0 R: 1 C: 2 V: 0 N: 2

Shadow the Hedgehog and Twilight Sparkle: True Love by BleedingSequine
Genre: Sonic Crossover/Anthro Shipping
Shadow and his wife Twilight Sparkle have a cozy night as they await the birth of their child.
Look at that description. The jokes write themselves. And what's great about this story is the author plays it straight. No, the romance isn't good, and as the reader points out, it's a dick move drinking wine in front of your pregnant wife. But this was honestly okay? Almost heartwarming? If you can get in on the joke, it's even funny, because you know bitches be twisting themselves in knots over this shit.
Recommended for Badfic Connoisseurs

Regid Fart by BleedingSequine
Genre: Horror?
I went looking for the last fic (no links in the video, of course), and saw this one and became intensely curious, so I'm pleased we're here. :D Okay, no I'm not, I take it back. I came here for funny fart and poop jokes, and instead I got… this. D: That's what I get for getting my hopes up. So, uh, I dunno if this is horror, but it's definitely horrifying. It's also nearly impossible to tell what's supposed to be going on, so it kind of loses any potential heft by the end. All this to make a bad pun on Regidar's name? Why?
Not Recommended

Twilight Sparkle and Spike and along with Celestia try to conceive the known universe by BleedingSequine
Genre: Word Salad
I think I get it now. BleedingSequine stories are not meant for you to enjoy. They are consummate trolls. Not happy trolls, not the kind where you get in on the joke and have a larf. These stories are meant to waste your time, and the only person having fun is the author. So you can decide to sit there and try to fight it, inevitably losing in the end and giving the author what they want, or you can go do literally anything else. (Also, apparently the whole thing is a cheap Rick and Morty reference.) C'mon, André, read something else! D:
Not Recommended

"Something else" ended up being "The Gauntlet" by MCGemu. I'm not gonna review it because it's just a bunch of inside jokes I didn't get and not pony related at all. The one person in the world who needed to read it has.

Detective jakkid166 the Christmas Special by jakkid166
Genre: Trollfic
Detective Jakkid166 is mad the ponies don't celebrate Christmas, so he's gonna Christmas them all over if it kills them.
This was utter perfection. Lots of brilliant nonsense, a ridiculous plot, and a great cameo by David Bowie. The best part is definitely the ending, because oh boy I had started to worry that maybe Detective Jakkid166 had gone mad with power and not been a good detective! Hope that's not a spoiler. Highly Troll Recommended

Across the Universe by Xx soul sorrow xX
Genre: EQG/Zootopia/One Direction Crossover
Twilight finally brings all her friends through the mirror portal, but something goes wrong!
And this one's here because it was the lowest-rated story in my RIL! So normally I'm really against RPF (that's Real-Person Fiction for you noobs), but in this case, it's funny enough that I'll let it pass. There's so much to discover! This definitely did not go anywhere I expected it to, and that is a good thing. The ending might be a bit of a letdown, but I still enjoyed it.
Troll Recommended

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more trollfics!

Author Interviewer

And your carpet bombing paid off. :V It's a shame he picked one I'd already read.

Have you reviewed this one?

EAre We Not All Trash Doves, Eating From the Garbage Can of Life?
Trash Doves invade Ponyville, Twilight Sparkle is annoyed, Fluttershy is ambivalent, and everyone learns the slightly depressing yet also uplifting philosophy behind Pinkie Pie's party proclivities
Super Trampoline · 1.4k words  ·  30  7 · 598 views

The more I’ve thought about it over the past year, the more I’ve realized it’s the perfect Super Trampoline Story.

Author Interviewer

Someday! :B

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