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    I commissioned an image of Killer!Sunset's form as Nightmare Sunset.

    Credit for the art goes to Irina. Show her some love!

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    Hey everyone,

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    SunFlower Group?

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Rough Times Ahead · 2:37am Aug 8th, 2019

Well, today has been rough.

My roommate lost her job, and it's going to make our lives pretty difficult here for a while. Rent is gonna be tough, as some of you know we just moved into a new place and that was pretty expensive. This couldn't really have come at a worse time, but here we are. I'll be real with you guys, this is going to be a really hard time for me, so I'm sort of biting the bullet, swallowing my pride, and asking for help now before it gets bad.

Because I'm pretty sure it's going to get bad.

You guys have been my friends for over a year, you've read my stories and fallen in love with my girls along with me, and so I'm asking, not just for me but for a woman I consider to be a sister to me, if you can help I would really appreciate it.

Through all of this I will do my utmost to keep updating, in part because it will keep me sane, thank you for your time, and for reading this, I love you all.



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Comments ( 18 )

Hmmmm I’m not sure that link is working correctly

I think I fixed it, sorry. Today has been a pretty bad day.

No worries, just figured you wouldn’t get much help without a working link lol

that's fair, thank you :twilightsheepish:

Ah, I'm sorry about that; good luck.
I've boosted the signal here, for what it's worth.

thanks, I appreciate it, as always.

Just donated a little bit to help you out, I hope for both more donations and good things to come your way.

You’re an angel, my friend.

Comment posted by ponygrad deleted Aug 8th, 2019

Found this post because Reese followed me. Signal-boosting.

Wish I could do more, hope it helps.

Anything helps, thank you so much.

Have you considered writing commissions? I know of someone who does that on DeviantArt so it might work here as well.

Ow shit sorry about all that did all check the link out as soon as I get home from work

Hey I-A-M, just a recommendation, maybe you should make the link in bold & slightly bigger for more people to see.

I don't know you at all but D says you're cool so I helped :twilightsmile:

Thank you so much man, D has given me a lot of excellent feedback and advice over the past year and a half. He's a good friend and I owe him a lot for his kindness.

I'm currently out of a job as well, so the best I can offer are some prayers, but hopefully they'll help as well. Good luck!

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