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Out of Context Screenshot Theater #1449! · 9:59am Apr 29th, 2019

Tomorrow is a huge day in world affairs.

I honestly have not completely read up on all the details and everything I need to know for any public events and broadcasts, but the most important part is this:

Tomorrow, Emperor Akihito of Japan will abdicate the throne to the Crown Prince Naruhito, bringing an end to the Heisei Era after just 30 years. He will be the first Emperor to abdicate in over 200 years.

This monumentous event occurs directly in the middle of Golden Week, Japan's annual 5-day stretch of national holidays. As a result, Golden Week will extend to ten days this year, there will be a lot of coverage concerning the transition from the Heisei Era to the Reiwa Era, and probably Golden Week is going to "shuffle out" one of the "holiday because it's between two holidays" days and permanently rebrand it as Abdication Day.

This kind of thing doesn't happen every day. You'd do well to stay on top of it and follow the events.

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As her friends and the train engineer glared at her, Scootaloo tore apart all the luggage in a futile search for her sex toys. Twilight smirked because the toys were waiting for her back at the Castle of Friendship, along with some eager amigos.

For some reason Twilight is secretly enjoying Scootaloo’s activity.

Sweetie Belle: “Why am I always on bottom??”

I feel bad for Naruhito because stupid kids will just make memes of him being the next Hokage.

Isn't that what being an Emperor is all about?

:scootangel:: "What? It was stuffy in there!"

I see the new Emperor has a seventeen-year-old daughter, who cannot ascend the throne because she's female. I expect that to change once she's old enough to be Empress.

:scootangel: Uh, we can explain?
:twilightsmile: I'm sure you can...and I'll be sure to hear said explanation while you three are cleaning every room in my castle later this week: think of it as punishment for not asking permission to join me on my trip AND forcing me to replace the luggage you left behind in effort to stow away in my suitcases.
(cue unified groan from the Crusaders)

CMC: You mean EVERY room?!

Twilight: Keep asking, and I'll make you do it twice.


Sadly not gonna happen. After Emperor Naruhito is going to be Prince Fumihito, followed by Naruhito's nephew, Prince Hisahito

The Chrysanthemum Throne can only be inherited by men. There was debate about amending the rules to allow women to ascend to the throne, which have been suspended since Hisahito was born.

Prince Hisahito is all of 12 years old. Prince Fumihito is 53.

That's not getting into the fact that if a female member of the Imperial Family marries outside the Imperial Family, she is required to basically resign from the Imperial Family.

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