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  • 7 weeks
    Another Art and Writing Update Blog (or, I Have an OC Now)

    I promised a blog showing off art. It is about time I deliver on that. As the title says, one of these is an OC/ponysona/whatever the cool kids call them. There aren't any spectacularly big spoilers in any of them, though I'll just throw it out there that there are some original characters and the like. Check them out below the break. At the very end of showing off the pretty pony pictures that

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    17 comments · 333 views
  • 7 weeks
    Go read this thing or I shall claim your spleen

    Today is the birthday of my friend Curify. He released a wholesome story about the miracle of birf and discussing a variety of other tasty snack foods.

    You can trust me.

    TBabe, Why Is She Saying That Word?
    Flurry Heart learned a few new words that Shining is way more worried about than Cadance.
    Soaring · 5k words  ·  142  7 · 1.7k views
    6 comments · 87 views
  • 10 weeks
    Forever Mare Update

    Forever Mare has been newly edited and revised for print. This includes new content and corrections too. The old, shorter version is still accessible through Missing Pages. Having this new version out has also made it a great chance to release the sequel that I have had in my project backlog. Check it out below!

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  • 12 weeks
    New Audio Reading: On Deaf Ears

    The new version of On Deaf Ears has an audio reading! It's awesome stuff, and there is even an effect to show Discord is still in the statue. This has always been one of my favorite one-shots and seeing it made into a reading this good is wonderful, so please go check it out!

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  • 14 weeks
    Back to Blogging About How My Followers Should Properly Utilize Their Eyeballs

    It's no secret that I've not been able to throw words at my follow base recently. Or certainty not anything that wasn't already pre-written months in advance. While this is tough, I'm looking forward to summer and diving back into all my languishing projects, of which there have been more than I would like to admit lately. What I have also been overdue on are a few blog posts. I have art that I

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ΛSK░MΞ░ΛNYTHING! · 11:20pm Oct 27th, 2018

I haven't done an AMA in a while. This blog is meant to rectify that. Go on and ask me something in the comments! However many questions you want, I guess. I don't care. Though, don't ask me about story updates. Those are in progress! Please don't ask me to spoil my stories either. If there's some sort of lore that you're interested in that is a spoiler you really wanna know about, PM me.

today was not a good day so let's have some happy horses

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Why are you the worst?

If you knew a plushie was gay and did gay things with other plushies while you weren't looking, would you still cuddle it?

If there was a nefarious cult dedicated to you, what would you want them to sacrifice in your name?

Where do you see yourself and your horsewords one week from today?


If you knew a plushie was gay and did gay things with other plushies while you weren't looking, would you still cuddle it?

Since when do plushies have sexual orientations?

If there was a nefarious cult dedicated to you, what would you want them to sacrifice in your name?

Money, and lots of it.

Myself? Uh, probably very tired. My horsewords? Hopefully the next update for Enemy of Mine will be finished or close to it by then!

...That's about it.

Who are some of your top ever musical artists/bands and what are some of your top ever albums?
What music are you listening to at the moment?

>Who are some of your top ever musical artists/bands and what are some of your top ever albums?
Lord Huron, Arcade Fire, Nightwish, and Halsey come to mind right now. I also really like Hamilton because I am garbage.

Albums: Literally anything by Lord Huron, The Suburbs, Imaginaerum, OK Computer. Sometimes it depends on my mood, but I'll def come back to those pretty often. Also, Hospice. Hospice is what you listen to when you want to know s o r r o w. I mean, there's sadder stuff out there, but there's something very warped about Hospice.

What music are you listening to at the moment?

Was listening to some Arcade Fire a bit ago.

What is your favorite MLP story that you've ever read and what's something you're looking forward to reading?

I'm looking forward to reading this. There's very few stories in the fandom with true crime themes, so I hope it's good! I have a few that I would consider my top favorites, but this is one of them. It's epic, ambitious, and captivating, which is a lot of what I look for in a story.

Maybe I'll get answer to this question.
Where do you see yourself in two years, two decades and two centuries?

I still don't know how I'm the worst.

Two years? College.
Two decades? Oh god... I'd be more or less middle-aged by then. Oh shit. That's some scary stuff.
Two hundred years? Dust in the wind. Probably.

Everyone always answers dead to two centuries, its baffling!

You're looking forward to reading what? You didn't link anything at the first "this."

Do you have any good d&d names for a human rouge?

Who is the artist who made the picture of celestia and luna you used?
Because that picture is amazing

And why are yo so suprised by your popularity on this site? Your works are amazing.

How long do you spend writing and how often?

I usually aim for weekly writing days, but sometimes it's daily/every other day. How long I write can vary too.
https://derpibooru.org/1855116 sauce sauce

I'm surprised at my 'popularity' because most users really don't know of me. This is especially true on the site discord server. I do not see my name tossed around often or many of my stories widely circulated. However, I tend to judge this by notifications and story ratings too. I'm fairly niche. Knowing how 'horsefame' and the featured box, and other things on the site work always leaves me surprised when I see a story featured, my name tossed around, etc.

Thank you for the compliment too! :heart:

Gaylord F. Aget works as a full name if they need one. You're welcome!

I did not know you were a Nightwish Fan :twilightsmile:

i'm a fan of many odd things

4959463 Any other albums of theirs stand out beside Imaginaerum? That one's grown on me over time, but I'm still not the biggest fan of it.

endless forms most beautiful and dark passion play for sure

4959578 Dark Passion Play is my favourite; it's got so much variety. And the riff from Sahara is so very good.

[desert noises]

4959588 ...Endless Forms ends with ocean noises, so I guess why not? :twilightsheepish:

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