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Online Panel on Wednesday · 5:07am Oct 22nd, 2012

Let me just take a deep breath, pump my arms a little, roll my shoulders, that sort of thing, because speaking in links can be exhausting.

If you're anything like me, that link is now open in a new tab, awaiting your perusal, so I'll give you a brief explanation. This coming Wednesday, Wanderer D and Arcainum will be moderating a livestreamed panel of three authors. Those three authors are Municipal Engines, Pen Stroke, and myself. We're going to get together and answer some questions, mostly with a focus on writing. In the blog that I just linked, you can suggest questions or subjects for us to discuss. If you opt to watch the panel live via Wanderer D's livestreaming channel, you can ask questions then, too.

Just remember that you should be asking your questions over in WD's blog, not here. And it is very, very important that nobody brings up The Immortal Game's outstanding epilogue. Really, really important.

With that out of the way, I can honestly say I'm excited and terrified—I've never done anything like this before. I want to be funny, intelligent, charismatic, and most of all I want to incisively answer the questions that anyone might have. I'm worried I'll talk too long and hog the spotlight, or not contribute enough, or say something horribly stupid or offensive. Basically, this is a first date.

Now, were this a story, my fear would grow worse and worse as the big day approached. It would gnaw at me from the inside until I was certain I was going to fail and make a fool of myself. Then, with careful prodding and encouragement from my friends—which I'd have, in a story—I'd hit that panel and my fears would dissolve when faced with my love of the subject matter.

But this isn't a story. And fair warning—you know how you sound completely different to everyone else than you do to yourself? I've had my voice described to me as "Retard clown." So, I should be pretty easy to pick out.

Edit: Don't mention Rarity's Theorem, either.

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dont worry about your retard clown voice . I have heard Pen Stroke speak before. He literally sounds like a stereotypical computer nerd. IM not fond of my real voice myself.

Still having the authors of " the immortal game" and " past sins" together in the same place at the same time? I'm there.

Hoogie ga ga wooma neero nipple pinchie.

Can I mention The Rainbow Hypothesis? Or maybe Pinkie's Prophecy?

Outstanding as in "not yet here" or outstanding as in "IT'LL BLOW YOUR FUCKING MIND"? Number one for sure... Number two? Extremities crossed.

I was eating a Snickers bar when I read that.
I nearly died you sonofabitch.

439932 All according to plan. :trollestia:

I'm sure you'll do fine mate!

Oh... oh my god. Immortal Game and Past Sins in one spot? I must be there. Two of my top five. >.>

Haha, you did post about this!
Here is some pre-panel support.

You got this B.

You got this. :pinkiehappy:

Hopefully, you do realize that you will be bugged about the-chapter-that-shall-not-be-named, right? Cause you will. It may not be me, but someone will address that big pink elephant that's dancing a jig around the room at some point.

No offense to you or anything, and this is also just to get the question out of the way.... when will the epilogue be released?:unsuresweetie:

From speaking at people far too much than is strictly humble enough to avoid hubris, all I can say is breath, avoid babble like "um" and "er" and to speak slowly and clearly. Make a conscious effort to slow down and not eat the mic, and your audience will thank you for it.

I'm so gonna talk about Rarity's Theorem!

Whatever it is, uh.

You're living the plot of Sonic Rainboom! Good luck!


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