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Not really big on fanfic writing, but when I'm in the mood I'll jot something down from time to time. I'd much rather frequent sites like YouTube, DeviantArt, and Facebook

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So there was actually a deleted scene from Episode 3 of Season 7! And I have it right here! · 11:23pm May 5th, 2017

But because Knightly - and to arguably a greater extent, Meeester - are such fun-hating chocolate-starfish-gobbling hobos who temporarily ban people for putting episode content in their blogs, I can't show you the actual deleted scene. So I took the liberty of animating the deleted scene for you all. Because I'm a nice person. Because I love you all. And most importantly, because I'm not Mandopony.

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Comments ( 17 )

What does Mandopony have to do with it?


But mostly it's to do with that poo-eating grin of his. M'yes, quite...

4521601 But... KINDNESS!!!!

4521602 Kindness doesn't kidnap poor injured animals, nurse them back to health, and never allow them to leave its cottage or return to the environments in which they need to be in to survive. Kindness doesn't steal pets from their loved ones and fatten them so they can't escape. And kindness does not own the white hopping carrot-eating/humping Anti-Christ.

Does this make sense? It probably doesn't - I was going somewhere with this comment but I don't know, I think it sounded much better in my head...hmm...anyway, Mandopony can stick his mandolin up his bum.

4521606 But.... Mandopony is best pony!

4521608 You have 259 Followers, right? Refresh your page and look at the new number. That's because of me.

Enjoy having 260 Followers because in a minute I'll unfollow you just for saying that. XD

I posted your animation on my blog.

Dammit, due to me not having actual TV, I can't watch episodes when they come out and have to wait months for them to be released on Netflix. D:
guess this is going on my "to watch" list...

4521621 First of all; hang on while I unfollow Sky Blue CMC for liking Mandopony. He's been a very bad boy and needs to be punished for his crimes. One day he might earn my graces again...and...done.

Secondly; for what reason does thou havest for bestowing upon myself, a lowly servant slave jester of the court, with such honor and prize such as starring in a blog post of yours, thine Lord Scarheart of the Dancing Raccoons and Bouncing Baboons?

4521624 Netflix?

More like...um...er...


I nearly made that joke work towards the end. But hey, like a teenager during his first time with a pretty girl, it's hard to CUM up with good jokes on the fly! HA HA HA HA!

UniqueSKD's so going to Hell for this pun...

What's the outro music?

4521682 Lemme just look in my Downloads folder here...let's see...doo doo de bo bo doo...ah, the music is called Doobly Doo. It's royalty free music from a website that Scribbler uses for free music in her comic dubs. I thought I'd borrow a page from her book - no pun intended - and use the site as well to get free music, until I or rather someone else decided to make up a theme for me.

Until then - Doobly Doo will serve as my outro music. Also, I figured out how the Elements annotations work in YouTube's video editing program, so that saves me time editing suggested videos into my outro! Hooray!

Oh, but my dear Super Trampoline! Please forgive me for being so rude! I didn't even ask how you fared this beautiful dark evening, my bouncy friend!

Get it? Cause' you#re a trampoline, which is bouncy? No? Okay I'll come back to you when I get better material for my excuse for comedy. But what's up? Besides the ceiling and the sky?

4521624 You get a thumbs up
4521621 And you get a thumbs up
4521608 I am still disappointed in you for what you said earlier...but I'll give you a thumbs up anyway because I'm not a devoid of a heart and the ability to love. You get a thumbs up.
4521682 Oh, and you also get a thumbs up. I am in such a good mood tonight!

4521606 I was just lurking and then I saw this comment and it reminded me of Sharaloth's story, The Heart Thief. Just a random comment passing through. I'll link it if someone asks through pm.

Mandopony was the first brony face I saw on youtube. Then DustyKat I think.

Isn't Mandopony still a cool dude?
Or is the sarcasm lost on me...

4522414 Sigh...

I must place an order for more body bags. What size are you, Gyro? XD

Also, what is DustyKat like?

body bag size ?
I'd say a small. slim fit.

DustyKat has a nice mustache.
reminds me of a croissant.
does he still have that? I dunno, life's been busy.

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