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Dark Horse Status Update · 7:15pm Apr 3rd, 2017

The final, final outline is done. Took a long time, a lot of trials and tribulations, tons of feedback I'm extremely grateful for...

But think I'm going to be real proud of this one, when all is said and done. :yay:

Number of chapters left and current planned names, behind the cut. For those of you that prefer to be surprised.

As always, thanks for your patiance, and for reading. :raritywink:

#9 — Kallisti
#10 — Pure Air and Fire.
#11 — The Ugly A-Mare-I-Can't
#12 — Dangerous At Both Ends, And Uncomfortable In The Middle
#13 — Dark Horse

All planned out, say 20% or so if you will, and since I'm actually happy with the current ending I'm fairly sure the current line-up's here to stay.

Oh, and I've also dusted off an old Halloween special after getting a burst of inspiration. No ETA, but I hope to post it after I hit 400 (!) followers. :twilightsmile:

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Looking forward to it!

You see me shiver in anticipation.

I look forward to it.

Good to hear that progress is being made on this fic and things seem to be going well.

4482948 your avatar makes this comment perfect.

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