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Can't Seem to Find a Story · 8:36pm Mar 23rd, 2017

Well, as the title says, I can't seem to find a story. I don't know who the author is, nor the title, but I do know the key elements to the description.

In May the Best Pet Win, Rainbow Dash says "And that is why you'll never be my pet" to Twilight. So, Twilight turns into a pet to prove Rainbow wrong. However, now trapped in her form, she has to find some way to communicate to her friends what happened.

The description is something like that, or, at least, what I remember from it.

Other: Not Mature, has Twilight, not a human, not an anthro, not a crossover, and not a sci-fi.

EDIT: Well, even though I didn't find exactly what I remember seeing, thank you guys so much for helping out!

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If your Mature filter is on, that might explain why you can't find it.

It's not a mature story, and my filter is also not on.

That sounds like something Blueshift would write.

Doesn't seem to be him, thanks for the help, though.

Could you be thinking of Method Acting by Pascoite?

No, but I do need to read that.

Maybe it was taken down for some reason.

That sounds like a story Pascoite wrote for a writeoff a year or three ago, which I remember reading there. I don't think I ever read the published version (I assume he published it), but I'll take a look and see if I can find it.

EDIT: Found it! Turns out I did review the gussied-up version, too. It was, indeed, a good'n.

Beat you to it, buddy. I thought of the same thing. :raritywink:
Uh, spoilers for Method Acting now I guess. :twilightoops:


You may have answered first, but I think it's clear which of us answered with more panache :duck:

And yeah, it occurs to me that our title-dropping is pretty spoilery. Um... oops?


Sorry, That was my only guess. Should've read through the comments first!

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Cerulean may have answered it first, but Chris provided some backstory...

Anyway, don't worry about it Chris, you suggesting the same thing just means I have to go and read it...

I never saw this story before but followed the link from the blog. Knowing the end dampened it slightly, but I still liked it. Thanks!

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