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Minions Reflected · 11:58am Feb 16th, 2017

An amusing thought came to mind: Much of "To Where and Back Again" is an extended version of the climax of "The Cutie Map."

Think about it. After the Mane Six are incapacitated, four unlikely heroes have to try to fill their horseshoes with any available skills and tools. Also, two are unicorns, one can fly, and one can be really creepy in the right circumstances.

Granted, Night Glider never transforms into a glorious fairy moose, but no analogy is perfect. :raritywink:

Comments ( 20 )

Obviously, someone must now write a retcon fic where Night Glider actually was Thorax all along.

Author Interviewer

I rewatched Cutie Map yesterday and was thinking the same thing. Back then, it was refreshing, no wonder it feels like old hat now. :V

If you ever write a story about the new changeling hive or any of its members after this blog post, I demand the title be "Glorious Fairy Moose". :trixieshiftleft:

Or the plural of that. What's the plural of moose anyway? Meese?

Oh, wow, I never realized that. Dang it, now I can't unsee it!

Moosen. Glorious Fairy Moosen. :trollestia:

Nah. One goose, two geese. One moose, two meese. Grammar is overrated.
I also accept "mooseses". :derpytongue2:


Speaking as one who hails from glorious mooseland (No fairy ones yet sadly) I can with absolutely certainty say it's pronounced Moosealopaleethalozend(s) :pinkiehappy:

FoME, I love how your brain works. Tag me for editing again.

Many much moosen. In the woodsen. :scootangel:

What are you, FoME? Speaking German?

Darn, that was my next guess.

We Germans have "Elch" and "Hirsch". Not as easy to pronounce drunk, but sounds more badass. That's why we invented Jägermeister. :trollestia:

I was going for the Brian Regan reference, but I always enjoy learning more German words! :pinkiehappy:

Have one more: "Musterhausküchenfachgeschäft"


Model house food science shop?

Got to love them compund words. :pinkiehappy:

A glorious fairy moose once bit my sister... :unsuresweetie:

Model house kitchen specialty shop. :scootangel:

one can fly

Discord or Thorax? Both of them have wings.

and one can be really creepy in the right circumstances.

Are we talking about Double Diamond or Party Favor here? I think a case could be made for both. I mean, Party Favor raises uncomfortable questions about where and how he's hiding enough balloons to make a bridge.


Clearly, since octopus => octopi, and pegasus => pegasi, therefore moose => moosi. That's logic.


The user who made that comment has been sacked.

"Moosi" is actually the nickname of my coworker at my office. :rainbowlaugh:
Pronounced the German way, though.

Ah. It appears I grouped a couple of the parts of that compound word incorrectly in parsing it. Oh well.

What an oddly specific sort of store...

Slightly OT, but I rewatched The Cutie Map a few weeks ago and realized it doesn't fit the standard MO of the other Map episodes. In every Map mission since then, the Map has sent only the two most uniquely qualified Element Bearers to solve a particular friendship problem. The problem of Starlight brainwashing and oppressing the ponies of Our Town really only needed two ponies to resolve - Fluttershy and Twilight. Yet the Map assigns all six there because...I don't know. Maybe it wanted to give all of them a tutorial at the same time.

because it was Episode 1 for that season, and protocol for writing shows is that each Episode 1 is required to give any first time watchers a brief tutorial of all main protagonists.

Well, it's actually a brand name. Been some time since I've seen an ad for it, but it was pretty big a decade or so ago.

But yeah, we Germans know how to sew a bunch of words into one big mess. :scootangel:

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