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Status Update — #9 · 1:12am Oct 12th, 2016

Cross-posted from my front-page.

Next chapter #09 — ~10% Done — 0 Words.
(Outline done, but nothing written yet.)

For the obvious follow-up question, I'm hoping for an update on Dresden's birthday, (31'st) but I'm currently sick with a bad cold, and you guys know me and the accuracy of my ETAs by now.

Would be cool, though. Both in timing and the two updates in a month thing, but no outright promises right now.

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Well, rest, take a lot of fluids and chicken soup. Cream honey, not that red supermarket crap, is good for the throat.

Get well soon, and oust the infernal creation that plagues you!

Glad to see the 'chapter of doom' is finally (hopefully) past. Get well soon! I'm rooting for that deadline.

You might want to consider starting to write for one or two of your other stories, just as a general comment on that. Honestly, I think the last chapter would have been done a lot sooner if you'd had something different to write every so often to take your mind off of it. Bring in a bit of fresh air by doing different characters in a different style, that kind of thing. It tends to help me when I'm stuck on a project - just going to do something else for a while can make it a lot easier to get back to the original problem.

Whether it's the other Dresden story, or the one about the robots, or even the crazy alicorn one... I think it'll help in the long run.

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