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Cryptid Creations · 7:45pm Apr 20th, 2016

One of my friends directed me at Cryptid Creations yesterday, an artist who draws a daily pun-based animal drawing every day.

No, it wasn't my cousin here, who apparently decided to pose for them.

If you're a fan of terrible puns and cute animal art, he's definitely worth checking out.

The most dangerous of all amphibians.

This is a bit obvious but it is too cute to not post.

Applejack hates these.

Tell me I'm pretty!

It's like the worm in the tequila, except with poisonous tentacles.

Tragically, they're an endangered species in this blog.

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Those are amazing.

If anyone uses the crab apples in a fic, I must know about it. If I don't get there first.

The best part is how, given Equestria's pun-based ecology, this blog could act as a treasure trove of potential species, both as background pieces and the cruxes of stories.

Well, the best part may actually be the sheer adorability. Bit of a toss-up there.

those crab apples though :rainbowkiss:

I was debating not linking to this because I wanted to use the crab apples, but I couldn't think of anything really good off the top of my head to use them in save as a spot gag (someone comes to talk to Applejack about a problem and she's off dealing with the crabs. The varmints!). Or a terrible story about Rainbow Dash (or Rarity... or Twilight) freaking out after finding out that Applejack has crabs - which would prevent me from using it as the cover art as it would give away the joke. And that simply wouldn't do.

Hopefully someone comes up with something good, because I want to read it.

I love the BookWyrm. And the rest of them. Darnit, there goes another fraction of my day, but well spent.

It's a veritable cornucopia of animal puns! Thanks for sharing. :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

Crab apples are amazing. Can't figure out what that first one is, but I appreciate a good axeolotl. :V

... an artist who draws a daily pun-based animal drawing every day.

This announcement has been brought to you by The Department of Redundancy Department.


Author Interviewer

Okay, that's a stretch. >.>

I guessed Monitor Lizard. But Book Wyrm is better.

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