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Hey everypony! I'm gay now! · 1:28am Jan 23rd, 2016

And look who I've gone gay for!

Nah, I'm still straight really. But if I did ever need to go gay, it'll be for this guy right here. Fuck off Superman. You've been replaced by the best OP hero of all time.

Sorry, I got that last part wrong.

I meant to say..."he's just a guy who a hero for fun."

A little bit of wee comes out at that line every time.

I must change my pants...

Actually now I wanna see One Punch Man fight Superman now. DEATHBATTLE! GET ON IT!

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Thought you were in love with twilightlovesdash or something.. sorry forgot her exact name.

And I was ready to say a lot of stuff supporting you coming out.:twilightblush:

It wouldn't even be a fight.

3706027 I just talk to her. I don't even get pictures from her.

I'm worried that the love interest between me and her is...fading.

So..I gotta keep options open if we aren't going to be a thing anymore.

I want us to be though.

In a battle between Superman and Saitama, the winner would be Goku.


3706078 Ahh... good luck in all your pursuits! :twilightsmile:

3706118 He's died twice dude. Just...just let it go already.

He isn't going to get a third chance.

But One Punch Man, however...HE could be the key...

3706135 OPM is like the Japanese equivalent of Superman: He's ridiculously overpowered without even having to try, and in the end, he's a great comedy.

do you notice a few weeks ago how suddenly there were like at least three 1 punch man stories in the feature box?

anyway glad you've discovered a good anime. Now go watch cowboy bebop.

3706161 I love him for the fact that he actually wanted people to hate on him in order to make them respect the Hero Organization more, so he wouldn't be relied upon so much. That was a noble act and it was deserving of a lot of respect.

3706163 It's funny and it makes overpowered characters look likable.

Now I am saddened by the fact that some idiot somewhere will soon butcher the brilliant idea.

3706022 Hey OPM is isn't mkay...its

God this opening...I hope they greenlight it for a second season but sadly studio madhouse only does one season adaptations

3706227 fine, I won't say m'kay


3706260 I'm not really gay if that is what the reaction was for.

Also, I like this bald weirdo. But your opinion is respectable as well, so say what you must and everyone else can just shut up and accept that not everyone likes One Punch Man.

3706280 not a fan of Dumb Lunch Man, sorry bud.

3706313 But you know what I mean right? Like, he kills nearly ever villain with one punch, and when people begin to notice this, he basically tells them that other heroes made the enemies weak just to make the heroes look better so that people wouldn't depend o him entirely.

That's respectable. A hero who doesn't do it for the admiration. I freaking love this guy!

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