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  • Tuesday
    Wear A Mask

    Really hope I don't need to tell my wonderful friends and followers this... But please wear a mask when you leave the house! Remember you aren't just protecting yourself but everyone around you!

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  • 2 weeks
    I'm Back!

    I even wrote something! And I'm working on the next chapter of Melenial History Cure! Right now with my co-writer! I'm finally out of my writer\s block and I'm so glad to be back! I missed you all!

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    In regards to An Alicorn in Pegasus Coating

    Hi guys,

    So in the last oh 5 months or so I've received several PMs requesting information about the continuation of this fic. And, honestly, I'd love to be able to tell you all don't worry! I'm working on it! It'll be coming super soon!

    But, I can't.

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    Surgery is over!

    Everything went great! She's in a fair bit of pain but the surgery went beautifully! Thank you so very much for your thoughts and prayers! This pic was taken just prior to surgery.

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  • 24 weeks
    Day of Surgery

    I woke up at 5 am without any of the trouble I normally do... Wearing the silly teeshirt my Husband and I got special. I don't have a single bad thought on my mind. I can't afford too.

    The surgery starts at 7 AM Pacific Standard Time. Please keep my Mom in your thoughts at that time. Her name is Merrilee Porter.

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Mother preview · 12:34am Jan 19th, 2016

Preview of Mother Chapter 5 below.

“From what Spike and I found in the cupboards? No, it seems that grocery shopping was forgotten after you became a princess though that isn’t unexpected.” Luna stopped at the bottom of the stairs to see Twilight still at the top frowning “Do you need some help?”

“No, no I can do this. They just look much bigger now than they did.” Twilight got down onto her belly to examine the stairs her ears pinned back as she studied them. Spike came over to stand next to Luna and quickly covered his mouth with both claws to stay quiet while Luna did her best to bite her lip Oh, Twilight, you are just so adorable

After a few minutes of study Twilight poked her tongue out and put both of her forehooves onto the next step at once followed quickly by her back legs she sat down on the step for a moment then repeated the motion moving slowly so not to slip. After three more steps of this she felt comfortable with her method and was able to increase the pace until the bottom step which she slipped on causing her to land on her belly at the bottom of the stairs. “Expiwimentation is still necessary it seems.”

Report Foals Errand · 654 views · Story: Mother · #spoilers #adorable spoilers
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Comments ( 9 )

So CUTE! Hope to read the. Hope to read the chapter soon

Cute, I can't wait for the rest, I'll seee you at the next chapter... or blog post if that comes before the chapter.

That was just too cute, someone needs to turn that scene into an art piece.

Omg this is adorable!! I agree with the one who said this needs to be depicted as an art piece!!

WHEN will you post it?!?!?!?

When it is finished and edited and not a moment sooner... By the end of January

Awwwwww this is too cute

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