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Well, I'm just not good enough. · 1:59am Nov 6th, 2015

Note: If you take this post to its "logical conclusion" and act on it, I'll be forced to have my story's Luna pay you a visit. Capiche? Good.

One of my long term goals has always been to get my story into The Good HiE List. The exclusivity! The fame! The *cough* fortune! *cough* I even had a folder all picked out, so the only thing still missing was to actually have Alex end up in Equestria. (Spoiler alert...)


The Good HiE List revamped their folders and adjusted what/how they accept submissions. No longer needing to meet certain criteria and being unable to go with my original intention, I decided to slap To Love a Pony in there. Well, it didn't work. Apparently faster pacing and smaller chapters are also criteria. :ajbemused:

Meh... :rainbowwild: I already wasn't in there and I don't really need to be. I'll blaze this trail on my own!

(With the help of all of you, of course.) :scootangel:

Report Shachza · 682 views · Story: To Love a Pony · #tags #hashtag
Comments ( 24 )

Aww, don't worry too much about it. If they won't accept your story due to technicalities, it's their loss.

So far, yours is probably the most realistic and credible approach on HiE I have read so far. Admittedly we've yet to see actual HiE (only PoE so far), but I have faith in you. Don't disappoint me! I really like your story, don't make me regret sticking with it for so long.

Well, if it's any consolation, I've been rejected from Equestria Daily a time or two.

That's probably no consolation.

Have a somewhat disgruntled Silver Spanner.

Not to rub it in, but my story is in the Good HIE List group. Only because I used to be an admin for them, though.


I've been rejected from Equestria Daily a time or two.

Meh. EqD is overrated. Sure, it's a good place to get your story noticed, but their standards are way too high, and a few of their prereaders are pretentious "academics".

Screw the 'experts'. Write for yourself. It's perfectly fine to be selfish as a writer.

JBL #5 · Nov 6th, 2015 · · ·

Well, it didn't work. Apparently faster pacing and smaller chapters are also criteria. :ajbemused:

Meh... :rainbowwild: I already wasn't in there and I don't really need to be. I'll blaze this trail on my own!

Damn, I was sure you were going to declare in a blaze of self-righteous anger that you'd show them by updating faster and having faster pacing. :rainbowderp:

Not to be over enthusiastic... I cant... BUCKING. Wait for the next chapter... And honestly as a few people have already said. You probably have one of the... or even MOST realistic approach to a HIE fic out there now. I mean holy crap a language and name set that you came up with or were inspired by something to make... You haven ceased to impress me yet so keep it up this story is amazing so far!

Damn I love reading to much for my own good...

You are on the good HIE equestria list. My good HIE equestria list ;)

Wait, lemme get this straight, they rejected your submission because it's lengthy and drawn out? As if that's just automatically a bad thing?
I may or may not have to go nerd-rage at someone.

That is an oxymoron.

Your story is on my good HiE list. There's only one story on this list.

Well, that's dumb. This story is amazing. Their loss, dude.

"Good HIE List" has a clop folder, lol. Says it all about the quality standards right there.

Damn straight. I for one, love your story (even though your cliffhangers are worse than waiting for Fallout 4 on Nov. 8th.)

The exact reason was "passing [sic] is slow. fuckin [sic] killing me with the length of chapters too." Amusingly, this directly followed a rejection for "spelling and grammar errors". As for the chapter lengths, I'd point out that they've got Blue Angel in there, which has two 30k chapters and many chapters in the high 20s.

3523817 3523856 3523895 3523917 3523939 3523961 3523964 3523974 3524015 3524031 3524042 3524083 3524145 3524155 3524254

I'm honestly not upset about it; I'm more amused than anything. After all, I've also noticed a number of questionable (from my end) reasons for denial. I know mikesnipe is horribly put upon as one of the few, if not the only, reviewer of new stuff, but The Good HiE List isn't what it's supposed to be if stories are being refused/accepted for reasons outside the established criteria (IE, arbitrarily). For example:

The Impossible

Status: Denied

Reason: Human is pregnant with pony child, meaning this human has already adjusted to life in equestria.[sic] Will accept resubmission for second opinion from another admin.

First; what? Second; someone hasn't read the whole story...

Being hosted in the group was just something that I felt would be neat to be, but I'm not going to fret that apparently I won't. I just wanted to share the :facehoof:


That sucks that you didn't get in the group for reasons that seem a bit... off... I kind of have to laugh at the excuse of chapters being "too long/drawn out" though. Of course that could also possibly just be me since I have read two stories with more than 1.5 million words and one with over 2 million (MLP Timeloops, Diary of a Madman, and The Chase if anyone wonders) and i've seen a chapter with 50k words at one point.
I think the slow progression in the story is an integral part of it, they have to work things out and build up trust. I see too many other stories that just jump straight into the relationship and it feels tacky, I guess is the best way to say it. I saw one having the protag get married to Fluttershy in literally eight days after coming to Equestria, I have high tolerance for poor stories but I have to say that was a MASSIVE rush job.

You do not need to be featured on any specific group to be a good writer. Don't gauge your importance or skill as an author on whether or not you fit into a specific niche. Find value in yourself and the adoration of AVID fans of your work (such as ME). We love the world you've woven and we await more of your slowly unraveling epic.

3523974 Or go try to divide by 0.

Screw smaller chapters!

There's only one thing to do.

Start your own group, with blackjack and hookers.


That's an amazing idea! :pinkiehappy:

"The Good Blackjack and Hookers Story Group!" :rainbowlaugh:

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