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The Sound of Silence, the teaser · 10:32pm Sep 14th, 2019

Personally, I think it would be filled with the cries, threats, and lamentations of deprived readers.


I sat down to write this because I needed to check in, post some things, and make an announcement. I wanted to comment on To Love a Pony and how much I love the idea of a Christmas chapter. Deadlines are good for motivation, and last minute panic is still motivation. (But let's not let it come to that.)

And then my cat's lap sense went off, and now I'm down to one functional typing hand.

Well, the most important piece of information, and I know this is last minute - sloth; it's how I roll - but if anyone isn't aware from The Barcast group, I've agreed to be interviewed. Tonight. At 7pm Eastern US time. So... in 30 minutes. :twilightsheepish:

You can find the group here: The Barcast Group There's a forum thread for asking me questions during the interview, and as far as I'm aware, anything goes. Anything. (That doesn't mean you'll get a straight answer out of me! Muwahahaha!) This will be live. It'll be streamed. And it'll be here, as far as I'm aware: Barcast Discord

Chances are pretty good there'll be some TLaP discussion. (I can tag in the story now, right?) After all, I'm sure everyone has the same question: "Chapter when?!"

P.S. I'll do more later when I have more time and less lap cat.

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Comments ( 7 )

/me crying hysterically
Thank for the update!
Christmas chapter definitely sounds great! :)
You readers will remember this date ;)

It's okay. I'm already convinced the next chapter will take a total of four years, but it'll be 70,000 words long when it gets here.

So im curious have you thought about uploading your story to a different website? My little pony is ending/ has ended. I am wondering what will happen to this site? will people still use it? Stuff like that. There is one author I know who is also post to furaffinity and sofurry now.

The fandom won't end just cause gen 4 does.

All is right with the world again

What will it take to get you to write on your story some more

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