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    The Plan Going Forward

    Now that I have announced my return, it's important I let everyone know where I am in life and what I am meaning to do. Before I get into any details, I want everyone to know that I love you all. Seriously. I haven't posted a single damm thing in... what? 4 years?! Something ridiculous. I genuinely thought this website would be nonexistent by now and I am pleasantly surprised to see that I'm

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    I Don't Remember How To Work This Site???

    My friends,

    It has been much too long. I was away for a bit but never gone. I am trying to come back. Still writing a bit. Doing lots of outlining. Stay tuned my friends.

    I know exactly how I want to end my stories, it's just a matter of how I get there. I love you all so much and have missed you dearly. I hope if I update my stories that you take a look at them.

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  • 279 weeks

    I know everyone has been waiting a long ass time for EVERYTHING, but the waiting is soon to come to an end.
    And then probably continue again, but we'll deal with that later.
    I am going to update This Magic Moment AND I Can't Help this Friday night and/or Saturday morning.

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    Alright Check It

    I've actually been working quite a lot, even though none of you reading this believes me in the slightest.
    Let me do a quick rundown of wtf I've been doing.

    This Magic Moment

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  • 323 weeks

    Told y'all it'd come back at some point. Now that I got the ball rolling with it hopefully I'll keep it going.
    No one wants another 2 year hiatus, I'm guessing.
    Enjoy the two new chapters I posted. I worked really hard on 'em. I had to reread my whole story like 4 times to get all the facts straight, and even then it was really hard.

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I'M SO HAPPY · 3:48am Sep 22nd, 2015

Evening everyone. I got some shit to say, primarily about ICH.

I always release my chapters late af, like this past one I published at like 3 in the morning. Like, 45 seconds after I published it, I checked the "active reader" count thing they have on here now (love that thing btw) and I already had 15 people reading it. It was 3 in the damn morning! It really made me happy to see how much you guys seem to like this story, I love it!
Then I always wait a few days to let all the comments come in, then I read them all in one go. I just did that. Traditionally, I always brace myself before coming on here and reading the comments to my stories. There's always a few comments that I don't like, but people will write what they write and I deal with it. NBD. The only times I don't feel nervous while reading comments is when I have a new chapter of WMW, cause the 7 or 8 people still reading it seem to like what I'm doing all around.
HOWEVER, as I sat and read the comments, waiting for a comment that was really a 5 page essay on why I fucked up, I gradually realized...
There wasn't one.
Everybody seemed so pleased in one way or another with this last chapter! I love it.
To be honest, I've been trying to purposely fuck with your guys' heads the entire story. I throw in little bits and pieces of info in the story, just to try and trip you guys up. But for the most part, you guys can predict every thing I do. It's frustrating for me.
Except this time!
I don't know why, but the fact that I finally confused most people just makes me so happy.
My favorite thing was one person wrote "What the fuck is even going on anymore?"
And it had ten up votes! At least 10 people are confused, and that makes me happy.
Everyone is confused, I'm not, and I love it! Everyone has their own reactions to Daring leaving. Some think she's a grade A fuckstick, others think it's a trick, others think whatever they want. It's awesome.
Only a few people sorta have a good idea of what's going on.
I was hoping you guys would like Aryanne as a new character, and most of you seem to.
Some of you are very perceptive and have accurately hinted at what's going to happen. Most people are confused, and I want you to be. It'll make it all better in the end.
A lot of people (I can't gauge how many exactly) really hate the shit out of Daring. We'll see where that goes, as I sometimes change the plot of the story around based on what you guys think. I shouldn't do that, but I do. A lot of people really like Aryanne but hate nazis. We'll see where that goes too. It'll be fun.
Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to say that I'm happy. Literally every single chapter I get a few comments that are paragraphs and paragraphs long telling me what I fucked up on and why I'm wrong. Glad to see I didn't have to go through that this time. I'm sure I will next time.
I always think, "If you got such a huge problem with how I'm writing this story, how are you possibly still reading it? I update it so erratically and it's so long that you should've been gone a long time ago."
But people will do what they do. I keep writing for those of you who actually enjoy it.
It should just keep getting better. Maybe not any less confusing for now, but better in other ways.
(winky face)

Working on it. God bless those who read the damn thing, y'all are the best. Don't have the next chapter outline yet, but I basically got everything after that. Just gotta see what I'm going to do next.

Just started writing this one. It'll be a while. It's been so long I have to keep going back to check what I already did, it's a pain in the ass. For those who have literally waited years for this shit, I got you.

BTW, for those who keep correcting my grammar, I love you guys, but I'll never fix it. I suck at grammar. I had a grammar class in high school, barely passed with a D. I just don't get it. I like writing, I'm not horrible at it, but grammar just sucks. Y'all can keep trying, but I'll never learn. I just don't get it.
God bless you anyways.

Report ScatMan2001 · 659 views · Story: I Can't Help ·
Comments ( 20 )

As long as the dude doesn't survive a nuclear blast in a fridge, you're doin fine in my book.

Honestly, it's reminding me quite a bit of the indiana jones stuff, and even though I've never watched any of the movies all the way through... I've got enough of an idea that when your life gets better because you're now the captive of nazis... Honestly... it was probably a step up from what was going on. In fact, I am kinda hoping the pony nazis are going to win because Daring was just a tease and a douche throughout most of the story. Sure she had her moments where she was nice, but the whole... treating him bad so that this could finally be a reveal...

I've read a lot of books and know that this is some sort of red herring or Chekhov's gunman waiting to go off, but I honestly think that the Nazis are a step in the right direction for Jay.

AND THAT'S WHAT THE STRANGEST PART IS!!!! People are actually HOPING that the Nazis win!

All in all though, excellent work

you sir have got me stumped and i really hope you don't take another three months for the next chapter. I don't buy for a second that daring would up and leave like that or at-least that she will stay gone...it felt too out of place but as for what is going on i am lost. i have come up with ideas on everything from this is all just a heat hallucination to a double cross to (really reaching here because i doubt most people know about it) Nazi brainwashing.

I really love your fic, even if I don't really care for second person stories ICH is easily one of my favorites (Seriously, check my user page, it's in my top favorites). please keep up the good work, I'm really excited to see what happens next chapter. :twilightsmile:

It isn't techinally a good thing if your readers are so confused that they can't make heads or tails of the story, ya know.

I refuse to accept that Daring is leaving with malicious intent. Even if 10 chapters ahead she hasn't come back I won't accept it, until Daring returns or I see that 'complete' tag I WILL HOLD OUT HOPE. I love Daring alright. Also TMM may have been the first of your stories that I read but ICH is more fun so... more please. I can't stand cliffhangers when I know it will already be so long until the cliffhanger on the end of the next chapter, haha. But seriously, I love ICH and that last chapter was very good, I'm really hoping that we get a new chapter fairly quickly. :twilightsmile:

I hate Daring! Her treatment of Jay is unacceptable. His understanding of the world is equivalent to that of a child. Daring is his one and only support, guidance, EVERYTHING, and she is constantly antagonizing him, jest adding more stress onto a situation that was already stressful enough to make a person snap. Jay is a saint for lasting has long has he did.

Other then not leaving him to die (and she needed to be threatened to do that), Daring hasn't helped Jay, and has actually been making things worse for him. And what attachment Jay douse have to daring could be attributed to Stockholm syndrome. Remember Jay is trapped in an unknown world and about his only contact with someone not actively trying to hurt him, is Daring.

3411250 You sound like a Game of Thrones fan trying to convince themselves that- ...on second thought, that could be a rather large spoiler.

Ser Pounce is Azor Ahai

Why do you release your chapters at 1 AM? What possible benefit could that have to anyone?
Excluding yourself of course. Sadist.

One could say that our confusion is partly the point. After all, we're supposed to emphasize with the protagonist, and he was blindsided.

I love the story and you have no idea how hype I got when I saw the update. Keep writing dude I'm loving the work :rainbowwild:

Glad you're enjoying yourself, boss.

~ I was one of the first 15 to read update

Comment posted by Austerx deleted Sep 26th, 2015

Lol. I work nights. And I was on when the notification popped up.

After reading the last couple of your blogposts, it has become apparent to me that you are underestimating your own success.

Hey! While you guys are waiting, why not read a bit of WMM? I'm sure the 5 people who do read it will enjoy the company.

The only times I don't feel nervous while reading comments is when I have a new chapter of WMW, cause the 7 or 8 people still reading it seem to like what I'm doing all around.

You make it sound like you're speaking to a group of people who show only a modicum of interest in your stories. WMW in particular has over a thousand views and a hundred likes, so obviously there are a lot more than 5 people reading it.

ICH has over 10k views, and over 1900 likes, while TMM has 27k views and 1700 likes (more than twice the views but less ratings? how does that work?). That's a lot more success than most writers get on this site, and you deserve it.

Believe it or not, Scatman, your stories affect people in powerful ways. After I read the last chapter of ICH, I literally couldn't sleep that night because I was pondering over why exactly Daring acted the way she did and why she seemingly betrayed Jay. I reread the chapter searching for any sort of hint or clue that Daring might have given off to try and warn Jay of what she was about to do. Furthermore, my perception of Daring as a character has changed, and I will always hold future renditions of the character from other stories to the standard that I believe ICH has set. I'm sure many more of your readers feel the same way.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: don't neglect your stories because you think people don't care! More people than you realize eagerly await the next chapter of each one of your stories, especially TMM and ICH.

You should at least correct the grammar if someone points it out. Incorrect grammar can be distracting.

INB4 Jay becomes pony supremacist

I'm so so so keen for the next chapter of this magic moment, it's literally the second fanfic I read when I first started. Keep up your awesome work ScatMan we love you for it

:'((((( BibleThump


I love you ScatMan2001

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