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[New Article] - User Busted for CP · 4:16am Aug 19th, 2015

Hey folks. Captain Morgan here, and I'm just here because Karma's too lazy to blog herself. Basically, she/he/it wrote a new article about a user who recently got busted for child pornography possession and tried to garner sympathy with a sob story on his blog. It's pretty disgusting. You can find the story in the link down below.

So, go read it, or go read Horse News' own excellent article on it, or, my favorite option, read them both. Anyway, that's about it. Seeya next time we feel like doing anything.

--Captain Morgan, F2P Resident Pirate

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Comments ( 25 )

That link goes to the wrong article.

3330615 What are you talking about? There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with it and I certainly didn't have to edit it and fix the link. Dammit Morgan you incompetent fuck.
Nothing to see here. Move along, citizen.

Story Approver

Reminds me of someone I knew with 3 Article 15s, CP downloaded on his unprotected router, as well as controlled substances in his possession... Some people are just special.

don't ever touch cheese pizza kids

What I find hilarious is that he claimed to be out on bail. After CID clearly spent time to run his ass up to civvie trial (and why not SPCM?) Dunno how the Army handles that shit but in the Navy, his ass would've been in the brig until the court-martial.

(Oh wait, I do know how the Army would handle it: my wife, who was in the Army, said his pansy-ass would've sat in the stockade.)

Frankly, none of his story matches shit, and I'll bet we'll see him "miraculously" back in a month or two. Hopefully his ass really is in deep shit and we'll read about it next month on Military.com.

Parasprite and Proper Noun always come in to be the voices of reason and I love it.

Well, this drama is a rather impressive mix of utterly disgusting and incredibly stupid. Quite surprised to see certain users defending him so vehemently. Friggin' amazing.

This is some quality drama right here. I'm going to give a full read of that blog's comment section when I can. Any argument involving Parasprite always fascinates me.

I can't believe there are people in the comments of his blog actually defending his downloading and possession of CP. :facehoof:

Eeeyyyy I believe I reported this drama to you guys earlier today. Where's my recognition? #notappreciated

But all jokes aside, I'm finding it unbelievable that I'm feeling sorry for the parasprite. Didn't know she went through such horrible events and while this guy seems to feel remorseful, he should still face the consequences and uh flat out does not need internet defenders. The people who are defending him just baffles me. Also that one trump has an avatar of MoonMoon so I'm somewhat not surprised at his stupidity.

This guy is getting what he deserves, no way around that. The fact people are trying to defend this jackass, now THAT'S where we reach critical amounts of fucked-up. I mean, have we really gotten THAT desperate to vilify our courts of law that a criminal can't be thrown in prison without thousands of people screaming for their release?

3330820 Well people are still defending Darren Wilson. That guy is still walking free.


Eeeyyyy I believe I reported this drama to you guys earlier today. Where's my recognition? #notappreciated

We've actually known about this since the fighting started in the page's comments two days ago. If you only did it today, then no recognition for you. Get faster, scrub.

3330905 Well obviously it's a joke. Of course I knew I wasn't gonna get credited for the information if Horse News already covered it. They still get the last laugh since they did it before you.

3330927 And we will forever live in the shame of knowing Horse News will always be better.
Forever and ever. Till the end of time.
And I know it's a joke but why not run with it if I can?

Author Interviewer

So are we to believe that he has not, in fact, committed suicide? Because I took that journal as a suicide note when I read it. :B

Huh, this sounds a lot like the sob story I heard about in Christian Bronies where I was supposed to feel sorry for a broken person who walked right past every opportunity to get out of or avoid a shit situation.

*Checks blog post*

Well, whaddya know? It is the same guy. Personally, I thought it was just a new low in the attention-seeking bullshit sob story market. Not surprised it blew up when someone finally called him out.

You know, two years or so ago if you had told me that Para would ever be talking sense while Jordan179 spouted crazy shit I would have told you that you had their names mixed up.

I keep reading this stuff over and over.

I can't figure out how somebody could be that fucking stupid to actually say they're going to jail for CP out of the blue and then make up all this military tribunal bullshit or whatever being related to it. Just...he legit felt the need to say the reason he was going to jail.

The only thing worse than the guy actually trying to use CP possession as a way to getting pity points is of course the people defending the existence of child porn like it isn't truly fucked up shit in any form.

Only in the Brony community


As for this incident... For fuck's sake. I wish there was a word in my vocabulary that meant "completely and utterly horrified, but not at all surprised". And you just KNOW that every other fandom out there is going, "Aw, look, the bronies are at it again!" even though they themselves are guilty of doing the same shit.

Just goes to show that a fandom really CAN'T be a safe haven after all.

3333488 To be 'appalled' somewhat fits your description, being horrified and disgusted by something but not necessarily being surprised by it.

Also this fandom has survived through things like discovering murderers in our fandom. It's horrifying, but it's happened before. Actually there was another pedophile in the fandom who was actually famous. He ran the Medusa Pony tumblr blog and was caught owning child pornography right before he could go to Bronycon. Amazing what could be found out on the internet overnight.

3331307 I am not sure. But I still don't bash on the guy. People do stupid stuff in an effort to get over shit. Some with sucess some with no sucess. However cause and consequence still stands. I will take the legal stance and say that if he did a mistake he pays for it. That's life for you.

Checking in from the future. He's back. Original blog post is deleted but it's him. I believe he did say something about bail or some other situation where you're kind of free but not really before the trial starts. He uploaded a comedy story about Sunset Shimmer attempting to make good on her threat to destroy the portal at the end of EQG. It was okay.

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