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[Update] RealityCheck pulls the plug on FiMFic content · 6:23pm Jan 4th, 2016

Welp, it finally happened, huh?

Some would say it's been a long time coming. Me, I just say that we lost a prime-rib source of drama and lulz. AO3 doesn't really seem like a very thrilling site to look at, so I can't imagine it conducts drama very well. Oh well. At least we'll always have the memories. Remember his many Past Sins rip-offs? His counter-fics that basically just rewrote a different fic he disagreed with and made it "right"? Those were fun. Gonna miss that guy. Even if it's only for the wrong reasons.

This'll mean having to pull 'im off the watchlist, of course. Which, by the way, is in bad need of updates. So bad, in fact, that apparently everyone else around the office actually managed to agree on something for a change. Now it's being taken down and reworked top to bottom. Names being taken off, LOTS of names being added, the whole way the list works is being revamped so it's not quite as shit, etc. Unfortunately, this does mean that it will be inaccessible during this time, so, be patient with that.

That's it for now. Stay awesome, guys.

~Minkie, F2P Reporter

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Comments ( 37 )
Valikdu #1 · Jan 4th, 2016 · · 1 ·

Oh no. I am so sad. The sorrow is indescribable. Whatever shall I do.

It was only a matter of time.

Also, Starlight Glimmer should be one of F2P's mascots. :twilightsmile:

Oh, no, whatever shall I do now that one of the only people I have blocked on this site is gone? Probably the same thing I did before, but without having to hear about him anymore.

Good riddance.

Most of the time I don't like the shit you post here.

This made me happy.

Is Mythril Moth next? I will sacrifice a goat to Satan if it is.

Dammit, now who will I hit with a rolled up newspaper for bitching in someone else's comment section that his story does it better and then linking it to start a conversation?

I guess I'll have to go outside or something...

Cryosite #8 · Jan 4th, 2016 · · 2 ·

2016 just started and it is already Xmas?

I'm glad we can all agree he as a dick.

Good riddance. He held some disturbing views on a number of topics.

Or kudzu. Either would make me happy, really. Kudzu sticks to his own space for, I suppose.


The new list, I mean. :twilightsheepish:

Do be sure to provide an update when it goes up! :twilightsmile: I reckon I'd derive a great deal of pleasure from recognising the names of 'the usual suspects' on there. (Gotta get my kicks somehow).

3664361 Not to mention kinda... retarded? I mean he once said that he considered the ressurection of Jesus like an experiment or something. i don't remember I skimmed it because it was retarded.
3664482 I don't really give a shit for Kudzu much. At least he doesn't write because he can't patronise others on their works.

RealityCheck? Omg did you see his "Would it matter if I was?" fixfic? I could litterally feel his seething hatred in the OOCness of the characters. Jesus Christ I've read bad fics but that was a whole new level of horrid, mean spirited, and stupid. Even his comments were like that.

3663953 The Spanish makes it that much funnier.

It's probably against site rules, but we should flood his page with mare on mare, or stallion on stallion, action.

Yeah, I read it. It takes a truly special mind to catch on that the characterization in the original was off by quite a bit, and then write a fix fic that has the exact same problem only much more so. And introduces a considerable number of problems that weren't present in the original. I remember skipping the one he wrote where Rarity flips her shit over being asked to cut her hair instead of reluctantly doing it (based on another Pen Stroke story), Tirek Gets A Righteous Beatdown, and Starting Over Again or whatever it was called because by that point I was just tired of his nonsense.

3665486 I hate people who patronise others.

I stopped commenting on his stories because I was sick of him being so condescending while also being wrong. It would be bad enough if he was actually correcting people but to talk down to people for not believing that the planet is only 6000 years old is just too much.

3665599 Wait... he's a young earth creationist? Are you for real?

3665622 I'm a Christian and I'm sensible with my faith... unlike this asshole. I wonder how his mom didn't tell him to burn the ponies to hell for being part of the occult.

3665625 Considering he's like, 44/45 and living on his own, I doubt his mother is paying any attention to what he does in his spare time.

3665634 Even his mother is too tired of his shit I guess?

3665638 Or it's that he's a grown man (again, 44) that she doesn't feel the need to keep on eye on what he does. I've dug around the net a few times and looked into him on other sites he's on, only thing I've gathered regarding his family is his folks run a church and, as far as I can tell, don't appear to be on any bad terms with him.

3665644 I'm just teasing just so you know.

3665648 Fair enough, it's a bit late here and I can't really be bothered using too much energy with anything regarding RealityCheck.

A noteworthy point though, apparently he was home schooled, so I'd assume his folks share a number of his views.

3665650 It all ties in together.

And a gay-basher, hates trans people as much as he hates gay people, hates Muslims even more than that...he's basically a checklist of what people who hate Christians think Christians are like. He also views feminists, environmentalists, and "liberals" the same way, although his definition of liberal is incredibly broad and could be summed up as anyone he dislikes that isn't clearly a conservative. He also has really simplistic views on what any member of those various groups must be like (all gays are nymphomaniacs that harass straight people, all feminists are man-hating extremists, liberals all have an inferiority complex, etc). He also tends to veer between libertarian views (gun control, tax regulation, market regulation) and fascism (he's expressed a desire to see everyone that makes or faps to pony porn committed to a mental institution, and anyone who writes gorefics sent to mental hospitals for life).

The more you get to know him the worse he turns out to be. His only good quality is the fact that he seems to genuinely care about the wellbeing of children, but given his rather warped view of the world he can't be trusted not to fill their heads with extreme right propaganda if allowed to care for any.

It is that guy with Latias on the userpic?

Comment posted by OozeLock deleted Jan 5th, 2016

So... instead of writing a paragraph about him, you could've said that he's an extreme conservative.
He cares about children, hates gay people, immigrants, trans people, he's the typical right-wing extremist, a perfect example.

No, that's Wanderer D.

The big difference, as I see it, is that RealityCheck made little to no effort to hide it. Most extreme right people that know they have an audience will try to phrase their opinions in a way that makes them seem like decent people. You know, express concern for what might happen to little Johnny if he sees gay men and gets confused* or what a sexual predator posing as a transfemale might do in the bathroom**. RealityCheck basically just spewed bile, to the point where I briefly wondered if there was some bizarre performance art happening before realizing that he's just like that and the somewhat impolite guy I thought he was had just been him in a really good mood. Donald Trump stands out largely because he's as unfiltered as RealityCheck, and even he's a bit less horrible.

*Johnny will be momentarily confused that two boys would kiss, then remember that he thinks kissing is weird anyway. He will then go back to his Lego and forget the whole thing until he gets older.
**Not much because it's pretty obvious that the person trying to look over the stall is up to no good regardless of their gender identity and/or what genitals they have.


Calling him worse than Trump is uncalled for - Trump wants hundreds of thousands, or heck, even millions of non-white people (mainly of spanish/mexican ethnicity) to be kicked out of the country, he wants to cause suffering for literal millions, if left to a free reign, he would lead a Holy damn Crusade.

RealityCheck would leave a lot of the Mexicans alone (or at least take more steps to avoid deporting legal immigrants) but he'd do a lot of horrible things that Trump wouldn't as well. Given the opportunity, he'd outlaw homosexuality entirely and at a guess make "straight camp" mandatory. It's also likely he would have gay people forcibly committed to asylums, he's repeatedly insisted that homosexuality is a mental sickness and he's compared it to a drug addiction*. Trump is unapologetic about torture, RealityCheck insists that it's a moral failing not to torture terrorists despite most evidence showing that it doesn't really work that well. He also denies or dismisses the fact that many of the people tortured in Guantanamo turned out to have no useful information and in some cases weren't actually members of any of extremist groups. Trump has shown little interest in science one way or the other, RealityCheck views most scientists as an enemy and believes that evolutionary theory is a conspiracy created by people who really hate Christianity and are single-mindedly obsessed with destroying it. He also believes this about environmentalists for reasons that do not make sense. Trust me, I'm not saying Trump is anything less than proof that a large portion of America has lost its fucking mind--I've actually lost a lot of faith in democracy because of his campaign specifically--but RealityCheck would be worse overall.

*As an aside, if gay sex was so good that you literally become addicted to it the way a crackhead becomes addicted to crack, I doubt society would judge guys so harshly for experimenting with each other. I mean, if gay sex was just that good you'd kind of want to try it, right? Either that or he's under the impression that all gays are fantastic lovers, which he probably thinks is an insult.

RC blocked me for posting this in his final blog

I always thought he was secretly an atheist and trolling. It'd be like if I claimed to be as Muslim and added DEATH TO AMERICA at the end of all my posts.

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