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The Pre-Jinglemas Revival · 10:08pm Dec 21st, 2015

Note to self: don't have the Cap post a teaser when we aren't even ready to be undead yet.

So. Holidays are right around the corner. And we've been busy. Quite busy. Busily busy, one could even say. So now, consequently, we've got a good string of updates for you guys, with only more to come. Consider that our kinda-sorta Jinglemas gift to you, our followers. Gotta promote that love, sharing, and peace on Earth deal, right?

From news on one user's latest kerfuffle with the mods, to another user's brush with his detractors over a controversial group, and a couple of other things, we've brought enough to maybe waste a good ten-fifteen minutes or so reading them. But, that's not quite the only thing we've been cooking up, you see. As of now, we're also running a test blog on the Blogger platform, instead of Weebly, which the main site uses. It's mostly to test feasibility and the benefits of using that platform. A couple other fairly-well-known pony sites use Blogger, so this'd make us a little less unique, but... well, hey, sometimes you gotta sacrifice looks for usability.

We're not making a move right now or anything. It's an assload of work porting over all the articles, and so far we've run into a few complications with both Blogger and Weebly that kinda keep us from fully committing to one or the other. For now, consider that new blog merely a secondary/backup site. We'll update it roughly the same time as we do the main site, so in the event you find it's more convenient (and easier on your browser and bandwidth) to use that "lite" version of our site, feel free to. Time will only tell if we'll decide on moving over to it fully.

That's it for now, guys. But keep an ear to the ground, because we aren't quite finished just yet.

F2P will surely deliver.

~ Minkie, F2P Reporter

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Comments ( 8 )

Morgan would like to remind you, Minkie, that everyone else OK'ed that dumb teaser and told me to go ahead.

"Everyone else" being just Karma. And you know damn well we don't do things just because he says it's okay these days. I don't wanna say think of the children, but... think of the children.

3634555 Considering how many of us are ACTUALLY active, he pretty much IS everyone else.
Well, except that new/not really new to news guy. Forgot about him.

Is it time for keks again?

New RealityCheck drama? Nice. I'm really torn with him. On the one hand, I can see where the other users are coming from, especially in wanting clarification. But on the other hand, I agree with the mods that the rules should be general so that they can crack down or lay off on a case by case basis. Like, in this case, I think the key difference is that Sweetie Chronicles is an active collaboration with the authors it quotes and that Fallout: Equestria is a writing community that exists with the full blessing of its creator, whereas I'm fairly certain that RC doesn't ask permission before he cribs whole paragraphs of an author's work; he wouldn't have published nearly as many fics if he actually required and asked for permission.

I mean, seriously, anybody here, would you give RealityCheck permission to write something based on one of your fics, knowing he'd just take a dump all over it in the most insulting manner possible? I wouldn't. And I guess that's why I have no sympathy for him when he's being punished for it.

Glad to have you back, guys.


whereas I'm fairly certain that RC doesn't ask permission before he cribs whole paragraphs of an author's work;

Skirts said he did ask permission, though he likely didn;t know about the whole "paragraphs stolen verbatim" thing.


Honestly, I'm surprised to hear that RC asked any kind of permission, but I can believe it. Although, those multiple paragraphs really are the crux of the issue IMO. I'd say that if Skirts had explicitly given permission for RC to do exactly that, or had had a hand in the story himself, then this should've been allowed. As it stands now, I think it is indeed a case of plagiarism. And as a case of plagiarism... I don't know, I'm very likely biased because of who we're talking about, but I really don't feel like there's been any kind of injustice here.

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