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My favorites are cute things and video games!! Praying for a cuter future.

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    man i used to be a real piece of shit on here

    why did anyone put up with this shit lol

    sorry to anyone who i ever made feel like shit or anything like that, not that too many people even remember who i was. if you're wondering who i am i'm Poultron, a real old mod who aint on here no more

    cant believe the stuff i would say in public

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    Spring (Winter?) Cleaning

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    Man remember when we had Favorites AND Tracking?

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    good riddents knighty

    now that he is gone i can make some real change's around here

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title · 4:55pm Jul 26th, 2012

I am gonna get majorly depressed or something. I really hate talking to people. Had to delete that site post because the comments were so awful.

Someone put an ask in my ask box on tumblr saying they had a crush on me but I am sure they were just fucking with me. I wish people wouldnt fuck around so much

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I, for one, honestly do think that you're a good guy, P.

(No, I'm not being sarcastic)

What did you say? :derpyderp2:

You have us, Poultron. Don't be depressed.:fluttercry:

I'm depressed because my brother won't stop beating the shit out of me because I'm a fucking brony, your story?


What (s)he said.

We all care for ya Poultron.

Ignore the trolls, look past the grime.
They're all foals, Despise the slime.
Even in the darkness all the colors can be found.
If you need help from me just let loose a sound.

This is my rhyme, its poorly at best.
Excuse me for a moment, I need to go rest.

You are really cool Poultron! 20% cooler exactly!:rainbowdetermined2:

Good Day to you :moustache::moustache:


Well, Poultron, we all like you.:heart:

Every good person has some haters.
Keep Going, and Carry On.

You hate talking to people but yet you are posting in your blog, Honestly, I don't get it.

As for the topic - if we had one - : Get over it. Brony Community or not, you are still on the internet; if you can't take criticism and hate, then you don't belong here, as harsh as that may sound. Get yourself a nice thick skin and shove those fuckers your ass in their faces; let them suckle you buttcheeks.

:moustache: You're a good man, Poultron. You'll always have my fraternal love to fall back on.:moustache:

Don't let people screw your day, always try to smile and just ignore the stupid things in life :pinkiesmile:

You still have us!:pinkiesmile:

You remind me of someone.

251933 May be rough, but -- This.

We all have haters, but most of us just ignore it and keep going. If they hate you, just don't waste your time with them.

Unlike the people here, I'd be lying if I said I liked you. This is not, however, because of the opposite: it's simply because I don't know you as well as they do. But you have my respect.

i do have a thick skin, duder. please dont patronize me. what you have to understand is that i deal with this sort of shit day in and day out, and ive been feeling depressed about OTHER shit in my life recently that i dont really feel like talking about here. ive always been able to deal with this kind of thing (or I would have stopped coming here a long time ago), but lately it's just been getting to me.

and the posts on this blog really arent helping either, so i might end up deleting this too. i guess it's no surprise no one likes me considering how shitty a person i am


When things start to go wrong IRL, it can make the usual internet crapheap seem somehow personal. It's silly, but things you'd normally brush off (or even laugh at) can actually get to you.

Look at solving the meatspace issues, and everything else will resolve itself.

If it's any consolation, I like you. :twilightsmile:

I mean, you haven't given me any reasons not to like you. And you do a ton of work to help out on this site, trying to keep things running and going through all the submissions. Thanks for all that. I know it probably doesn't count for much, but at least you know I appreciate all your hard work, and I'm such many, many others do too. :scootangel:

You're a good guy, people just test you to much.

You're saying nobody likes you, but do you think that whining about it will help you? What are you expecting; haters stopping to hate you out of pity? I don't think this is how it works.
Listen, you said that other things depressed you lately. I don't want to know what those are, this is none of my concern, but I think 253012 is right. Solve your RL-issues and it will make everything a lot easier on the internet. I know this is much easier said than done, but if you don't, the "hate" will eventually break you. You should also consider taking a break, if that will help you, that might not be a bad idea. Take your time, solve whatever is bugging you and then come back.

Also, you're acting silly. What is this shittalking about "No one likes me!"? Take a look around, what do you see? Comments of persons who like you. Are all those considered nothing in your mind? It must be, if you say something like this; so stop lying to yourself.


Personally I think you're a hilarious moderator and a well-meaning dick. You're basically the only mod I ever see anywhere as well, and you have your own theme music. I think that makes you a pretty awesome per-uh...pony, plus you're a troll.
Here have a Pinkie::pinkiesad2:

Carry On

I know how you feel dude... I go through the same shit in school and with people online... it's sickening...:ajsleepy:

Don't listen to WollMilchWombat. He's just being a little bit negative about your situation :)
Now, I'm not that caught up in what's going on, but I can clearly see you're upset. And I hate seeing people upset:applecry:
While I like to (and tend to) be optimistic, I know that people can be mean. It's sad, and I don't understand it, but it's true. But there's also another thing I know, and that's that people aren't sincere. Sometimes we say things that sprout solely from our mood or our situation, and we don't mean them at all. And probably a million people have said this, but people get angry and say things. People have bad days and say things. The point is, you can't take any negative comments to heart. Just look for the best, or assume they're having one of those days. I've experienced this head-on, for when I was younger I couldn't take the slightest bit of negativity without exploding into an all-caps rage. I've learned a lot since then, of course, but it's just something to think about. And I assure you, everything that was said about you or your situation isn't true. The internet is a very harsh place, and many people go along with it. I know this from experience as well, for when I was first on the internet I fell into this too. I won't go out and gush my life story onto you, but I'll say that I wasn't a very nice person. A lot of people on the internet are like that, sadly, them being judging and mean and harsh:fluttercry: All we gotta do is ignore that, and see the brighter side:twilightsmile:
And about the whole "people screwing around too much", I can't really say anything. Some people are cruel when it comes to toying with others. (Again) I've experienced this too, as one of my friends (don't get me wrong, she's one of my best friends, but everybody has their flaws...) often manipulates one of my... less-spoken friends, shall I say? It's sad. Anyways, whether it comes from low self-esteem, or just enjoyment of other's pain, people are especially bad about this. I can't really sugarcoat it. All I can say is ignore it. I guess there's nothing else you can do...
But, besides all that, I just want to say you can talk to me. I'm gonna be honest, you've never been much more to me than a mod (and maybe just a tad negative, but I'm sure under that tough outer-layer there's a big ol' softie just waiting to come out!), but as I said, I don't like to see people hurt. I don't want to just sit there and say, "Oh, it's sad that they're sad, but there's nothing I can do about it.", either. I want to help in any way I can! So, if you ever need someone to talk to, or any help at all, just give me a pm or something:twilightsmile: I'll be here.:heart:



You remember me, I know you do. You nearly BANNED me.

But, I must say, I'm really sorry for you, it gets better, I promise. You might just disregard what I say, but, it DOES get better, because I was at a point in my life, where I was that depressed. Guess what helped me out? Ponies!
Here, have the 1976 Ford Gran Torino of Sympathy.

hey thanks, i really appreciate it and all the other nice things people have said to me on the blog. i have a hard time accepting that anybody would want to be actively nice to me though so sorry if i come off like i dont actually believe that anybody would type this shit for real. but i do appreciate it anyway.

You're welcome! And it's absolutely fine. We all have our own little things, and I suppose that's one of yours. Besides, when people type that stuff, it is hard to tell if they're trolling or if they actually mean it. I assure you that I meant every word, and I still do, but like I said, it's kind of hard to say with some people.:derpyderp2:

That might be why he's depressed. :rainbowlaugh:

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