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man i used to be a real piece of shit on here · 3:45am Nov 12th, 2020

why did anyone put up with this shit lol

sorry to anyone who i ever made feel like shit or anything like that, not that too many people even remember who i was. if you're wondering who i am i'm Poultron, a real old mod who aint on here no more

cant believe the stuff i would say in public

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h · 10:32pm Oct 17th, 2020


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Spring (Winter?) Cleaning · 8:51am Dec 11th, 2018

I'm gonna randomly go through old posts/comments/blogs and probably prune some stuff. I've grown and changed a lot as a person and frankly readin' some of my old posts makes me go "man that person sure does stink!!" Sorry to anyone I was ever rude to. This place taught me a lot about how to be kinder and articulate myself better when dealing with administrative issues. Sometimes I miss it! If there are any truly awful posts you think I should delete just let me know.

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Man remember when we had Favorites AND Tracking? · 11:30am Oct 3rd, 2014

I hear that some people are still mad about that.

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good riddents knighty · 2:21pm Jun 8th, 2013

now that he is gone i can make some real change's around here

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Look for a front page post later tonight/today · 6:29am Apr 1st, 2013

Yes I know knighty posted this news on April Fool's of all days, I think he thought it would lessen the blow. I'll be making a full blog update later with some of the changes that are gonna be coming out.

I would have already prepared it but as usual knighty springs things on us without telling anyone! That's one change that'll be coming out for sure.

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Just an FYI · 10:08pm Jan 3rd, 2013

Since I've been back from my hiatus I've been getting less PMs and comments on my page. Remember that I am always here to answer any questions I can regarding the site. This includes concerns about the site or suggestions! I promise you I read all PMs and comments I get, but I typically don't respond to all of them. I do try, though.

I was gonna make this a site post but knighty would probably get mad at me.

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fan's fiction: UPDATA..??? · 11:18pm Oct 24th, 2012

i like this one

EDIT: if you really give a shit which stories i liked out of the ones recommended just CHECK MY FAVRITS DOG

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why do i need a title for every goddamn blog post · 5:39pm Jul 31st, 2012

some guys on IRC offered to actually donate money to me after i said my car wouldnt start... i think im flattered but i feel really really awful accepting money or gifts from people. i dont deserve any of that shit because i dont do anything special. are people seriously so willing to donate money to a nobody on the internet? someone offered to buy me a shirt also, those things are really expensive.

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title · 4:55pm Jul 26th, 2012

I am gonna get majorly depressed or something. I really hate talking to people. Had to delete that site post because the comments were so awful.

Someone put an ask in my ask box on tumblr saying they had a crush on me but I am sure they were just fucking with me. I wish people wouldnt fuck around so much

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